Ann (wildannuette) wrote in bloodclaim,

S/X recs? Banter/snark/talking back

Can anyone rec any Xander/Spike fics, preferably complete ones though I'm not bothered by length, genre or rating, which have a lot of Xander snark, or banter between the two or three involved. I really love Xander when he's back chatting, commenting, just being Xander I guess. Whether it's in a snarky way, or angsty one.

I do love the older fics but I have most on my computer for repeat reading, it would be great if any of you guys could rec some new stuff, or even something that may not be so new but grabbed you as being different or interesting, something you'd really rate. Self reccing would be great too, I've been reading Firefly for so long but now I have a very bad urge to switch back to Buffy/Angel for a while and I'd love to get back into the reading thing.

Hope this is okay, thanks :)
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