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Head Of The Class

Head Of The Class
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X HAU
Rating: Adult
Warning: Contains very adult content. Strong language
and sexual activity of the m/m nature.
Disclaimer: I tried to buy them but they apparently
aren't for sale so I own none of the products or characters
named in this story and make no money from it.

Summary: Kindergarten teacher Xander meets porn star Spike.

Additional notes: Along with the wonderful banner, a big thanks
to the brilliant Petxnd who encouraged me and offered plot

Monday morning

Xander was still floating on a cloud as he strolled happily down the
street toward the school building. There was no class because of
the holiday week, but he had planned on finishing the props for their
play and straightening up his classroom.

It had been a glorious weekend. After spending all of Saturday
inflagrante, he had spoken to Will at least five times on the phone
on Sunday.

Will had said that Scotty was with him for the day and to be honest,
neither of them were ready for the boy to know about their relationship.
If it was a relationship.
Xander wasn't exactly sure what to call it beyond, wonderful, amazing,
fabulous, and maybe spectacular.

Will had mentioned that he may just stop by and give Xander a hand
this morning. The thought of Will's hands threatened to cause a surge
of blood that would distort Xander's profile, so he smiled and pressed
his hand against the possible tent stake in his dockers.
"Down, Boy. Not now."

When he turned the last corner, he jerked open the rear exit door
and marched, in familiar territory, towards the kindergarten room.
To him, it was a comfortable place that felt like home.
"Hey, Mr. Harris. Good morning. You going to your room?"

Xander turned to see the elderly janitor standing, being propped
up by the mop handle he leaned on.
"Morning, Tom. Yeah, I thought I would get caught up on a few things."

Tom took a couple swipes with the mop before pausing.
"Hey, that reminds me. A fella dropped something off for you this
morning. I left it on your desk."

Xander frowned, then his face lit up. It must have been Will.
"Thanks. Thanks, Tom."
With a wave of his hand he hurried down the hall to see what
sort of surprise awaited him.

Jerking open the handle on the room marked "K-1. Mr. Harris"
Xander spotted it immediately. A small rectangular package wrapped
in brown paper. On the outside was a taped piece of folded paper
which Xander ripped off and opened.
It read:

Just thought you should know.
Signed, Anonymous

p.s. Next time you hang up on me, I'll kick your ass.

Xander scowled. Dangel. Had to be.
His hands shook as he ripped open the paper, unsure what to expect.
He wondered just what it was that Angel thought he should know.
His uncertainty turned to curiosity when he realized what it was.

"It's a movie?"

The title on the front read, 'Midnight Shift At The 7-11.'
The banner showed a clerk wearing one of those paper folded
hats, shoes and socks and nothing else. He was bent over a
counter with a smile on his face and a customer standing flat
behind him.

The customer held a fist full of jerky beef sticks in one hand and the
clerks ass in the other.
Xander didn't need to look at the clerk's face, he recognized
the naked body.
Still, the masochist in him coaxed him to turn over the box and
read the names.

The clerk - Spike Wood
The customer - Angel Harden
Manager - Hard Ryder
Beer Delivery guy - Dick Masters

"Spike. Angel." He tried out the words. They felt foreign and
ugly on his tongue. His stomach hurt and his good mood shot south.
It should have ended there. He should have dropped the movie
into his briefcase, taken it home and thrown it away.

But he didn't.
The cut apparently wasn't deep enough and Xander felt a compulsion
to drive the knife in a little closer to his heart where it could do the
most damage. Tucking it under his arm, Xander walked from his class
to the library media room. He proceeded to the back row of cubicals
and sat down.

Without giving himself time to think about all the implications, Xander
opened the box and slid the tape out. He then slipped it into the machine
and cued it up, remembering to turn the sound to it's lowest level.

Immediately the full color image of Will burst onto the screen. He was
obviously working in a convenience store late at night. He was sweeping
up. His crotch was groped by the manager who was telling him to lock
up before he went home. Spike moaned as the fingers dipped down
into his trousers. He apparently like it.

When the over the door bell jangled, in walked this 'Angel'. Clearly,
he was not there for milk and bread. The movie's dialog was amaturish,
silly. Spike approached his customer.

"Have you found what you are looking for?"
"Not yet, but I will when you pull your pants down."
"We don't sell cock"
"Good, cause I ain't paying. Come on, clerk boy, suck my dick."

Xander was not an innocent. He had seen gay porn before. In college,
some nights, it was his best friend. Right now it was his worst enemy.

There was no sexual arousal as he recognized a lot of the things
Spike was doing to Angel. They were the same thing he had done so
expertly to Xander just two nights ago. Things that had made him
shoot bullets into the headboard.

Xander felt betrayed. He felt as though he was the butt of their joke.
Probably literally.
He watched as, together, they held down the beer delivery guy and, after
sucking his cock and shoving their dicks in his ass, he was miraculously
converted. He had been introduced to the joys of gayhood.

Then, at the end of the film, he watched Spike and Angel do the one
intimate thing that hurt him the most. They kissed. Deeply, passionately,
with more tongue than Xander had known was possible in a kiss.
It went beyond acting. These two had been together before.
Often. Repeatedly.

"Hey, Love, there you are. I've been all over this bloody building
looking for you. Luckily I ran into some old gent on the business handle
of a broom. He said he thought he saw you come in here. What are
you up to?"

Xander never turned around. He pressed the stop/eject button and
retrieved the tape from the machine. He tucked it back into it's snug
cover and he handed it to the man standing beside him.

"Good morning.....Spike."
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