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Fic: Finding Home Again

Author: Chosa
Title: Finding Home Again
Chapter: Prologue
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: PG-13
Concrit: in comments please
Disclaimer: Not mine, never been mine. Just borrowing characters here and there.
Warnings/Squicks: Slash Pairing, HP crossover, Work in Progress
Summary: Sometimes things just happen beyond your control.
Previous chapters: N/A
Notes: Tossed around this idea for a while. I had to start something and here it is.
Beta(s): Drakbee



Xander shut off his engine and rubbed a calloused palm over his face. His one visible eye drooped in exhaustion while the other throbbed in time to his heart. He exhaled hard and pulled the key out of the ignition. He tossed the hard hat into the passenger's seat and slid out of the truck.

As he walked into his apartment, he checked the time and sighed wearily. Five thirty-seven pm. He figured he would pop something into the microwave and vegetate in front of the TV, maybe watch 'The Simpsons' before crashing. Xander pushed the door open and used his foot to nudge it shut behind him. He toed off his shoes and shuffled into the kitchen. As Xander walked by his phone, he absently pressed the button for his messages before continuing on and reaching for the fridge.

"You have three new messages. Message one received two eleven pm today- Hey Xander! This is Andrew. Uh, just calling to let you know that, I'll, uh, be in L.A., and if you don't mind, maybe I can, you know, stop by and say hi? Well, call me back!" Xander blinked owlishly at the carton of milk. He shook it, noting how thick it sounded.

"Message two, received eleven fifteen am today- Xander, this is Giles. Give me a call back when you get this message." He poured the expired milk into the sink and tossed the empty carton into the trash.

"Message three received nine o-seven am today- Hi Xander! Guess what? You'll be sooo angry with me, but do you remember Kennedy? Well... we kinda, uh, hadacommitmentceremony! Sorry, I tried to invite you but it was a spur of the moment thing- and speaking of which, congratulations, I heard that you got a promotion! Dawn says hi, and that you need to call her more. Don't forget mister! I'm coming to visit next week! Okay, bye, Xander!" Xander grinned while pressing delete and erasing all the messages. He'd call Giles and Willow after some dinner. He dug through the fridge and ended up nuking yesterday's dinner.

Settling down in front of the TV, he flipped past the news channels and ended up settling on a rerun of 'Malcolm in the Middle'. Sometime later, Xander jerked awake when someone started knocking incessantly on his door. He had not even realized how tired he was until he saw that he had slept a whole two hours and accidentally dumped his now cold dinner on the sofa cushions. Xander swore and quickly cleaned up the area.

"Hold on!" He called to whoever was pounding on his door. He hurried to the kitchen and dropped the plate in the sink before quickly rinsing his hands. He wiped them carelessly on his dusty jeans. Whoever was knocking on his door was obviously getting impatient as the knocking became more of a pounding. "Coming! I'm coming!" He turned the lock and swung the door open. "Yeah?"

It was some tall chick with dirty blond hair and piercing blue eyes. She had one arm curled around a thick stack of papers and the other clasped in the small hands of a toddler. Xander smiled hesitantly. "Can I help you?"

She grinned a slow creeping smile that immediately triggered Xander's hell-mouthy sensors. He stared at her warily. "Mr. Alexander Laville Harris?" Xander nodded slowly. "Excellent." She murmured, her grin turning sly and even creepier.

"And who are you?" He asked.

"I'm Nancy Lewis, a solicitor from London. May I come in?"

Solicitor? What the hell was that, Xander wondered. He stared at her. Noted that it was daylight outside and did not move aside. "Is there something wrong?" He demanded eyeing her and the toddler, who, even now, oddly had not spoken or done anything.

"Actually, that is what I am here to talk to you about, Mr. Harris." She replied coolly. She eyed him for a few silent moments. "I'm a lawyer, Mr. Harris. From London."

Oh. Well, huh. Maybe Giles sent her, and that was why he wanted Xander to call? Xander nodded, "Okay. Well, uh, I'm not in trouble or anything am I?"

"Nothing of the sort, Mr. Harris. Now please? I do have other appointments to keep." She said sharply.

"Oh, yeah, yeah," Xander swung the door open wider and stepped back. She stepped through tugging the child along with her. He wiped sweaty hands on his back pockets and gestured to the sofa. "So, um, have a seat." She pulled the silent child closer, put the stack of papers down on the coffee table, then bent and placed him carefully on the sofa. He perched there sitting limply like a life sized doll. Xander thought it was rather creepy staring at the tussled black head bent so low the tiny chin was touching the child's skinny chest. "Did you want anything to drink?"

She shook her head smoothing a perfectly manicured hand down the front of her suit, "No, but thank you, Mr. Harris. Please, let's begin." He nodded jerkily. She patted her pockets before reaching into the side and pulling out a long thin stick. She held it up, "Do you know what this is Mr. Harris?"

Is this a trick question? Xander thought staring blankly at the stick, "Uh... a stick?" She smiled.

"No, but that's good." She tilted it so that the tip was pointing at him, "Obliviate."

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