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Fic: Hard Time

Author: BmblBee
Paring: Spander (of course)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bad language and explicit sexual m/m activity.
Summary: Xander is wrongly convicted of murder and sent
to Riverview Correctional Institution where Spike is a guard.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named in
this story and sadly, make no profit.

Authors notes: This story was written as requested by Ladyvirgo.
Hope it is what you wanted, Sweety.
Also: This is a more plot than sex based story so, although there
is sporn, if that is the only reason for reading, you will be disappointed so,with
all that said, here we go.

Thanks to the amaxing Petxnd for the banner.

Xander paced the length of the small room repeatedly, which, considering
the fact that the space was less than 12x12, took very few steps. Although
officially designated as 'Conference Room A', it was nothing more than a
secure, windowless, room that adjoined the main courtroom.

There was no possibility of escape if one were so inclined. It was a room,
locked and guarded by deputies, for lawyers and their clients to meet,
strategize, and wait.

And waiting was what Xander had been doing impatiently for the past
6 hours. 6 hours since his county appointed attorney had completed
his closing arguments to a trial that had lasted less than two weeks.
A relatively short time for a murder charge.

He looked around at the clinical, gray walls and knew, with some relief,
that no matter what today's outcome, this would be the last time he
would be here in this dreaded, ugly room.

"So, you really think we have a chance?"

Xander stopped walking and looked toward at his overworked, underpaid,
and probably very incompetent lawyer and wished, not for the first time
that he could have afforded to hire a real attorney. Unfortunately, they
all wanted huge retainers, daily fees and clients with deeper bank
accounts than Xander's $503.29.
Guilty or innocent was not a criteria.

Crossing his arms over his body, Xander leaned back against the wall
and again asked the question that he had repeated at least a million times
since the night of his arrest.

"I said, do we have a chance? Do you think the jury will find me innocent?"

Mr. Loomis removed his glasses and rubbed his hands over his tired eyes.
He laid down his pen and discreetly closed the folder in front of him so
his client would not see that he had already moved on to the other
fifty cases and presumably innocent clients he had been assigned.

"Certainly. No worries. No jury is going to convict without the presence
of a body. All their evidence is circumstantial. I guarantee, you will be
home tonight for supper."

As usual, Xander clung to the hope that his lawyer was right.
"But what if they find me innocent and then the body washes up on shore
say, a year from now? Can they arrest me again? I don't think I could
do this again."

"No. Absolutely not. That's double jeopardy. When they find you not
guilty, that's it. It's over. Whenever the body does surface, it won't make
a difference. However, if....."

Whatever else he was going to say was cut off with the knock on the door
and the deputy who stuck his head in.
"Gentlemen, I've been asked to advise you that the jury is returning with
a verdict. The judge will need you back in the court room in ten minutes."

Xander leaned back, oblivious to the cold of the cement wall that seeped
through his borrowed suit and into his clammy skin.
This was it.
He had spent the last six months in a nightmare, climbing the craggy walls
of the foreign terrain of this judicial mountain. He had lost ground and on
rare occasion, gained it. He had slipped, tripped and stumbled, not
understanding the landscape, but now, here he was at the peak.

The end of his journey and his fate was about to be determined by 12
strangers that could either throw him a life line to freedom or push him
over the edge and down to the pits of hell.

He was still stumped. How could he have ended up here? How could anyone
think he had murdered Jessie? He had loved Jessie, and even if they were
broken up, he could never hurt a soft brown hair on Jessie's head.
Sure, they had had some bad times, especially at the end when Jessie's
drug use had gotten so out of hand, but murder? It was just unthinkable.

Xander whispered the word so softly that his lawyer never paused in his
fussing about with his papers and notes, tossing them, for the last time into
his ratty, overused briefcase.

The night of Jessie's death had been the worst of his life followed by the
confusion of his arrest and now the trial. He hadn't even had the chance to

He hadn't been allowed to attend the memorial service. His attorney advised
against it and Jessie's parents specifically prohibited it. They had always
hated Xander. Claimed their son was never gay till he moved in with
Xander Harris.

Xander blinked back the tears. He refused to cry now. He would NOT
go back in there and appear weak. Not now. Later. Later when he was
allowed to leave and he was a free man, then he would cry. He would
scream, sob and get rip roaring drunk. And he would grieve. Grieve for
the tumultuous relationship and the man that he would never again go home to.

"Well, you ready?"
Tom Loomis placed his hand on Xander's shoulder, startling him out of
his musing. Putting on his best optimistic face, Xander smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, let's get this over with."

The court room was packed when they entered from the side doorway
and again took their seats at the front table. They watched as the jury
filed in, faces blank and unreadable and they took their chairs, immediately
followed by the judge who, like a God in his own personal universe, rose,
ascending the platform to his throne.
Xander waited while the room went quiet and the judge finally spoke.

"I understand the jury has reached a verdict?"

The foreman, a tenth grade science teacher, rose and handed the bailiff
a small folded piece of paper.
"Yes, your honor, we have."

The bailiff handed it to the judge who read it before handing it back.
"Will the defendant please rise for the reading of the verdict."

Xander and his lawyer stood. His hands felt sweaty and his blood
pounded so loudly in his ears he was afraid he would not hear the
words. He hadn't eaten or slept in two days. All he could think was
'Thank God this will soon be over.'

The bailiff cleared his throat and began.
"In the case of the State of California versus Alexander Harris, on the
charge of second degree murder, the jury finds the defendant, GUILTY"

Xander's world went white. His knees buckled and the last thing he was
aware of before collapsing to the floor, were the flashbulbs and the shouts
from both side of the room. Somewhere off in the distance, through what
sounded like a dark tunnel, he vaugly heard his attorney call his name.
"Xander? Xan....."
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