eviljellybean88 (eviljellybean88) wrote in bloodclaim,

looking for a fic

i gave up looking this fic, but hopefully you guys can help me find it if not you can point to a comm. that can :)

so this is what i remember of it there's mentions of the scoobie gang,

xander starts woodworking for a family of harmless demons,

spike is somehow turned into mini!spike

and the male demon who has made lots of figurines to look like the scoobies has made a spike doll the same size as him so he is over joyed that he has clothes that fit his tiny body,

xander lives with mini!spike above the warehouse where he works,

he makes a doll house for spike,

xander cuts his thumb and feeds the blood to spike

and spike is chipped too.

and i'm pretty sure there are feelings that start to develop:)

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