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Head Of The Class

Head Of The Class
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X HAU
Rating: Adult
Warning: Contains very adult content. Strong language
and sexual activity of the m/m nature.
Disclaimer: I tried to buy them but they apparently
aren't for sale so I own none of the products or characters
named in this story and make no money from it.

Summary: Kindergarten teacher Xander meets porn star Spike.

Additional notes: Along with the wonderful banner, a big thanks
to the brilliant Petxnd who encouraged me and offered plot

The director didn't need to worry about Xander speaking or making any
noise. He couldn't have if he wanted. His throat closed up and the air
that was held in his lungs flowed neither in nor out.

It was absolutely the most visually stunning thing Xander had ever seen.

Spike didn't have the cartoony, fake fangs or the pointy bat ear
attachments. He didn't need them.
Everything about him screamed 'dangerous vampire'. The long black
coat draped over his thin, muscular body was an amazing contrast to
his white, nearly translucent skin.

His soft, beautiful hair was gelled, slicked and flattened back to the
shape of his skull. The cigarette that he casually placed between his
lips was seductively worked, drawn in and finally removed as he slowly
blew thick clouds of carcinogenic smoke to blend in with the fog machines
that were cranked to the max.

Xander was flabbergasted!

Xander didn't even need to look at the man on his knees, sucking Spike's
cock to be aroused. His dick hardened painfully as he watched Spike's
fluid, cat like movement as his hand slithered across his chest, down
his flat, completely hairless stomach and came to rest on the dark hair of
the man in front of him.

"Yessssss. Suck my cock, you pathetic fledge and I may let you live."
Spike's voice was nothing Xander recognized. The tone was deeper,
richer, the accent thick and sexual. It poured over Xander and coated
him like warm honey.

Xander stood frozen.
He was totally unaware of the flurry of activity around him. Camera men
constantly moving, focusing, and reblocking shots. The director walked
from side to side, crouching, waving his hand indicating a change
of angle and make up people standing by, bored and uninterested
while they waited for a break. One of the stage hands sat to the left,
on a tombstone, and read the newspaper.

"CUT! That's it people. Take five. The next shot is the anal penetration.
We're gonna do this in full vampire face. Cut back on the fog, bring
out the cement slab. MAKE UP! Get out here and put some concealer
on that pimple on Angel's ass. I DO NOT want to see that on the final take."

Xander blinked, his trance broken as the activity on the set switched gears.
Props were wheeled out and a flurry of people milled around rearranging
candles and headstones for the next shot.

Angel popped off Spike's cock and jumped to his feet, grinning and
waving his arms, his head nodding like a bobblehead toy.
"That's right, People. Anal penetration next and I want this done right.
Now we may need several takes so be prepared! Anal shot next!"
He then ran for the props department to discuss lube options.

Xander caught a glimpse of the light that sparkled off the huge, wonderful
wet cock before Spike wrapped the black coat around his body and he
turned to walk off stage. Xander hurried to catch up, a task made difficult
due to his own rigid, stiff erection that now painfully tented his pants.

Spike hustled to his small cubbyhole that was laughingly called a dressing room.
He had just five minutes before he needed to be back on the set for the
big finale. During the entire filming of the last segment, his mind had been on
something far removed from the graveyard scene he was standing in.

He had decided to give it just one more attempt. Maybe if he dialed Xander's
number, this time the man would pick up. He had to try.
He thought he could forget him. He thought he could move on but realized
that if he was standing with a more than practiced pair of lips sucking firmly
on his cock, and all he could think of was Xander, then they still apparently
had unresolved issues.

Unsure if the silence rule was still in effect or not, Xander crept quietly
through the lot, following the path he had seen Will take. Very quickly, he
arrived at a row of enclosed cubicles. When he stuck his head in the first one,
he saw the now familiar back of the long black coat.

He hesitated to speak when he saw Will with his phone to his ear, then,
surprised, he heard him muttering.
"Come on, God damn it Xander, pick up the fucking phone."

Emboldened, Xander stepped in, edging up behind him.

Will jumped, thrilled, and clutched the phone tightly.
"Xan, Xan, please don't hang up. Just listen to me. Xan, I miss you. Yeah,
yeah, I know it's only been a few days, but home just isn't home without you.
DON'T TALK! Let me finish. I'm sorry. I should have told you what kind
of movies I was in, but I just didn't think you would understand, and let's be
honest, you weren't exactly Mr. Openmindedness. WAIT! Don't get mad, let
me finish. I'm crazy about you Xan. Please, if you give me another chance
I promise, no more secrets. Everything out. Please, Xan, what do you say?"

Xander had listened to every word with his heart and his ears in equal measure.
Will had put into words everything that was inside him, that he was afraid to
admit. As great as the sex was, the companionship was greater. Right now
Xander had no idea how this would work along side his job, but for the first
time, he wanted to be Xander Harris, the man, more than Mr. Harris, teacher.

Closing the gap between them, Xander placed a hand on Will's shoulder.

Will screamed, dropped his phone and spun around on his bare feet, clutching
his chest.
"Jesus Fuckin Christ, Xander. Give me a heart attack why don't you?
What the hell are you doing here?"

Immediately, Xander took offense.
"WHAT? Hey, a minute ago, on the phone, you said you wanted me."
"Yeah, that was when I thought you were on the phone."
"Oh, so now you don't? Well, then fuc.....mflf"

Anything else Xander would have said was cut off as Will slammed their
bodies together and Will's lips sealed themselves over his lover's.
Xander wasn't stupid. Pride was a much overrated commodity.
He threw his arms around the smaller man and held on tight.

Noses snorted hot air against cheeks, someone whimpered the other answered
with a moan. Tongues battled and the men tried their best to climb inside
the other's skin. The black duster fell open and Will's smooth flesh gave
Xander's fingers reason to sing 'Hallelujah"
Finally, reluctantly, Will pulled back.

Panting, he held Xander's face in both his hands.
"I gotta go. We still have to finish filming."
"I'll watch, erm, I mean, I'll wait."
"No. Look, Xan this is going to be a very long day. They have some sort
of facial prostheses they are putting on me with contacts for the last scene
where I arse fuck him then bite him. It will take hours, and besides, do you
really want to watch me and Liam....."
"NO! I mean no, you're right. I don't."

After a seconds thought, Will's eyes lit up.
"Hey, I have an idea. Meet me here, tomorrow night at 10.00pm"
"Why are..."
"Nope. No questions. Will you come?"

Xander grinned.
"I will always come for you."

One more last kiss and Will turned to go. Then he stopped and looked back.
"No more lies, Xan. Scotty is my son. Can we talk about that later too?"

A warm flush of love and hope rushed through Xander's body as he answered
with a smile and a nod.

Before either could speak again, the director's voice boomed from the set.
"Stanford! Get your fucking vampire ass out here!"

Spike grabbed a fistful of his duster and with great flourish swept
it over his nose and mouth leaving only his laughing blue eyes exposed
and he flounced from the room.
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