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yup it's a fic search

I know we've had a rash of these lately, sorry about junping on the bandwagon. I am still on my School Hard  kick and now I'm looking for a couple of specific fics. In one Spike accepts Xander at the school and Angel is a complete bastard. One scene in particular is Xander "escaping" then going to Giles, who believed Angel's B.S. and nearly stakes Xander despite the fact that he is asleep in direct sunlight. Left with no other option, since the gang told his parents he was dead, Xan goes back to Spike.

This second one may actually be 2 that I've confused together. I remember two specific scenes. One where Spike has killed Xanders' dad and a woman he was having an affair with. There is a moment when a divinely self-involved Buffy says that it's "unfortunate" but not Angel's fault that Spike is stalking Xander.  The other scene I recall is a vamped Xander coming into the library with Angelus. Spike and Dru to torment the scoobies. This happens in front of a newly arrived Wesley and Faith. After the confrontation I believe it's Faith who says to Buffy and the others. "I thought you were supposed to be the GOOD GUYS"   Again, I'm not sure if this is one fic or not.

The first one is

Black Velvet

The second scene about Vamp!Xan tormenting the Scoobies is

PuppyEyes and the Three Vampires

the first scene in the second desription is actually a third fic if anyone knows it please let me know.
two found, thanks.   

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