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Head Of The Class

Head Of The Class
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X HAU
Rating: Adult
Warning: Contains very adult content. Strong language
and sexual activity of the m/m nature.
Disclaimer: I tried to buy them but they apparently
aren't for sale so I own none of the products or characters
named in this story and make no money from it.

Summary: Kindergarten teacher Xander meets porn star Spike.

Additional notes: Along with the wonderful banner, a big thanks
to the brilliant Petxnd who encouraged me and offered plot

The two men lay, on their sides, facing each other,
Relaxed, lazy, comfortable and both sexually sated and aroused.
Will's hand was on Xander's hip as his fingers slowly traced the
outline of several randomly placed freckles on the larger man's
otherwise flawless body.

"Tell me about yourself, Xan. Why did you want to be a teacher?"

Xander smiled. His hand cupped Will's cheek and he was so
concentrated on the flex and snap of his jaw as he spoke that
he almost missed the question.

"Huh? Oh, I hated school but I loved sports and I started out
wanting to be a gym teacher. In my last year of college, I had to
intern at a summer program for little kids. You know, playground
type of stuff. At first I thought it was beneath me, but after just a few
days I was hooked. By the end of summer I knew what I wanted to do.
I went back for one more year of schooling, majoring in childhood
education and, well, here I am."

Will's thumb dipped into the concave spot below Xander's hip
bone and like a pup, Xander rolled over on his back, encouraging
his master to rub his belly. Will smiled and complied.

Xander put his hands under his head and sighed. He felt the familiar
warmth as it tingled in his crotch from the increased blood flow that
filled and plumped his cock. His legs slid apart and his sack grew
heavy while his diminishing brain cells struggled to hold a cohesive

"What about you? What's it like to be a real actor? You said you
haven't had any big parts yet but this is a nice place. You must do
all right. When can I see one of them?"

Will's hand had never stopped petting. Stomach, chest, thighs,
his warm probing fingers went everywhere except where they were
needed most. Now, with this conversation trekking into dangerous
territory, Will wrapped his hand loosely around Xander's rigid

"I guess I do all right. Make enough to pay the bills, I do. Now it's
my turn to ask a question. How do you like it, Xander? On your back
with your legs high in the air? Ankles over my shoulders? Maybe feet
braced against my arms, so you can tip your butt open for me? No,
you seem more of a hands and knees type of guy. Face down in the
pillow, ass high, balls swinging free. That it? Knowing when I slide
deep inside you, it will hit that sweet spot that shoots fire and ice through
your body. Feels like I'm fucking the inside of your cock?"

Xander's only answer was to immediately raise himself up and flip over
with a moan and a whimper. He knew that feeling. He had experienced
it just a handful of times but, like the power of an illicit drug, he craved it,
sought it and now, with the thought of having it again, he ached with

"Yes, yes, just like that."
Shamelessly he exposed himself. Face flat in the pillow, he inhaled
smelling the scent of Will's hair and face, pleased in the knowledge
that he had slept here.

Will sat back on his heels and examined what was being offered to him.
He knew that Xander trusted him. Trusted him to bring just the
right amount of pain and pleasure. Little did Xander know that he had
just placed himself in the hands of an expert.

Will pulled open Xander's firm cheeks and blew cool air over his musky
dark ring of puckered promise. So tight, so closed up. Xander was
nothing like the loose, stretched men he fucked daily. Xander was fresh,
clean, wonderful.

"So beautiful. Oh, Pet, I can't wait to climb inside you."
Leaning forward, Will poked the tip of his tongue against the center
of the man's hole. He chuckled as it clamped even tighter and a full
body shiver went through Xander.

"Look down at yourself, Xan. Are you dripping yet? Is your cock
so hard it want's to explode? Soak my sheets?"

Xander looked, causing his cock to jerk violently, precum oozing
from the open slit. Yeah, he knew there would be a hell of a wet
spot when this was over.

"Please. Will, please."
Xander's hips swayed, his back dipped. He felt like he would die
if Will didn't put something in him soon. Hope rushed through him
when he heard the crinkle sound of foil tearing. His balls threatened to
draw up when the snick of the lube bottle resonated in the room.

Within seconds, the warmth of the self heating liquid dribbled down his
crack and across his winking, anxious hole.
"Fuck! Wait. Fuck, I need to cum so bad. Wait. Wait."

Will ran his hands down the backs of Xander's thighs, calves and
gripped his ankles.
"Just relax, Love. Give it a mo. Don't want you coming just yet.
Not before we get to the good part."

Xander nodded his face into the pillow and tried to slow his heartbeat.
His brain searched for the mundane, the everyday dull things that
numb the mind and body. Baseball. Time out. Swing and a miss.
Strike one. Ball two. Batter waiting patiently on first for a home run
hitter to bring him home.

"O.k. O.k. I'm ready."
"Are you. Pet? Are you ready for me?"

Will again separated Xander's butt cheeks. He pressed the tips of his
thumbs, now slippery with oil, into his lover's hole, pulling him open
just enough to perfectly fit the shape of his tongue.

Xander felt his legs quiver and go weak. The quicker Will darted his
tongue in and out, the faster his muscles spasmed. It was incredible. It
filled him with that wonderful wrong/right sexual pleasure that only made
him crave more. Every nerve ending in his body now focused on that
one spot. The one he was promised. The one yet to be touched.

One word that screamed volumes. It begged. It pleaded. It explained
a past of carnal deprivation.

Will took one last wet swipe of a flattened tongue across an opening
he would gladly have spent hours devouring. But that wasn't what
Xander wanted, and Will wanted what made Xander happy.

Pouring a small pool of oil in the palm of his hand, Will rubbed his hands
together then thoroughly coated his own urgent erection, feeling the
lube mix with the semen that seeped out in preparation.

He then slid two fingers, wriggling them deep inside Xander's body.
Gently, he stretched him. Slowly, he finger fucked him, all the time
avoiding what Xander wanted most.

"Please, Will, touch it. Please."

Turning his fingers, Will pointed them downward and felt around. When
he located the small nub, he tapped it firmly.
"That it, Love? That what you want?"
"Oh, God, yes. Harder. please."

Will scissored quickly then pulled out. The sounds, the feel, everything
about Xander had Will so undone, he couldn't have stopped if Xander
begged him to. He lined his cock up.
"Are you ready? Please, Xander say yes. Tell me."
"Yes, Christ, Will, yes."

Will leaned forward, his fist firmly gripping his cock shaft just behind
the head and he pushed.
Xander's body reacted immediately. His head came up and a high
pitched whine filled the room. Like a snort of coke or a shot of heroin,
the pleasure consumed him. It soared throughout his body. Nothing
mattered but the place in his body where they were joined.

Carefully, painfully slow, he rocked till his cock was 8" deep into Xander's
body, then he paused. He pulled back. He slid forward. By design or
accident, he found the spot.

The reaction was instantaneous. Xander began slamming his ass back,
fucking himself on the hard, heavenly cock that penetrated him. The
angle was exact. Each time, the head bounced off his prostate, Xander
would grunt, his own cock nearly forgotten, wallowing in the pleasure
that ached inside.

Finally, he looked down. His cock smacked against his belly urging him
to touch, to stroke. He complied, wrapping his hand tightly around his
own hot throbbing shaft. When he did the combination of sparking
electricity on the outside and the dull, hammering within overwhelmed him.

"Oh, fuck, Will, harder, hard as you can, I'm.........fuc...fffff."

Xander's body clamped tightly around Will's overly sensitive cock and his balls
jerked up. The rush of release shot out Will's body with such force he briefly
wondered if it was possible for a condom to explode.

Both men held still and swam through the waterworld of orgasm, slowly returning
to earth and solid ground. Then, still joined they collapsed to the mattress and

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