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Hard Time

Author: BmblBee
Paring: Spander (of course)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bad language and explicit sexual m/m activity.
Summary: Xander is wrongly convicted of murder and sent
to Riverview Correctional Institution where Spike is a guard.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named in
this story and sadly, make no profit.
AS 3

Thanks to the amazing Petxnd for the banner.

The three convicts stood, well guarded, in the hallway outside the warden's
office. Their hands were cuffed uncomfortably behind their backs. All
had been strictly threatened against speaking to each other or causing
any further disruption.

They had been to the medical department and patched up as well as
the limited facility could manage. MoMac had a broken nose that was
taped and swollen, both his eyes were black and puffy and two fingers
on his left hand were fractured.

Leroy had several cracked ribs. The direct result of his resistance to
the responding guards and their persuasive riot batons. He also suffered
a broken toe and a fat lip.

He shifted his weight from one foot to the other as he waited. He had
been in this situation often and was not concerned in the least.

Xander was shell shocked. He had never been faced with so much
aggression, hate and violence in his life. The fights and arguments he had
had before were school yard scuffles. Slaps and swats that usually
ended in more name calling than fists flying. This was new territory.
He was totally confused. How could someone he didn't even know
hate him so much?

He had suffered bruised kidneys from Leroy's initial punch that resulted in
painful, bloody urination and a minor concussion from one of the nameless
guards who, Xander suspected, was just enjoying a bit of sport at the
chance to whack an inmate.

His fingertips gingerly ghosted over the stitches in his head and his swollen
lip as he flinched in pain.

On top of everything else, he was terrified of what awaited him inside the
office of the Warden. If he had thought about it, what could they really
do to a man serving a life sentence?


Xander jumped at the sound of his name. The warden's office door
swung open and C.O. Baxter shoved him forward. The other two
convicts snickered, awaiting their turn.

Xander stumbled, caught himself, and walked in. He stepped up to the
desk and heard the door slam behind him. He saw a manilla file folder
with his name and prison number written across the top. Looking down
at the name plate on the huge oak desk, Xander read the gold and black
lettering, WARDEN R. GILES.

He wondered what the proper way to address the man would be.
'Your honor?' 'Mr. Giles?' 'God?'
He finally settled on 'Sir.'

"Inmate Harris."
"Yes Sir?"
"How long have you been here?"
"About a month, Sir."
"And you are already causing trouble."
"No, Sir, I...."

Xander took a step back.
"Please, Sir, if I can explain."

"I am not interested in any of your explanations, Mr. Harris. What I am
interested in is identifying and dealing with the trouble makers that try to
disrupt and control my institution. You have been here less than a month
of a 40 year sentence and you have already been a problem with your
threats of first attempting suicide by refusing to eat and now you cause a
fight in the exercise compound."

Xander was frantic to try and explain himself. He again felt the injustice
of being accused of a crime he hadn't committed. It felt like Jesse all
over again.
"No! No, Sir, it wasn't like that. I was minding my own business. They
started the fight. They threatened me. They tried to blackmail me."

Giles sat back impassively and let the inmate ramble on professing his
innocence. When he had heard enough, he made a note on the man's file
and slammed it shut, shoving it to the side.

"I find you guilty of putting the institution at risk by your actions, jeopardizing
security and creating a disturbance. Your punishment will be five days
cell confinement. I'm going to be watching you Mr. Harris."

"Please, Mr. Giles."

C.O. Baxter clamped his hand around the back of Xander's neck and shoved
him through the doorway and past the other two who were waiting to be
seen next. Xander was returned to his cell. The place he detested. The place
he would not leave for five long days.

"Officer Baxter, please show the other two inmates in."

On the Warden's command, Baxter shoved the other two forward.
"Thank you Officer. Please wait outside while I speak to these men.
I will call for you when we are finished."

Baxter paused, slightly confused, but complied, closing the door as he left.
When he was certain they were alone, Giles slouched back comfortably.

"What the fuck do you two morons think you are doing?"

Unable to breath through his nose, MoMac tipped his head up and
took a gasp of air.
"Fuckin' little bitch! All we was doing was having a little business meeting
with him and he went and got all stupid with us."

Leroy nodded vigorously.
"Yeah, like he said. We was mindin' our own. You feel me?"

Giles slapped his palm down on his desk and jumped to his feet.
"Your only business deal is the one you have with me and don't you forget it.
Now if you think you can do better as a private contractor, you say so right
now and you will both be on your own. All agreements off. No more
protection, no more privilege. I can NOT afford to have any attention
drawn to me or to either of you. We made a deal when you two came in
here. If you are backing out, you say so right now. If not, then I'm
telling you both right now that if you do anything this stupid again, I can
promise that you may just both be the victim of a very unfortunate accident.
Now, you feel ME?"

Both convicts stood silently. It was a question that needed no affirmation.
Leroy had come in here on a drug charge and a 3-5 year sentence. MoMac
had the same with and additional 5 years for a gun spec and a parol violation.

Their first week in lock up, they had been summoned to the Warden's office
and given a proposition. It meant a shortened sentence and a big chunk
of money in a bank account on the outs. All they had to do was one
little job.

With a brief conversation between them, they had happily agreed. It was
nothing that they hadn't done before on the outs for free. It was a deal that
served all parties involved.
Well, all but one. The one involved who didn't know he was.

Giles stood behind his desk with his arms crossed.
"Tell me right now, Gentlemen. Is our deal on or not, because I can
get someone else to do this job for me in a snap"

Giles snapped his fingers to emphasize his point before going on.

"Then, I can always have you transferred to a housing unit and a job
in the machine shop. Of course the shop is a dangerous place. All sorts
of nasty accidents happening in there. Usually when you least expect it.
So, what will it be?"

Both men faces lost all signs of humor. MoMac tipped his head back
and he gasp for air.

After the two were taken away, Giles wandered over to gaze out of his
window. Slowly, a smile crept across his face as he considered just how
this whole situation could play so well into his plans.
Even this unexpected twist was a turn in the right direction.

Before he could scribble a memo, setting things into motion, his intercom

"Warden Giles? Your daughter, Buffy is here to see you. Can I send her in?"
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