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I asked about posting this first and got the ok.

I've had a fic craving and there are no fics out there that work with it, so I thought it would be an interesting challenge for you all!

Pairing: Spike/Xander, Spike/Xander/Snape, Lupin/Snape
Fandoms: BtVS, Harry Potter
Category: Hurt/Comfort

Now here is where is gets tricky.  I want to see our lovely Spander boys travel not only across the ocean, but back in time.  I want this to be set in the Marauders Era, preferably around the Shrieking Shack incident.  And for the part that I've been wanting to see, I want Female!Snape.  It can be anytype genderswitch you want (spell, curse, potion, temporary, permanent, sporadic (think Ranma 1/2)).  Also, please don't make him an ugly woman, some of those features do look good on females.

Well I hope this gets some muses going, or I"m afraid the bunny is just going to annoy me until I write and then butcher each character horribly.

Please *begs on knees* write this someone!  *hugs all*

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