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Happy Birthday

Title: Happy Birthday
Author: BmblBee Illustrator : Petxnd
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: We own none of the characters used in this story and make no profit.
Warning: M/M explicit language and activity.
Summary: It is Xander's birthday and his friends want to give him a present.
The moral of this story is that sometimes a little white lie can reveal a bigger truth.
Submitted for Fall For S/X.

WHAM! The door was slammed and locked as Xander's face took on
a frightening, evil grin that sent chills down Spike's spine.

"Come now, Spike, we both know why you are here. You felt compelled,
enthralled, drawn, didn't you?"
Xander's crossed arms and though his expression temporarily threw Spike
off track, he quickly recovered.

"Have no idea what you are on about, I just brought you a birthday
Spike shoved his arm straight out, sticking the candy cock just inches
from Xander's nose. Immediately, Xander scowled.

"Fuck! That's one I hadn't considered. Oh, well, no problem."
Quickly he jerked the candy from the stunned vampire, unwrapped
it and began licking, sucking and nibbling on it ravenously as he thought
about this deviation in his request.
'Damn those tricky powers that be.'

Spike's mouth fell open and his cock twitched violently in his pants.
It was an action so obvious that Xander glanced down and smiled.
"Hey, great, that part worked."

Despite the fact that all this was going amazingly, yet confusingly, well, Spike's
suspicious side kicked in and against his better judgement, he had to ask.
"See here now Pet......"

Before he could finish, he saw a look of shock spread across Xander face.
It was an expression that made Spike consider running for the door.

"SHIT!" Xander bit the left nut off the pop before continuing his revelation.
"I'm only the birthday boy till midnight. We gotta hurry! GET NAKED!"
The order was emphasized with the pointing of what was left of the desecrated
dick first in Spike's direction then toward the bedroom.

Spike stood frozen for all of three seconds. Still, he was not stupid. Spike
had survived for almost 130 years by recognizing and snatching opportunity
when it presented itself. Immediately he stripped. Clothes flew everywhere.

When his tight black jeans hit the floor, the butt plug dropped out and rolled
across, coming to rest at Xander's feet. Spike just knew he had overplayed
his hand.
"Damn, look, Xan, that's not what you think."

Xander threw his head back and his arms out, shouting to the Gods of magic
birthday card wishes.
"Thank you!! Thank you!!!" He then grabbed the plug with one hand
and Spike's arm with the other and they flew down the hallway, nearly
causing Spike to stumble trying to keep up, till they reached Xander's bed.

"Now see here. I think some explanations...."
"NO! There's no time. We have to fuck fast."

Spike was stunned.
"We have to.......? Well, o.k. then."
Spike flung himself, naked, erection bouncing in the open air and landed on his back
There was a smile on his face and raging, bubbling hard on in his hand. He
patted the bed and waited to see how Xander would react.

Xander did not disappoint. The candy, as well as the rest of his clothes hit the floor
and he eased his way onto the soft sheets next to the hard vampire. Unfortunately,
the good guy in him was starting to rear it's ugly head and guilt was niggling at him.
"Look, Spike, I know you don't understand this and if you want to back out..."

The rest was cut off when Spike rolled over, climbed on top and laid flat on top
of Xander's warm welcoming flesh. Their lips closed together and each man's body
absorbed all the feelings it had dreamed of for so long.
Neither was disappointed.
"If I do back out, it will be so I can push in again."
Spike then dove in for the kiss they each knew was coming.

Spike's hips slowly started to shift and adjust to allow their wet cocks access to
the other. Bumping sliding, grinding, but never enough. Both knew the tingle,
the heavenly, crotch warming rush was only foreplay. The ravenous kiss continued.

When Xander finally had to breathe, Spike's snakey tongue worked it's way around
licking the boy's ear, and neck as he whispered.
"I need you, Xander. I want to feel you inside. I want to lube my cock up and
slide it deep inside your body. Please? Please can I?"

Xander whimpered and started to squirm away. Spike was sure the game was over.
He believed the human was trying to free himself, so Spike moved back. Much to his
surprise, as soon as Xander's hands were clear, he grabbed for the bottle of lotion
and shoved it at the vampire, a hopeful, fearful look in his eyes.

"I've never actually.....I wanted you to be....I.....Yes, please."

Luckily, Spike spoke fluent babble and knew what Xander was trying to say.
He kissed him softly and reassured him with soft eyes and gentle words.
"We will do this very slowly and carefully. Later we can use toys, hands, tongues,
and any sick thing your evil little mind can think of, but this time has to be special.
This time is for, I just don't want to hurt you the first time."

Xander looked up into the clear blue eyes. He knew all this was just magic, but
he refused to be sad. Even when the spell was broken and Spike was gone, he
would have no regrets. Not this time.

Instead of handing over the oil, Xander poured some into his own hand and slid
it down the length of Spike's bubbling, rigid cock. The feel of the tight warm fist
was such a promise and preview of things to come, that Spike gasp.

"Feel good?"
"Oh, Love, you have no idea."
"Then show me, show me how good it can feel"

Spike quickly stroked his own cock to wet his fingers and he pushed just the tip of
one inside the impossibly tight, fearful hole. Xander spread his legs further and
tried to relax. He had an idea what to expect. He had inserted other things
into himself pretending they had a certain blond vampire attached to them, but
nothing compared to this, the real feel of a wiggly knuckle.

Xander closed his eyes. Every nerve ending in his body tingled with the feeling
of Spike fingering him. Automatically his hand went to his own cock to stroke
and heighten the pleasure. Spike smiled, but warned him.
"Don't you cum till I'm inside you."

Xander's hooded eyes opened and looked up.
"Then you better hurry."

Spike withdrew his fingers and rose to his knees between Xander's legs. He quickly
and efficiently lifted Xander's legs up and placed them on his shoulders. Spike wanted
to wait, whisper sweet nothings, cuddle and play, but he too felt an urgency of time.
For whatever the reason for this unexpected liaison, Spike desperately needed to
be inside Xander's hot, welcoming hole.

Spike held his cock just under the spongy head and he pushed. As soon as he breached
the human's opening, the wrinkled, muscled hole clamped around and sucked him in.

It was the only thing each could say, so they repeated it continuously with each movement
in or out of the physical connection. Xander's legs pressed down as he tried to raise
his hips higher and drive the intrusion deeper, all the time his fist stroked faster, craving
and seeking the rush of euphoric bliss of a shared orgasm.
"Harder. Jesus, Spike, so good, so good....I need, damn, Spike."

Spike wanted to be gently, the soul told him to hold back but when he scented the
faint trace of small anal tears, his demon's possessive need to own surged through
him like a freight train.

Throwing his head back, he slipped into game face and before he could stop
himself, he bit, plunging his razor sharp fangs into his boy's inner thigh. It caused a
bolt of fire that shot through both of them and exploded through their cocks and
balls into orgasms that strained every muscle in their bodies like whiplash.

It was a physical release that cemented an emotional attachment both men
had long dreamt of having. It was a completion. A connection.

When the fog of passion had lifted and both men collapsed, exhausted, together
on the bed, Spike quickly flipped and flopped his human around till he was
spooned back against him. He still didn't have a clue as to what had happened,
but really didn't care. He knew there was no way he would lose Xander now.

Xander squinted, looking at the red numbers on his bed side clock. 12:05am.
Birthday over. Spell broken and Spike was still here. He smiled as he
remembered what he had written on the third card.
A card he apparently hadn't needed. It read:


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