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Another fic search

First, as onlywayout27 said earlier, I want to say thank you to all the wonderful people who help me/everybody when we are desperately in need of a particular fic ;p

Second, yep, another one. I was at work when I remember this one, and couldn't wait to come back home to read it. Except that I can't find it >_<

Here is the story (or what I can vaguely remember ^^;;;) : it's set in the season where Spike just got his chip and ask help at Buffy's party. The only part I remember is Spike being tied down in Giles' bathtub and Xander being downstairs. Xander was supposed to feed him but forgot I think and when he finally go up, he ears Spike crying because he's so hungry.

I don't remember anything else, not even Xander's reaction T_T

Does it ring any bell to anybody, please?

Anyssia, again ;p
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