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Head Of The Class

Head Of The Class
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X HAU
Rating: Adult
Warning: Contains very adult content. Strong language
and sexual activity of the m/m nature.
Disclaimer: I tried to buy them but they apparently
aren't for sale so I own none of the products or characters
named in this story and make no money from it.

Summary: Kindergarten teacher Xander meets porn star Spike.

Additional notes: Along with the wonderful banner, a big thanks
to the brilliant Petxnd who encouraged me and offered plot

The stage was set.
Xander, the writer, producer and director had selected the scenery
and props and was busily setting up the scene. Spike watched, amused,
grinning around his slightly uncomfortable mouth insert.

Xander, the brave and fearless demon hunter is not worried about
his captured monster escaping. He had expertly secured and tied
the vampire, spread eagle, snarling and snapping, to the top of the
cement casket.

At one point, the creature had attempted to remove his long, black
duster, at which time the slayer immediately raised his weapon,
threatening both Spike and Will with imminent death if he even
considered such a foolish gesture.
The coat would stay on.

Xander rushed around tossing out lines like,
"Curse you, you evil thing you." and "You have made the mistake
of your undead existence. Unless you cooperate, this could be your
last full moon." All the time arranging tubes of fake blood found
in the prop room and resetting the special effects tape in the sound
room so that the ghostly wailing would not end before Xander was

Will was becoming slightly concerned that he had bitten off more than
he could chew. Metaphorically speaking.

Suddenly, Xander stopped fussing. His expression turned serious and
thoughtful as he slowly approached his captive.
"I have spent a decade searching for you, my evil friend. I have committed
my life to seeking out and destroying your kind while I sought the one
vampire that has walked this earth, slaughtering, devouring, turning
innocent humans into monsters like you."

Will pulled on his restraints, gently so not to break them, and snarled.
"Stupid, foolish human. You think you can kill me? I am immortal!
I have lived in the shadows of mankind for centuries and I will live
long past tonight, but, the question is, will you?"

Xander threw his head back and roared in an exaggerated laugh.
"Ha Ha! You stupid vampire. It is not your death that I crave...."
Immediately Xander gripped the front of his shirt, ripping it open
and causing the buttons to spray around the room. Will's mouth
fell open and his eyebrows shot up.

Xander's voice dropped low as he stepped closer, reaching out a hand
and running it down Will's naked body, stopping just short of where
he needed Xander's touch most.
"It is your immortal body I desire. It is knowing you have fucked
kings and peasants, saints and sinners, thousands of men, all of
whom have ridden and worshipped at the beautiful cock and balls
that hang between your soft, white thighs."

Will closed his eyes and filled his lungs with fog and air, blowing it back
out slowly. This was what acting should be. Living the part. Thrilling
in the character. He had forgotten how alive it made him feel.
"Yes, yes, please us both with your warm flesh and mouth. Let your
life giving sperm flow together with my cold dead seed."

Xander stripped off the rest of his clothes and with an amazing athletic
ability, he leapt up onto the sarcophagus. He turned backwards, his
knees at Will's sides and his face just inches from the demon's long,
rigid erection.

Then, instead of the blow job Will expected, Xander sat back, holding
his ass directly over the vampire's face.
"Now, you evil demon, show me what you can do with that cursed,
pointed tongue and maybe, if you please me enough, I will suck the
juices from your cock and balls."

"Oh, fuck, yeah, lower, lower."
Anything else Will would have said was muffled, whispered into the
muscular round globes of Xander's bobbing ass.

Xander moaned softly. A sound that blended with the Halloween
noises that played stereophonically all around them along with the
wet licks and sucks echoing from between his legs.

Xander knew if he let himself, he could come from this alone.
All of his senses were over stimulated and his dripping cock was
threatening to come untouched.

"Enough. You are mine. Mine forever."
Xander's voice had noticeable lost the demon hunter inflection and
was again very much the kindergarten teacher that Will was rapidly
falling in love with.

It took all the inner strength he had to tip himself in the other direction.
Face down, ass up. In one fell swoop, he swallowed Will's cock
to the root. Immediately, Will's hips jerked upward, slamming the
spongy head against Xander's tonsils and causing him to gag and
pull back. Before Will could apologize, Xander sucked him back in.

He set up a steady, deep pulling rhythm that had Will cursing,
humping and squeezing his butt cheeks in time with Xander's lips.
"Shit! Yeah, Oh, Baby that's so good. Your fuckin' mouth is so
hot, so wet. Yeah, suck me. Damn I'm gonna......wait, no,
no stopping!"

With a chuckle, Xander hopped down, swiped a tube of fake blood
from the nearest headstone then vaulted back up. This time facing
the quivering vampire. Slowly, cautiously, Xander lowered his face
and kissed the dangerously fanged mouth, sharing the tastes each of
them carried of the other.

"Now, you disgusting undead creature, I'm going to slit my wrists
and coat your cock with hot, slick blood and fuck myself on you."

Will gasp. Before he could express his concern, Xander whipped
out an obviously fake rubber knife and with a grand gesture,
swiped it across his raised wrist. He then squirted the artificial
fluid, watching as it splattered and ran down the head and shaft
of his shocked, very happy cock.

"Holy Fuck, Xander!"

"SILENCE! I will not have you defile my name in your mouth.
Now, vampire, prepare to fuck your human!"

Xander swung his leg over and positioned himself. He reached
between his legs and rubbed the wet, slippery dick head against his
hungry hole. After a couple tries, the fat, thick knob breached Xander's
tight, wrinkled ring. Both men cursed and moaned in pained pleasure.

Working his way down, Xander was stunned at the feeling as the
huge, thick cock filled his body, stretching him open with a burning,
searing, ache that fulfilled a need he had never known he had.

Finally. Finally, he was fully seated. It was overwhelming emotionally
as well as physically. He took a moment to think about it. He and
Will were actually sharing the same body. It was a concept almost
more frightening than being fucked by a demon vampire.

Then, unexpectedly, he moved, just slightly and Will's cock touched
him. Inside.
"Oh, fuck."

Experimentally he rocked and it happened again. Bolts of thumping
pleasure fucked his own cock from the inside. Bracing himself on his
hands, Xander began humping. Riding and undulating. Up and down
on the vampire's cock, his own dick slapping against his stomach till
he finally grabbed it, grunting as sweat dripped down to land on
the swearing man beneath him.

"Fuck, fuck, Spike, Will, I can't hold back. I need to cum."
"Harder, deeper, yeah, yeah, just like that."

Both men cried out their orgasms together, squeezing, flexing muscles
that gripped and held, pumping, spurting, sighing and releasing.
When the last drops seem to have spent, Xander, like a deflating
balloon, slumped, his head coming to rest on his vampires chest.

"Wow! Jesus, Will, that was amazing."
"Yeah, I gotta admit, You really threw yourself into it. You, um, think
you could untie me now?"
"Huh? Oh, ha ha, sure. I got a bit carried away. Say, Will, I just
happen to notice there are some King Arthur costumes back there."

Will groaned. He knew they still had a lot to talk about, but he also
knew they both recognized a second chance at the good life when
they saw it.
They wouldn't need a third.

Bee note: Tomorrow is the last chapter of this story and I am leaving the
next morning for a week so if you comment and I don't respond immediately,
that's why. Also, because this story ran into Oct., my only other offering this month
will be a three day posting, shared with Petxnd on Fall For S/X. If you
are interested, it will be Oct. 20,21,&22.
Tomorrow's chapter will include a preview of Nov. story.

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