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checking up on an unfinished fic

I was searching for that crossdressing AU fic in which, er, Xander picks up a Spike in drag and loses his virginity to him (All Bets Are Off, in case anyone is curious) and came across an old WIP which, upon re-reading, looked very promising in the h/c schmoop department (as in, it didn't deliver it before it cut off *pouts*) and I was wondering if anyone knew more about it or its author?

The Spander-promising fic in question is By the Dark of the Moon by Lore, and it only has the two parts up at that archive, and a web search wouldn't even spit that much out. Basically, I'm wondering if there were more parts added at some other site, or any other Spander fics written by the author (other than Candle in the Shadow of the Sun, I mean).

I'm in need of comfort-y fics, and the start looked so promising I had to give this a try.

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