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Fic: Hard Time

Author: BmblBee
Paring: Spander (of course)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bad language and explicit sexual m/m activity.
Summary: Xander is wrongly convicted of murder and sent
to Riverview Correctional Institution where Spike is a guard.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named in
this story and sadly, make no profit.

Thanks to the amaxing Petxnd for the banner.

Spike stood in the basement receiving area and watched the grainy, black
and white image on the wall mounted monitor from outside the fence. He
saw the county van pull through the two automatic gateways and into the

When everything was secured, he opened the garage door and stood
to the side as the van backed in and the door again closed.

The driver's door swung open and the large, black man hopped down,
snugging a New York Yankee's ball cap on his head.
"Hey, Spike. How they hangin'?"
"Loose and free, Burt, loose and free. How's the wife?"

Burt slapped Spike on the back as he walked to the rear of the vehicle,
unsnapping his key ring off his belt as he went.
"Hell, you know Toots, she keeps me on a short leash and plies me with
sugary baked goods. Damn woman has put 15 pounds on me in the
last year."

Spike patted him on the belly's new paunch.
"Doesn't appear you have trying to hard to resist."

Both men shared a laugh as Spike followed him, standing guard while he
removed the padlocks allowing the back doors to swing open. Spike
looked in at the three men sitting on the side benches, shackled together
at the feet.

Burt dropped all humor from his face and jangled the keys in his hand.
"Listen up gentlemen, I'm gonna take my chains off your legs so you
can jump out. The belly chains and cuffs stay on. Keep in mind, there ain't
no place to run so let all those thoughts float right out of your little pea brains.
This here is Officer Pratt. You do exactly what he tells you and everything
will be all right."

He then reached in for the prisoner closest to the door.
"O.k., Sweetheart, you're first."

Spike chuckled. He had heard that exact same speech a hundred times.
He watched as Burt reached first for the smallest man, a redhead,
unchained his feet and helped him down. The dark haired one was next
and the one built like a fucking mountain was last. From reading the files,
Spike would bet a paycheck that that one was Steele. A big bad. No
problem, there were plenty other big bads to keep him company.

"Welcome home, Gentlemen. I'm Officer Pratt and I run intake. You will
be with me for the next three months while you are evaluated. Tests will
be done by our medical, psychology, and educational departments before
it is determined which housing unit you will be permanently assigned to
in general population. You will be advised of several simple rules that we
require you to follow. Basically, gentlemen, you don't start any mess and
there won't be any mess. Are we understood?"

Spike looked at his new charges. The redhead sighed calmly. Obviously
he had been in this situation before. Spike liked that. The dark haired
man appeared shell shocked. A first timer. His eyes were bugged, the
pupils pinpoint small and his whole body shook. Before he had a chance
to speak to him, Steele stepped forward.

"Fuck you! Don't nobody tell me what the fuck to do! You fuckin'
foreign cocksucker......"
Quickly Spike spun around, not to verbally respond to the almost expected
profanity laced declaration, but to stop what he knew it would trigger.

Instantly, Burt pulled a small black leather sap from his back waistband
and in a smooth, often used move, he smacked it across the huge man's
back, striking him in the kidneys and sending him to his knees screaming
in pain.

Spike huffed, his hands on his hips. Although pretending disgust, both
officers knew establishing themselves with the biggest asshole in the
group simplified matters and alleviated misunderstandings right off the bat.

"Damn Burt. Now I gotta call medical and get him checked. You know
that throws my whole schedule off track."

"Oops, sorry."
Burt just shrugged as all eyes watched the quivering, man fight the urge
to cry and struggle to get back to his feet. Finally, Spike and Burt each
grabbed an arm and jerked him up.

"Well, now that we have that out of the way, we are headed to procurement
for State issue. Clothing, bedding, hygiene, and shoes. Then on to the
showers. So, say bye bye to the nice driver and get in a straight line."

Everyone instantly and without question, complied. Steele grudgingly and
silently stood last, glaring at Spike with what he hoped was his most intimidating
look. Spike snorted. He had seen better. Much better.

Burt laughed at Spike's little pep talk, waved his hand and climbed back
in the cab of his van to complete the transfer paperwork before the return
trip to County holding.

Xander was numb.
His body had hit the wall of horror overload and completly shut down. He
couldn't fathom what, in his short 23 years, he could have done that would
cause him to deserve this nightmare. He still had not been able to wrap
himself around the concept of this being the rest of his life.

He did know one thing for sure. It may not be today, this week or even this year,
but at some point, when the opportunity presented itself, Xander would end it all.
Death at his own hands was the last shread of personal control he had and he
intended to prove his future was still his own choice.
There was no possible way he could spend the next 60 years in this hell.

After the verdict had been read, he awoke to an ammonia stick under his nose
and two burly deputies dragging him back to his holding cell. Within four hours
he was chained and tossed into a van for the trip here. His attorney had said
something about an appeal, but Xander knew better than to hold his breath.

The entire trip here had been a nonstop litany by the big guy of how many
women he had raped and killed, the hard drugs he had injected and the cops
and prison guards he had in his back pocket. He had unlimited tales of
violence and death that apparently took place on a daily basis at Riverview

After the first hour, Xander had stopped listening.
Whether all that was true or just being tossed about for shock value didn't
matter. Xander was as deep in shock as he could get.
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