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Plot bunny free to good home...

I have this idea for a Spander crossover fic, but with my current level of WiPs the damned thing will never see the light of day if I'm greedy and keep it to myself. So, I figure I'll offer it up here where someone might hug it and kiss it and call it George... er rather where someone might just give it a decent chance.

The closing of the Sunnydale Hellmouth and the rising of Abaddon have create a pseudo Hellmouth in the Rift. The NWC sends in a team to watch over and deal with this new threat. What was once a well defined and strictly adhered to set of jurisdictions, by Torchwood One and the old council are unknown to the new incarnations of each group. It is now open season on the weird, wacky, alien and demonic. The NWC team includes Xander, Spike, and several neo slayers, with support from Angel, Dawn and Willow as needed. Jack and Ianto are together, while Xander and Spike are working on a new relationship. Time wise, it's up to whoever takes this over to decide where in the TW time line we are, as long as its post season 1.

With the increase in demonic activity and the increased number of slayers, Willow, despite severe misgivings, develops a mystical version of ret-con. Over several different cases Xander's team keeps just missing the Torchwood group. Capt. John pops in to confuse things even more, since Torchwood's people will mistake Spike for John and Xander's people will mistake John for Spike.

Eventually Jack and Xander will come face to face, neither willing to give up their teams secrets, while questioning the other. They manage to retcon each other and wake up laying next to each other with no memory of how they got there. This will be compounded by the fact that their significant others find them.

"I didn't sleep with you." Xander all but growled at the smugly grinning man beside him.

"Of course you didn't. No one ever forgets sleeping with me. You don't remember any sex, ergo we didn't have it."

Anyone who can give it a good home is welcome to take over its care, but please let me know how it grows, and if someone does take it and needs a beta for the fic, I'm available.

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