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LF Spander series and fic

1.I'm looking for a Spander series thats starts off with some demons(?) taking Xan and Spike comes to save him but to save him he has to have sex with him. Some other stuff happens but I've forgotten some things. What I remember most is that they(Spander) end up in LA where Angel helps Spike make Xan his consort(or claimed or something) and theres sexxin between Xan and Angel, then Spike and Xan. Angel and Doyle eventually end up a couple. In one part of the series Angels other child Penn shows up and does some damage to Xan and Doyle, in another Angelous shows up does does some damage to Doyle. There were a couple of stories in the series, I can't remember how many but there were more than 3.  

2.There another fic where Spike decides to seduce Xan for revenge but ends up falling for him. Of coarse everything goes to hell when Xan sees his Buffy shrine and finds out he got with him (in the beginning) just for revenge. I think they live happily ever after in at the end but I can't remember.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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