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Improvising Atonement (19/?)

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Rating: NC-17 overall

Summary: Spike fights himself and his family in his struggle to atone. But can he save what he values most?

A/N: Thanks as always to my beauteous beta, anxiety_junkie who very kindly points out my redundancies and tolerates my ridiculous love of semicolons. For those who've totally forgotten this story due to the big break between chapters, previous chapters can be found in my memories or lounging about in reverse order in tags. This is an AU Season 2 with Spike as the souled vampire. However, it is emphatically not Spike and Xander plugged into the Buffy/Angel roles!

Previously: He broke into a run, desperate to put as much distance between him and the few humans who’d accepted him, cared about him, as possible. He ran for miles, bouncing in and out of Sunnydale’s alleys and leaping across the buildings. It took hours for him to work off the bloodlust, the simmering boil of desire and need in his belly that he could control but never quench. By the time he limped back to his flat, it was nearly sunrise.

( Comic books don't count as books )
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