huro (huro) wrote in bloodclaim,

I've lost my mind....

Can you help me find it? Just kidding. I am looking for a fic though. I was chatting with someone the other day between treatments, and let me tell you one thing, hospital food is from the devil!... any way, chatting and I bring up Spander. They are all what's that? and I say 'oh, you have just got to read some'... and for some reason this one fic pops in to my head and I start to tell them about it, 'it has a giant spider you see, and Xander gets bit by one of the babies and keeps on dieing and freaking out Spike, it turns out that the only cure is drinking the mother spiders blood with a straw! and Willow is scared of Kermits!' My friend says, 'sounds cool where can I read that?' and I say... 'um, I can't remember.' so there ya go... any one? help me out here? and sorry about the ramble... they gave me the good drugs tonight... later.
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