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Hard Time

Author: BmblBee
Paring: Spander (of course)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bad language and explicit sexual m/m activity.
Summary: Xander is wrongly convicted of murder and sent
to Riverview Correctional Institution where Spike is a guard.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named in
this story and sadly, make no profit.
A.S 3

Thanks to the amaxing Petxnd for the banner.

The next couple hours progressed smoothly. Each of the new inmates
were issued their basic material needs that would supply them till they
had the opportunity to purchase extras from the prison commissary.
If they had anyone on the outs that cared enough to send money.
Xander didn't.

They were all three following Spike's instruction to walk, without
conversation, in a single file line.
When all the other issues had been addressed, the last thing on the
agenda was their shower. Their civilian clothes would be laundered and
boxed up to be shipped home or donated to charity and they would be
dressed in prison blues.

Spike pointed toward the small basement shower room and announced.
"Strip, gentlemen. You have five minutes. I want to see your hair washed.
Lift your balls and clean your privates, then scrub between your butt
cheeks. You are going to be living in very close quarters with the other
inmates and I will not permit trifleness on my unit."

He then stood back and watched. Spike had learned over the years
that you could tell a lot about a man by watching him naked with other
Osborn was comfortable. He undressed quickly and calmly began to
wash neither paying attention nor ignoring the other two.

Harris was very different. His hands shook and he hesitated, having
to be told twice to move his ass. When he did turn on the water, he
cringed at the cold assault. His eyes were down turned and he tried to
hurry. Steele was like a jungle predator who had clearly caught the
scent of wounded prey.

He continually bumped Harris, mumbling vague threats, singing loudly
as he lathered his huge, muscular, hairy body and dramatically shaking
his soapy cock in the other's direction.
All actions designed to intimidate.
And it was clearly working.

Spike allowed it to continue. As long as there was no direct physical
contact or attempt to assault, he would not intervene. Harris needed
to learn quickly that this was not life on the outs and no C.O. would
be around to protect him every minute of the day.
He had a lovely set hanging between his legs, now he better learn to use
them fast.

When the group finally finished, they took the back stairway to the first
floor, down a hallway to an area that had four steel doors. Two on the
left side of the corridor and two on the right. Without hesitation, Spike
went to the first on the left and, using his key opened the door then stepped
to the side to allow the new inmates to enter.
"Welcome home gentlemen."

The doorway opened up into a large, round open area obviously set up as a
communal dayroom. It was full of activity that stopped and silenced as the
newbys entered. Card games froze in middeal, the television was ignored and
conversations stopped. After about thirty seconds, it all returned to normal.
The group had evaluated the new arrivals and deemed them uninteresting.

Shoving the other two aside, Steele marched in first and scoped out the
territory trying to decide if it was worth claiming and planting his flag of
dominance. The first two rows by the t.v were filled with the dorm's
blacks. They owned the remote and deferred to no one.
Steele grinned. This was a challenge he could relate to.

Osborn entered next. When he looked around he spotted two other men
he had previously done time with. He gave them a slow tip of the head
which they returned. Oz was in.

Xander clutched his bundle of clean linen, hygiene, and one change of clothes
tightly to his chest. He felt like he had tumbled on to the surface of Mars and
the totality of it all was beginning to dawn on him. His eyes darted wildly
around the room and he knew with absolute certainty that if he had to live
here for the rest of his life, he would go insane.

As a low whimper came from his throat, Xander took a step backwards,
bumping into Spike who had planted himself there for just that reason.
He could feel the panic and near hysteria rolling off the man and knew
if he didn't check it quickly, they would both be having a very bad day.

"No, no, Harris. Don't do it."
Quickly, Spike shoved Xander to the side and into a small glass surround
area used as an office. When he did, Xander noticed a female corrections
officer look up and smile.

"Hey, Spike. You get our new fish all checked into to the hotel Riverview?"

Spike chuckled easily.
"Yeah, almost. This here is Inmate Harris. Inmate Harris, this is my partner,
Miss Lehane. Faith, do me a favor and get those two into a couple cells. I
think Harris and I need to have a bit of a pow wow before he goes in."

Faith looked Xander up and down and knew he was about to crack. She had
seen it before and it could set the whole population into a frenzy.
"Sure. Where do you want them?"

Spike checked the cell chart.
"Put Steele, the big one, in with Rug Barnhart. They should be pretty well
matched. #3 is empty. Put the redhead on the top bunk and when I'm done
with this one he can go on the bottom."

Faith nodded and went to collect her charge. When the door closed behind
her, Spike dropped down into his chair and propped his feet up on the
small desk.
"Listen to me, Harris. How you start out here sets the tone for your whole
sentence. Now you go out there and act like a bitch, before long someone is
going to make you one. According to your file, you pulled life. That's a long
time to be kicked around and pissed on."

Xander still fought not to cry. His breath burned in his lungs and his heart
slammed against his rib cage.
"You don't understand. I'm innocent. I shouldn't be here. I don't know
who killed my friend but I swear to God it wasn't me."

Spike waited, letting him get it all out before slowly rising from his seat.
He then turned an pointed out into the dayroom.
"Look out there Harris. You're looking at 49 innocent men. Every jury
made a mistake and none of them should be here, but the fact is, they are.
Just like you and until you get another trial, or something happens to change
that, I suggest you find away to accept and absorb it or you won't make it."

Suddenly Xander was swamped by a whole new emotion. Frustrated fury.
He was mad at the system, the injustice and especially the fucking asshole
in front of him that had no brains, compassion or common sense.

"Fine! Look, just let me go to my cell and leave me the fuck alone."

Spike's eyebrows went up.
"No problem. Just a few things first. One, you will NOT use profanity
when speaking to me or my partner, two, you will follow all the rules
of the institution. Oh, and Harris, I know you are gay. Don't let us catch
you selling, trading or giving your......favors. Sexual activity, even consensual,
is prohibited within the institution."

Xander was floored. He was horrified and humiliated but he gave no
answer past a hateful glare.

Spike reached around him and opened the office door.
"Go see Officer Lehane about your cell assignment.

Xander Harris had been dismissed.
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