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Head Of The Class

Head Of The Class
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X HAU
Rating: Adult
Warning: Contains very adult content. Strong language
and sexual activity of the m/m nature.
Disclaimer: I tried to buy them but they apparently
aren't for sale so I own none of the products or characters
named in this story and make no money from it.

Summary: Kindergarten teacher Xander meets porn star Spike.

Additional notes: Along with the wonderful banner, a big thanks
to the brilliant Petxnd who encouraged me and offered plot

"How's come it's called a daybed? Cause I don't wanna sleep
in the daytime. I like to sleep at night when it's dark and anyway
I gotta go to school in the daytime. Can we get a night bed instead?"

Will stood by patiently waiting till the boy needed to breathe before he
jumped in with an explanation. Scotty had taken the news of his Mother's
little trip very well. After soothing his initial concern for her, Will and
Willow had, together, talked to him about staying at Will's place. It was
an idea met with squeals and neck hugs.

One of the first things they did was this trip to the furniture store.
A small bed and a dresser would go a long way to making a study
seem like a little boy's personal bed room.

"It doesn't mean that you sleep in the daytime, Buddy, it is just
called that because some people like to throw a cover over it and
use it like a couch. It really is a bed and it will be just the right
size for you."

Scotty let go of Will's hand and walked all the way around it, examining
the way the store had it set up on display.

"Yeah, I guess that would be o.k. but I don't like the blanket it gots
on it. There's Dora the Explorer on it and that's little girl, sissy stuff.
I'm, a boy and boy's don't like girl stuff. Hey, I wonder what kind of
blanket Mr. Harris has on his bed."

The innocent words caught Will off guard and shot through his heart
like an arrow. It had been three days since the fiasco at the school
and although he had called and left several messages, Xander was
apparently NOT going to "Call back. Please, Xan."

"I don't know, Buddy. I've never been in Mr. Harris's bedroom.
I don't know what kind of blanket he has."

Scotty barked out a laugh and threw his little body down on the daybed.
"Ha Ha You are so silly, Uncle Will. Why would you see Mr. Harris's

Will smiled as best as he could, wondering why indeed.
With a wave of his hand, he caught the clerk's attention and called him

"Have you and your son found what you're looking for?"

Will glanced down at the boy to see if he was going to correct the man
or if he was waiting for Will to do it. Scotty seemed unconcerned, as
though he hadn't heard. Will was just as glad. Their personal business
was not this stranger's business.

"Yes, we will take the bed and that matching four drawer dresser.
I'll give you the address. We would like it delivered and set up as
soon as possible."

Will looked down at the boy frantically jerking on his shirt sleeve.
He leaned down while Scotty whispered in his ear, then returned
his attention to the salesman.

"Scotty is concerned that you will bring the Dora blanket. Do you
carry Spiderman?"

The clerk smiled, nodded and made a note.

Scotty immediately began whooping, punching his fist in the air and
running in circles around the furniture store, roaring and doing his best
superhero impression.
Will pulled out his credit card.

With her decision made, Willow had seemed more at peace with
herself than she had in a long time. She was spending sober,
quality time with her son, even going so far as to take him to
his play practices. Something Will was enormously grateful for.

On one hand he wanted to smack Xander for his obstinance. His
refusal to accept Will's chosen profession. His closed minded pettyness.
On the other hand, Will grudgingly admitted that it might be a tad on
the bizarre side for someone as innocent as his school teacher to understand.

'Hell' Will thought, 'Xander probably wouldn't watch a movie like
that if you held a gun to his head.'

Still, he wanted to see Xander so badly it hurt. He wanted to force him to
talk, to understand and maybe compromise. He wanted Xander to
admit what they both should have known. That they belong together.
Xander was apparently not yet ready.

Xander dressed and wandered around his house. Today was the day
they had all been waiting on. This evening was the big Thanksgiving
celebration at the Sunnydale elementary school. As Kindergarten, their
class would go first, followed by the first grade and so on till the sixth
grade class would have the grand finale.

It kicked off the beginning of the Holiday season. A time that all the
children were most excited. A magical season when very little learning
was done as their hopes and dreams and thoughts were more on what
would be under the tree than on the blackboard.

This evening was something Xander, too, had been anticipating. He
had spent all his time and efforts on preparing a short skit that the
children could relate to, learn from, and would make the proud parents
light up the room with exploding flashbulbs.

But now, he was distracted.
His world had been thrown into turmoil by a handsome, sensitive,
articulate, porn star. A man with an astounding cock and a seemingly
unlimited scope of experience in using it.

His heart was broken and his brain was a stuttering mass of contradiction
and confusion. He wanted Will. He wanted the man who had stepped
into his life and given him hope for a future no longer lived alone.

Unfortunately, accepting Will also meant accepting Spike.


Over the last couple days, Xander was ashamed of the fact that he had
watched and masturbated to Spike on film an incredible number of
times, finally having to shove the tape to the back of his sock drawer
just to give his sore, abused cock a rest.

The totally erotic part was his imagining himself standing in Angel's place.
Pitching and catching. Sending and receiving. Giving and taking.
Leading and following. Pushing and pulling. Top, bottom, middle, over,
under, on and always getting off.

But as much as his mind and dick had been on the sex, his heart had
been on the after glow. The time when they laid together, sated, happy,
talking and touching.
Xander missed Will more than he wanted Spike.

He had sat by the phone listening closely each time Will had called. He
smiled at the accent, the odd tilt of tone and he fought with himself NOT to
pick up. He was too confused. It was too soon.
Still, he saved the tape and listened a dozen time as he replayed the calls.
The begging for him to respond.
The resignation in his voice on the last one was clear.

The last couple practices, Xander had not been surprised to see Scotty's
mother drop him off and pick him up. After his refusal to answer the
phone, Will was probably angry and a face to face would be ackward.
Still, Xander was certain Will would come. He knew how much
the play meant to Scotty.

And he knew tonight would be the hardest of all. Seeing Will with
Scotty's mother would be rough, but Xander knew he could handle it.
He would be strong.
His focus tonight was on the children. This was what they had all
worked so hard for and they deserved his all.
They deserved their teacher's best.
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