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Happy Birthday

Title: Happy Birthday
Author: Fic by BmblBee Illustrator : Petxnd
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: We own none of the characters used in this story and make no profit.
Warning: M/M explicit language and activity.
Summary: It is Xander's birthday and his friends want to give him a present.
The moral of this story is that sometimes a little white lie can reveal a bigger truth.
Submitted for Fall For S/X.

Xander rushed in his front door, breathless from running and geeked
up from a combination of the cake sugar and the excitement.

He couldn't fucking believe it. When the girls had explained what his
present was, he thought he would explode. Oh, the possibilities!
The amazing limitless opportunities.
Immediately, his imagination had gone into hyperdrive.

Willow had coaxed. "What will you wish for?'
Buffy had begged. "Just give us a hint."
Both had cautioned. "Remember, if it's to dangerous, it won't work."
He had seen the odd look flash between them and he knew what it
meant. They thought he would wish for a pony or a date with a
bikini supermodel.

'HA!" He thought. 'It ain't no pony I want to ride.'

He had just smiled. He had almost given himself away when they cut
the cake and caught him giving the small Bic lighter a total tongue fellatio.
Buffy had laughed that it was his addiction to sweets. Xander knew he
was hooked on something much more tasty.

But now he was home. Locked in the privacy of his quiet, small apartment.
Alone with his thoughts, prayers of thanks for the best friends in the world,
and his wish cards. His tickets to paradise.

Quickly Xander rushed around locking the front and back doors and pulling
down all the shades. He hurried into the kitchen and carefully laid out the
cards, three, in a neat row, blank, waiting to be filled with his deepest,
darkest desires. He sniggered nervously as he stared at them.

Xander stood back, clutching the magic marker in his hand. He knew what
he wanted. As soon as the girls had handed him the gift and explained it, he
knew. The only question now, was how.

How to word it to insure the fates of the universe wouldn't deem it hazardous
and thereby cancel the request. The one thing he had learned growing up
on the hellmouth was that this life was a game.

If you knew the rules, you had a chance of winning.
If not, well, the fickle finger of fate could poke your eye out.

Restlessly, with his hands clasped behind his back, Xander paced back
and forth, the marker clutched tightly in his fingers and he muttered.

"O.k. This has to be done correctly. NEVER, under any circumstance,
use the double u-ish word. An 'ish' made on the hellmouth is a sure
disaster, so I will only use 'want' instead. Right. Now, clearly, what I
want is Spike. That luscious, tight, muscular and well compact body
in my bed. Right, o.k. then."

With no further delay, Xander scooted out the chair and he sat down.
His sweaty fist still gripped the marker as he stared at the first card.
He had decided that it was best to keep things simple. No elaborate,
leather daddy, cross dressing fantasies containing ample amounts of
caramel dip or citronella candles. All that could come later.

For now, he needed to focus. One step at a time. He took a deep
breath and reached for card #1.


He blew out the air he had held in his lungs and read it over again. Simple.
Plain. No wiggle room for mistake. Xander was buoyed. It was brilliant.
It got Spike here. It assured he would have a hard on and it would assume
that Xander would blow him. It was perfect. Xander was nearly ready to
pat himself on the back, but not yet. One down and two to go.

Before he had the chance to overthink himself, Xander stuck the tip of his
tongue out of the corner of his mouth, wrinkled up his brow in a strained
look of concentration and began writing on the second.


Xander threw his hands up in the air in triumph. Two down and one to go.
He felt like he had just run a marathon. His heart pounded and the sweat
beaded up on his scalp.

"So, where are all those people that called me stupid now? Shit! I am
covering bases like a mutha fucka! O.k., one more."

Xander leaned back in his chair and cracked his knuckles before continuing.
The last one was the easiest. It was what he wanted most. It was the one
that needed the least amount of thought. Without wasting any more time, he
quickly wrote his most heartfelt wish.

Now, he knew, he needed to hurry. Spike would, no doubt, be here soon and
he must be ready. Rushing to the cupboard, Xander retrieved a small metal mixing
bowl and he placed it on the table.

With one last look at the magic birthday wish cards, Xander felt his heart swell
with hope. He was suddenly given access to a situation he thought was totally
out of the realm of possibility. He had no idea how to ever thank Willow and
Buffy for the amazing gift, but he sure would try.

When he had regained his strength.
If he was not too dehydrated.

Standing at the table in his small, modest, lonely kitchen, Xander snapped the
small, green Bic lighter that he had swiped earlier, and he lit the cards on fire.
Watching them burn, he dropped them into the metal bowl and held his face
over the rising trail of gray smoke, inhaling deeply.

The only thing left to do was wait.
This would be the best birthday of his life.

Spike stood outside feeling like a fool.
He had been stalking the oblivious human for weeks and was making zero
headway. He had even gone so far as to hang around the annoying Slayer in
an attempt to discern some small detail that would give him an in. He was
beginning to think it was all in vain when he learned that today was the
whelps birthday.


Spike had immediately run out in search of the perfect gift, only to come up
empty handed. Spike was a vampire in turmoil. The demon wanted to
buy ownership items, collars, leashes, whips and butt plugs. The damn
soul wanted something else.
It wanted poems, flowers, candy and, yes, butt plugs.

After all, nothing said love like a rectal insert.

Finally, with time running out, he had hit the only shop still open. Anal Andy's
World of Wicked Wonders.

Spike had an account.

After perusing the aisles for what seemed like hours, Spike went with traditional.
He knew the human loved candy and for now, it was a safe choice. He told
himself that if tonight went well, they would soon be shopping here together.

But now he wasn't so sure. Insecurity has joined him on the sidewalk and was
whispering ugly things in his ear. Things like, "The boy hates vampires." and
"You will probably get a thank you and a stake in the chest for that hunk of

Still, he had come too far to turn back now, so with all the courage he could muster,
Spike stepped up and rang the bell, holding the huge, thick, chocolate cock with
the bright red ribbon out in front of him.

Oh, and a butt plug in his back pocket, just in case.

"What the fuck."
Struggling to squash his doubts and insecurities, Spike stood his ground
and waited.

Much to his surprise, before he had the chance to ring twice, the door was
jerked open wide and he was face to face with the huge, welcoming grin
of the birthday boy himself..

"Well, well. What have we here? A vampire? A Spike shaped vampire?
What a totally unexpected surprise. Come in, come in."

Spike frowned and took a moment to look back of each of his shoulders
to make sure there wasn't someone else that was being so warmly
encouraged into the Harris humble hovel.
Nope, no one there.

"Ah, yeah, thanks, Pet. I heard the bints nattering on about it being your
birthday and I..... AAAAAHHHH!"

Before Spike had the chance to finish his weak, practiced excuse, Xander had
snatched him by the lapel, jerked him across the threshhold and slammed the
door behind him.
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