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Heya *waves* =)

Anyone was willing to beta a fairly long Spander story for my noel_of_spike day? I have 2 parts finished already, and working currently on part III. However, I plan to cover Seasons 1 and 2 from the show in this fic. (Edit to add: Because of the timeline of this fic, there is mention of under-age sexual situations. If that squicks you, I understand. Almost forgot to warn about that.)

For those that have never beta'd for me before, here's my hang-ups as I know them to be:
- Sentence structure. I think backwards a lot, so writing a sentence backwards is not uncommon.
- Basic grammar. I'm a comma hoe. I love them and put them everywhere.
- Some spelling. Spell check, obviously, doesn't catch everything, and when writing Spike, I usually drop some letters, so spell check doesn't even know what to make of those words.
- Some Characterization. For the most part I'm confident in my characterization, however, I usually struggle with Xander. (I've been watching a lot of BtVS lately, starting with Season 1, so I hope I've gotten better.)
- Plot holes and general flow of story. No matter how many times you look something over, there's always that chance you forgot to add something or clarify. It happens. =)

Because of NaNo, I'm not writing on this piece as much as I would like, so returning beta work can take a while if need be. This piece is due December 21st for my day.

Thanks in advance!!

P.S. Tentative title is Bereft. If ya think of something better, let me know. =) I'm not all *ooh pretty* on the title

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