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Fic: Bargain 23/? (S/X NC-17)

Fic: Bargain (S/X) NC-17
Author: Kate (
Title: Bargain
Chapter: Chapter 23
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC-17
Feedback: Yes please
Concrit: by email please or in comments
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, but Joss does. Please don't sue me!
Warnings/Squicks: Dubious consent, mild violence, M/M, various kinks (oral sex, anal sex, spanking, bondage, tit torture, tickling, tease and denial, humiliation)
Summary: Due to a mysterious agreement between the forces of evil and the powers that Be Xander finds himself the property of one William the Bloody.
Previous chapters
Notes: Thanks to Jane for her the fabulous job beta-ing.
Beta(s): Jane

Part 23

I've also completed Part 5 of the Price, but Xander and Spike don't really feature heavily in this chapter.

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