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Head Of The Class

Head Of The Class
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X HAU
Rating: Adult
Warning: Contains very adult content. Strong language
and sexual activity of the m/m nature.
Disclaimer: I tried to buy them but they apparently
aren't for sale so I own none of the products or characters
named in this story and make no money from it.

Summary: Kindergarten teacher Xander meets porn star Spike.

Additional notes: Along with the wonderful banner, a big thanks
to the brilliant Petxnd who encouraged me and offered plot

Xander lied. He told himself that the only reason he took the movie
home was to get it out of the school building. He couldn't risk Tom,
the janitor finding it in the waste can where Will had thrown it.

Once he had it home, it had laid on his table all day.
He ignored it.
He intended to toss it out with the rest of the garbage.
When he had the time.

He had fussed about, eating a turkey sandwich for lunch. He had
had to shove the box to the side when he sat down at his table.
He wished he had brought the newspaper. He enjoyed reading
when he ate his lunch.

For lack of reading material, and nothing else, Xander reluctantly
reached for the box. His eyes again scanned the now familiar
cover. He had to admit, they did look good together, and that hurt.

Xander looked at where Angel's hand rested. He knew exactly
what Angel was feeling. Xander's own hand had caressed, massaged,
and even spanked that particular soft, round, butt cheek.

Turning the box over, Xander scanned the summary:


Working the night shift can be dangerous! You never know when
a handsome man wielding a weapon will confront you.
What will a poor, defenseless clerk do to defend himself?

See Angel penetrate Spike's defenses.

Watch Spike offer Angel something more valuable than money.

Now, toss in a straight beer delivery guy and our boys will have
a fucking good night at the Cum And Go convenience store.


Xander just rolled his eyes. "Jesus" He mumbled. "Who writes
this shit?"

Xander shoved aside his half eaten, completely forgotten sandwich.
He turned the box over several times in his hands. He really hadn't
gotten a good look at it in the library. He had been to shocked to
pay attention. Maybe Will was right. Maybe it was just a job.

Will deserved a fair and unbiased opinion. Not that Xander would ever
see Will again to give it to him, but Xander knew he had been harsh
and inflexible. Xander prided himself on being fair. He liked to
think that he was open minded, a trait that proudly had him voting
liberal in his political beliefs.

It wouldn't be right to judge Will's profession without giving it an
objective look.
Decision made.
Xander grabbed the box and headed for his bedroom, first taking
the time to rush around his small cottage, locking all doors and pulling
down the blinds.

He shoved the tape into the machine by his television and grabbed for the
remote. Standing by his bed, he paused for a moment, then thought
'What the fuck. In for a penny, in for a dime.'
and he dropped his pants.

Settling on his bed, he aimed the remote and pushed the button.
Immediately, the opening credits appeared. Actor's names, directed
by, cheesy music....
Fast forward

"Whoa! O.k. Here we go."
Xander spread his legs, he held his t-shirt up with one hand and the
bottle of lube in the other. The remote had been laid conveniently close for
easy access.

Spike: "I'm going to need some I.D. to sell you that beer."
Angel: "Here's my I.D. This cock look like it's underage?"

Xander had to admit that it didn't. He dribbled a few drops of warm
KY, letting it sizzle over his rock hard cock. He watched as it ran down
the side and pooled in his thick nest of hair before turning his attention back
to the action on the screen.

Spike: "Yeah, that is a good looking cock. Is that a pussy cock or you
like to shove it in other tight places?"
Angel: "Ain't no pussy tight enough for this cock. I need some boy ass.
How about you? You like cock slamming you up the ass?"
Spike: "I like all kinds of things up my arse. You gonna drink that beer
Angel: "If I do, what will we do with the empty bottle?"

"Oh, fuck."
Xander's head tipped back as he vaguely remembered what was coming next.
His hand firmly gripped and stroked his cock. He started to toss the lube
bottle to the floor to free up his other hand, but stopped.

When he opened his eyes and returned his attention to what the men
in the store were doing, Xander noted that they were now naked, hard
and Spike was being bent over the counter, a cash register on one
side and a display case of beef sticks and Pez candies on the other.

Angel was apparently a fast worker.

Angel stood behind him. He was pulling open Spike's butt cheeks
while the camera got a close up shot of his brown, wrinkly puckered
opening. Spike tipped his hips up and to the side offering the best
view as Angel slowly dragged the lip of the half empty glass beer
bottle up and down over his winking hole.

Xander did the same with the lube. He moaned at the terrible
wrongness of what he was about to do. The more disgusting he
thought it was, the more his body craved and drove him to it.

Spike: "Are you going to fuck me with that?"
Angel: "Yeah, I'm going to open you up and pour you full of my beer.
When you are good and loose, I'm going to lick up what dribbles
out then shove my cock in you."

Xander moaned. He felt like a steam engine was burning through
his belly, ramming into his balls and heating the blood that filled
his cock. His ass tensed with anticipation.

Angel took a last gulp from the half empty bottle then, as the camera
zoomed in for a close up, shoved the neck of the bottle up into Spike's

Spike: "Oh, fuck, that's so good. Work it. Fuck me with it."
Angel: "Yeah, Baby. Take it. Take it all, you slut."

Xander watched as Angel continued to fuck Spike, working the
beer bottle roughly in and out of his stretched hole. Xander's own
hand never stopped stroking. His cock felt impossibly hard,
throbbing and ready to blow.

The endorphins that flooded his brain and body made everything that
felt good seem like an excellent idea. With one hand still pulling,
gripping the shaft and stopping just short of the sensitive head, Xander
used his other hand to reach between his legs.

He pressed the plastic bottle top against his own hole and he began
to slightly rock his hips. His eyes were now glued to the screen.
His ears rang with the grunts and curses as Spike pumped himself
back and forth, riding the clear glass bottle as the foamy liquid inside
sloshed about.

Knowing he couldn't stop now if the Pope himself stepped in the room
with a basket of wafers tucked under his arm, Xander shoved the bottle
into his tight hole. The wonderful shock of pain and burn rolled through him.

With his feet on the bed, he raised his hips up, threw his head back on
the pillow and squeezed his eyes shut.

Spike: "Oh, fuck yes. Just like that. Harder."
Angel: "Fuck! Take it. Take it all. Does that feel good?"
Xander: "Oh, fuck, yes, it's good."
Angel: "Does it make you want to cum? Can you cum from me
fucking you like this?"
Spike & Xander: "Fuck! Yeah, fuck!"

Xander's eyes rolled back in his head and his hips jerked upward
as his hand held tightly to the pulsing, squirting cock that shot hot
wet puddles on to his stomach.

As the aftershocks slowly waned, Xander's legs slid flat out and he
popped the bottle from his ass with an embarrassing squish.

Looking up, he could see the action still going strong as Angel
licked alcoholic bubbles from the inside of Spikes thighs.
Fumbling around, Xander located the remote and punched 'stop'

He glared at the picture of Angel on the box on the floor.

Xander headed to the bathroom for a shower.
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