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Ultimate_Xander or Why do we need another Xander-centric community?

Oh, what do we love about Xan? He can be a little boy, a sophisticated man, a lost soul, an evil!vamp, or a superhero and each one is reflected in canon. He's a top, a bottom, a switch. He's funny, serious, and the heart of the Scoobies. Seldom do we *not* love Xander!

Ultimate_Xander is here to celebrate all Xanders, without limit to who he's with or the type of story. Het, gen, slash; comedy, drama, angst, PWP. We don't care who he's hanging out with (or having sex with!): Buffy, Spike, Angel, Riley, Tara, Dawn. We enjoy reading about adventures with characters from Supernatural, Heroes, SGA, and other shows/fiction. Do you like a kinky Xander? Or, one who's old and cranky? We want that Xander, too!

For those of you who write, or create art or vids, you'll find willing supporters here. Supporters who are willing to try something new (like a new 'ship or x-over). People who will cheer you on. You'll find plot bunnies here, and challenges to help your muse find her way.

For those of you who enjoy the fruits of others' labor, you'll find recs here and be able to nominate great works to others. You'll find Xander in all his incarnations: dark, milk, and white chocolate ;-); Two-eyed and one-eyed; playing with boys and girls.

Join us in enjoying our favorite Scooby! ultimate_xander
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