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Title: Buddies
Pairing: The only one that matters S/X
Warnings: m/m sex
Disclaimer: None of it belongs to me, I make no money
Rating: 18
Summary: When being a buddy just isn’t enough - none of this is beta’d

“Hey buddy!”
“What’s a Buddy for? You need to ask?”
Xander laughed, no, he didn’t need to ask but he always liked to. He and Spike had been Fuck Buddies for a couple of months now, they were very comfortable with the arrangement, nobody else was aware of it and that’s the way they both liked it.

Xander had just arrived home from work and there was nothing he liked better than to jump in the shower then jump Spike.

Spike had been counting the minutes until Xander’s arrival, he knew the drill; he’d tease Xander by asking if he wanted a hand in the shower, Xander would laugh at him and give some flip reply, usually telling him to get his perfect ass ready for a pounding. Boy was so predictable.

Spike was happier than he had been in a long time, Xander was a fantastic fuck, they got on well, had a good time even when they weren’t shagging, in fact Spike thought they made a perfect couple and he was having a bit of a hard time keeping his feelings in check. They fucked every day, when Xander came home, then again most nights before Xander went to sleep and Spike stepped out for a spot of killing, unless of course they had patrol.

Xander took his time in the shower, making sure he was as clean and fragrant as possible for his vampire. He knew he was in love with Spike. He could never have a relationship like theirs and not be in love. Yeah, sure they had fallen into fucking each other one night after they had both gotten shit faced and found they liked it.
Spike liked the warmth, passion and willingness of his human partner and Xander felt the same, apart from the warmth, but Spike could be warm in more ways than body temperature.

They usually ate together, even tho Spike didn’t need to eat, after they shagged he’d get up and cook for his Buddy. It stopped him from cuddling, which he so badly wanted to do. He adored the feel of Xander’s hot passion flushed skin and wanted nothing more than to lie in his arms, able to feel and touch all that heat. Xander was nothing like Buffy. He gave and gave while all she did when they shagged was take and then bugger off without giving him a second thought. He knew tho, if he gave her up she would make trouble for him and as a consequence of that, trouble for Xander.
Spike wasn’t prepared to let that happen.

“Hey Buddy, you ready an waitin, cause I’ve got me a hard on that could spit rivets!” Spike sniggered, his Xander was so funny.
“Whose turn is it tonight then, yours or mine?” Spike knew full well it was his turn to top, and he knew Xander knew too. He lay casually on top of the bed, naked, legs akimbo stroking himself. He heard Xander come out of the bathroom and stop in the bedroom doorway. He knew Xander was watching him, he could hear the increased beat of his heart, his sharp intake of breath as he’d stopped to look at him, smelled his arousal.

“My turn luv.” He said pretending to be unaware of Xander.
“Yeah, thought it was.” Xander’s voice had turned gravely all of a sudden and Spike opened his eyes, watching Xander watch him.
“Enjoying the show luv?”
Xander smiled at Spike, he was the most perfect creature; was it any wonder he loved him?
“How could I not?” He ambled over to the bed, dropping his towel on the floor along the way.
“Mmm, is that the smell of chocolate flavoured lube making my vampy senses tingle?” Sod it, he was even beginning to say Xander-esque things now. If only the boy felt the same way he did, life or even un-life would be perfect.
“I was impatient. Mind if I sit?”
“I was hoping you would.” Spike made himself comfy, ready for Xander to straddle him.

Xander put his hands on Spike’s chest, tweaking his nipples between thumb and forefinger, making Spike gasp. He positioned himself over Spike’s cock but as Spike tried to push into him he pulled just out of his reach.
“Like that is it tonight then Xan, tease poor Spike till he can’t take any more eh?” He was still thrusting up trying to pierce Xander and feel that magnificent heat.
“Shh, lay still be-buddy.” Spike did as he was told, letting Xander take control and wondering why he’d suddenly smelled of fear.

Xander had nearly called Spike beautiful, but covered quickly with ‘Buddy’ and so saved face. Spike would only tease him, but then again, he might suspect Xander was becoming a little too attached and he really didn’t want to scare him off.

He rolled and pinched Spike’s nipples until the vampire was panting, his eyes flashing gold, features changing constantly. Xander got immense pleasure from being able to make Spike loose this much of his control, neither being able to hold his human or vampiric form. Soon, he knew, Spike’s vampire features would take control and so would Spike, but for now he was on top, calling the shots. He knew he was going to lower himself onto Spike very soon, because all he wanted to do now was lean forwards and kiss him, fangs or no, but that was something they didn’t do.
He could feel Spike’s cock brushing against his opening and it was driving him nuts. All of a sudden he pushed down hard and speared himself on Spike, sure enough Spike totally vamped out.

“Oh - oh fuck, shit Xan, shit, so hot ba-buddy!” Spike too was having trouble with his endearments, a ‘baby’ turned quickly into a ‘buddy’ as Xander rode up and down his shaft. Spike felt as if his cock was surrounded by velvet, hot, tight, velvet as Xander slid up and down him, head thrown back, warm brown neck exposed, his fangs itched to sink into it and drink him down - only a few sips, just a taste, wouldn’t hurt him.

On Xander’s next down stroke Spike took a hold of his hips and held him still, Xander ground himself down.
“Please don’t stop, please Spike?”
“Not stopping pet, just flippin us over, can’t top too well from the bottom now can I luv? Hold on an I’ll roll us.”
Spike held tight to Xander and rolled them so he was on top, still embedded in his Buddy. Xander wrapped his legs around Spike as he started to thrust into him, angling himself so that he managed to stroke against his pleasure spot, Xander started talking, prattling nonsensical things as he always did in the throes of passion. Spike liked to hear him, listening with half an ear as he brought them both nearer and nearer completion.
“Oh yeah Spike, god, fuck, please, make me, heaven, in heaven, oh yeah yeah, love you, god yeah!” Spike slowed, replayed the Xanderbabble in his head, and yes, there it was, two of those three little words.

He stopped and looked down at Xander. Xander looked at him in confusion.
“Don’t stop please Spike – wh-whats wrong, what?”
“Think what ya just said pet, take ya time.” Xander tried hard to remember what he said and Spike knew he’d remembered at the dawning look of horror on Xander’s face.

“IT! Love it is what I meant.”
“Xan, tell me the truth luv, you know I can tell when you’re lying.”
“You – please don’t make me, I didn’t mean it, we’re just fuck buddies, honest.” Xander couldn’t look Spike in the eye and he knew he was lying.
“Liar. You love me. Admit it Xander.”
“I don’t want to loose what we have. I like what we have, I like you.”
“But do you love me?”
Defeated, Xander nodded and surprisingly felt Spike resume his thrusting, slow and easy, not frantic like before, and he didn’t say a word. Xander peeked up at Spike from underneath his lashes suddenly shy and hesitant.
“You – are you OK with that?” Spike slowed again to enable him to concentrate on his answer.
“Please no stopping Spike, not till we’re done - please?”
Spike looked longingly at Xander, he had such a vulnerable look on his face; Spike smiled.
“Xander - baby, can we kiss now, like lovers?”

It was awesome, to see the way his face lit up like a Christmas tree, all sparkly and beautiful and full of joy. Spike felt his head being pulled towards those pretty lips, felt their softness for the first time, the taste of him, the gentleness in the way he was held. He moaned into Xander’s mouth and was sure he heard an echo, this was sheer bliss, his hips moved quicker as he neared release, his hand reaching for Xander, cock wet and sticky with his own juice. Spike could hear the short little noises Xander was making with every thrust into him and it pushed Spike into a mind numbing orgasm, his hand automatically fisting Xander’s shaft until he felt the body underneath him spasm and the needy noises turned to little whimpers of pleasure.

Spike brought his sticky hand from between their bodies, giving Xander a last passion filled kiss he drew back and Xander watched in fascination as Spike slowly licked his hand clean of cum.
“Wow. That just makes me wanna do it all over again!” Spike waggled his eyebrows suggestively pressing his hips hard against Xander so he could still feel the hardness inside him.
“Just gimmie a minute or two love then we can.”
“I think maybe I need a bit more than a few minutes. Does – what does it taste like?”
“You mean you don’t know?” Spike was surprised by Xander’s question, he offered his last unlicked finger to Xander who wrinkled his nose up and pressed back into the pillows. Spike laughed at his reaction.

“Xan love, you never tasted yourself? No other men?” Xander shook his head, his cheeks turning pink.
“You’re the only one.”
”I am?” He was even more shocked now, boy had seemed relaxed the first time, didn’t seem like a virgin - he was pinking up a treat now and Spike knew there must be something else.
“You gonna tell me?” He wheedled.
“Anya, she had a strap on, she knew I liked it and it turned her on, she liked me to - er, well, she liked me to beg for it.”
Fuck, the image of Xander begging to be fucked by the demon made his semi fully hard.

“Bloody hell Xan, nothin’ to be embarrassed about love, just hope you might beg me for it, god it’d be a sight to see.”
Spike went off into his own little world, seeing a vision of Xander on his knees, begging Spike to ‘please, please fuck me, don’t need to cum, just let me feel you fucking me with your hard juicy fat cock’. Spike hadn’t realised he was in fact doing just that. He came back from his little daydream to the sound of Xander moaning.
“Want you on your knees love, now!” Spike pulled out and Xander scrambled to comply, turning over, ass in the air, ready, legs spread wide, hands gripping the headboard. Spike took a good long look, appreciating for the first time what a beauty Xander was, sleek, taught, bronzed body, trembling in anticipation. He plunged into him, fucking him hard.

“Xan, wanna bite you, let me – please?” Xander’s deep lust filled groan answered him as he tilted his head to one side, ready for Spike.
Spike howled, his orgasm racing thru him he bit into Xander’s neck and as the taste of his lovers blood hit his tongue he filled him again with his dead seed.

The feel of fangs slicing into his flesh made Xander shudder in such a good way, he felt utterly and completely connected to his lover, as far as he was concerned this could go on and never end, he was euphoric, as was Spike.

Xander’s blood spoke to him, telling him the things Xander could never properly put into words, his love, his passion, his need, his devotion and all for Spike. Coming down from their high Spike withdrew fangs and licked at his lover’s neck until the blood flow stopped, kissing the pin prick marks and whispering in Xander’s ear.
“Mine now baby, always be mine, could taste your love; ‘s beautiful Xan, thought I just liked you, know I love you now – what bloody fool’s we’ve been.”
Xander wanted to turn round and look at Spike, he didn’t want to talk into the pillow.
“Need to turn Spike, cuddle now?”

Spike reluctantly slid out of Xander and let him turn in his arms. Xander wrapped his arms around Spike and pulled the smaller man to him. He could feel Spike’s wet cock, still slightly warm from being inside him, against his thigh, his head pillowed over his heart.
“This is how it should always be. We’re lovers now huh?” He felt Spike’s nod against his chest. Spike was blissfully content, listening to the steady beat of Xander’s heart, wrapped in his warmth. Suddenly the rhythm changed, increasing slightly.
“Lover’s are usually exclusive.” Xander just said it, no inflection, no accusation.
Ah, so that was where he was going.

“Didn’t know if you knew love. Wanted to end it but knew she’d make trouble which would affect you n didn’t want that.” He felt Xander’s arm tighten around him and was reassured.
“Do it now Spike, ring her, now. I – I won’t share this, you, not now.”
“You sure?”
Xander handed Spike the phone from the side of the bed.
“Put it on speaker phone Spike, I want to enjoy this moment.” Spike sniggered at the little bit of evil inside his Xander.
“You bad boy, you want to rub her nose in it don’t you?”
“I love you, she uses you, she doesn’t deserve you.” Spike was touched by Xander’s understanding and he captured his lips in a searing kiss.
“Wow, is that what I get for being bad?”
“No love, that’s just for bein you. Right, ready now?” Xander nodded, Spike dialled, the phone rang, Buffy picked up.

“What do you want – I don’t need you yet, you’ll have to pay for bothering me like this.” Xander couldn’t believe what he was hearing, Buffy’s voice held such scorn, it was almost as if the person he knew didn’t exist any more. He whispered in Spike’s ear.
“Love you, remember that.” Spike was used to the way she spoke to him, but Xander wasn’t and it seemed he didn’t like it one little bit.
“Shut it Slutty.”
“Oooh Spike, you are so gonna pay for that, I think I’ll break your arms for that nasty little remark then you’ll just have to use that dirty tongue of yours on me, I know you like pain with my pleasure.”

“Fuckin nasty, mean, cold hearted bitch!” Xander was appalled by this hidden side of his so called friend.
“What was that Spike, didn’t quite catch what you said?”
“Wasn’t me sayin it, but I’ll repeat it for you. It was my lover, my very male lover. He said you’re a nasty, mean cold hearted fuckin bitch and I couldn’t agree more. Slayer, consider yourself dumped. Now I think me and my boy can get back to some real love makin!”

“Dumped? You piece of filth, you cannot dump me! I’m the slayer, I’m the best fuck there is and you know it, you sorry piece of shit, how dare you!” She was screeching into the phone like a spoiled little brat.
“I’m gonna find you and break every bone in your miserable body then I’m gonna drip fucking holy water on your dick you ungrateful – filthy - corpse!”

“She never was one for being good with the insults was she Xan?”
It went deadly quiet on the other end of the line. Spike knew she’d heard him.
“Xander - are you with fucking Xander? You’ve had your dick up his dirty ass and then you come and stick it in me? Fucking Xander the gopher, of all the people, jesus you have no standards!”

Spike knew Xander had been hurt by her words, she was supposedly his friend and friends in his book didn’t say hurtful things about each other.
“Hey Buff, nice to hear you being so polite to Spike. My ass ain’t dirty, and not to brag, but my lover finds it much more to his taste than your selfish hole. I love him and I don’t aim to share, neither does he, hence the call. So, why don’t you go find some other poor fuck to scratch you itch, hey why not ring monobrow himself – oops sorry, forgot you just got to feel his dick the once before he went ape, no wonder - if you treated him like you treat Spike.”

Xander hung up the phone before she could splutter out a reply. He shook, he was so angry with her.
“You love, are worth a million slayers.”
“Yeah, I kinda am!” Xander agreed smugly.
“She’ll be round here in a flash Xan, I don’t want you getting hurt. The way she’s feeling now I’m pretty sure she’ll be out for blood, mine most probably!”
“I don’t want her touching you. I can’t believe how she spoke to you Spike, it was just so awful, how can you stand it?”

Spike took a deep breath.
“I don’t love, I just tune it out, she’s not normally that bad, but I’m glad it’s over, towards the end I really didn’t enjoy it at all, she used me an I didn’t like it. I spose as well, it was cause I was fallin for you. I was infatuated with her, now - I’m not.” He snuggled back into Xander’s warm embrace and they lay touching and kissing until they both fell asleep.

They were woken by a resounding crash and shot up in Xander’s bed.
“What the…..”
Buffy burst through the bedroom door, Mr Pointy in her hand. Xander didn’t hesitate, he flung himself across Spike.
“Get off him Xander, he’s dust in the wind.” She threatened as she tugged at Xander who held onto Spike for dear life.
“No Buff, no! Just cause he wants something else doesn’t mean you can kill him, that’s murder.”
“Not if he’s already dead its not, get out the godamned way Xander.”
“Just listen to yourself Buffy, you can’t do this, you can’t take away my happiness just cause your ego got a little bruised, think how you’d feel if I staked Angel.”
”He has a soul, he’s different.”
“Not so, Spike has a chip, both of them in their own way are different from their own kind.”
“Makes no difference, he’s dust, now out of the way Xander.”
“Buff the two of you together, it was an aberration, you must know that.”
“Abba? Why bring music into it? What are you taking about Xander?”
Spike spoke up for the first time since Buffy stormed through the door.
“He’s sayin you and me were wrong from the start Slayer. You just gotta get over yourself.”

Spike suddenly pushed up against Xander who knocked Buffy backwards and caught unawares she fell, giving Spike the chance he needed to leap from the bed and crouch naked in a fighting stance.
“Prepare to die a dusty death – dirtbag.” Buffy leapt up, Mr Pointy poised and ready, Xander grabbed her ankle as she lunged for Spike making her miss him by miles. Spike kicked out, his foot connecting with her chin, her head snapping back and she tried to stake him with a nifty backhand, Mr Pointy ripped thru thin air. Spike was on her, punching, dodging her blows as Xander watched helpless, not knowing what to do.

He knew he had to distract Buffy, make her see that what she was doing was wrong, spiteful. He tried to stand but his feet were tangled in the sheets and he fell towards Spike, he lunged for Xander to stop his fall and the blow that Buffy aimed at him hit Xander instead knocking him unconscious instantly. Blood dribbled from his mouth where his teeth had cut the inside of it as Buffy’s fist connected, it was a wonder his teeth hadn’t come out from the force f the blow. Realising she had hurt her friend pulled her up short. What the hell was she doing? Xander could be really hurt and she was just being a bitch.

Her mind cleared, her temper subsided. Any other day, any – and she would have been pissed but not hell bent on steakage. Today was bad, today her cycle had started and that was never, never good for anyone, least of all the un-dead dumping her. It took seconds for all of this to filter thru her brain and come back to herself. When she did she got another shock.

Spike was cradling Xander in his arms and keening over his limp form like he was in pain.
He looked up from his lovers slack body and Buffy knew fear. His eyes were golden, his face one big snarling murderous façade. She had hurt his. His very own. He’d rip her limbs from her body, he’d pull out her still beating heart, he’d bathe in her blood, he’d gouge out her eyeballs and feed them to her, he’d…. Xander moaned and his attention immediately turned to the most important thing.


His face changed in an instant, his eyes the only thing betraying that he was anything other than human. They were still golden. Xander moaned again and started to move. Spike held him to him, an arm underneath his head, cradling it like a child’s.
“Xan, love? Can you hear me Xander?” he asked in a very worried soft voice. Buffy was gobsmacked. She had never seen Spike act like this before. Xander moaned again and his eyes opened, looking straight up at Spike.

“Hey beautiful! Why all the glowy eyes?”
“Xander, love, do you feel alright? Can you see straight?” Xander could hear the worry in Spike’s voice.
“You care. You really do. So glad I love you. Hold me? Feel a bit funny. Was Buffy here? Oh – oh! She hit me Spike, owwww. My jaw hurts, I have no clothes on, and Buffy’s still here isn't she and she’s seen me naked and I might just pretend this isn’t happening, and blood, there’s blood, mine, not yours – Not yours, not yours.”
“Shh. Xander – stop for christsake! Your blood love, teeth cut the inside of your mouth, you can talk Ok so jaw’s not broke, poke at your teeth baby, see if they’re loose?”
Xander poked and shook his head then oww’d as the movement brought him pain. Spike checked all over the back of his neck with his hands but again nothing was broken, he just suspected Xander was a little sore.
He lifted him up and deposited him back onto the bed, covering him with the comforter, he ruffled his hair softly and hissed him gently.

“Stay there and stay still love.” His tone brooked no argument.
Buffy had watched their interaction open mouthed and as Spike turned to her, low growl plainly audible she spoke.
“My god. You love him. You really love him don’t you? I’ve never seen you like that, gentle. You care!” It was a privilege for her to see such an intimate and tender side to Spike, and Xander too - he'd tried to protect him from death unafraid for himself.
How she envied them. Try as she might in all her relationships she had never had anything like they had and it saddened her.

“I’m truly sorry. Xander, I didn’t mean any of the things I said. Girl here, PMS. No excuse, I know, but you try being dumped by the undead and find out he’d cheated on you with your friend when you feel like shit already. Not good. But still, no excuse like I said. I’m sorry I hurt you Xander, forgive me? We still buddies?”

Spike looked at Xander and he looked back, then at Buffy.

“Yeah, we’re still friends. Now go – let me be coddled, I deserve it.”
“Already gone. And Spike?” Spike looked at her, eyebrow raised in question.
“Sorry - truly, for being a bitch, for using you, for not knowing I was. Sorry.”
“Thought you were leaving?”
He wasn’t up to forgiving her yet. She’d put his Xander thru shit and Spike wasn’t happy at all, Xan was too forgiving, but he’d bear a grudge with the Slayer for a long time.
“Definitely gone now, and the door? Oops. Bill me for the repair! Feeling generous now, still sorry!” She backed out of the bedroom and turned and sprinted thru the apartment, trying to close the smashed door as best she could.

Xander held out a hand to Spike and he took it in his. Xander pulled him down onto the bed. Spike turned Xander’s head and licked at the blood that was drying on his face. They both enjoyed it.
“Mm, good, feels sexy your tongue does. Wanna check in my mouth with it?” Xander asked hopefully.
Spike checked, finding all was well. Xander’s mouth tasted of his blood which did things to Spike, which Xander noticed. He wrapped a hand around Spike who moaned into Xander’s mouth which in turn made him smile.
“Oi, no laughin.”
“Wasn’t laughing. Was smiling. Difference much? Was thinking about your dick and it made me smile. Your dick usually does more than that tho.” Spike was pleased.
“Speaking of smiling – I was convinced when she asked if you were still buddies that you’d laugh at the slayer.”

Xander studied Spike’s face and with his free hand stroked along his jawline considering his reply.
“It crossed my mind. She’s my friend – still. But you - you’re the only buddy I’ve ever had and ever will have. My love buddy!”
Spike couldn’t help but grin. His Xander. Love buddy! Whatever next?


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