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You know, just reading and commenting has always been fine for me, but lately I keep having fic ideas. It was fine and all (b/c I could just ignore them), but then it started to seep into my DREAMS.I have 2 so far, one for Psych (Shus) and one for Buffy (Spander). It's driving me up the bloody walls! I really really want to write the stories, but I'm not sure if I can. Now I COULD just give the ideas away, but I know that it would turn out completely different from my own intentions if I don't just write them myself.

So, yea, for all you fic writers out there, does writing Spander get in the way of your jobs? Like even though you work someplace, writing fiction doesn't put you into the risk of being fired. Do you know someone who might be in my situation? How do they deal with it?
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