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Hard Time

Author: BmblBee
Paring: Spander (of course)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bad language and explicit sexual m/m activity.
Summary: Xander is wrongly convicted of murder and sent
to Riverview Correctional Institution where Spike is a guard.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named in
this story and sadly, make no profit.
AS 4

Thanks to the amazing Petxnd for the banner.

The rest of the shift had been awkward and uncomfortable. The easy
connection and compatibility that Faith had always felt toward her partner
was now strained and tense.

Spike had spent all afternoon edgy and irritable. A concerning change
from the relaxed air he had come in with and she had a good idea why.

She knew the entire incident between Harris, McDaniels, and Brown
was about much more than a gambling debt or a misunderstanding
as all had claimed and that somehow Spike was involved. She also
feared there would be more repercussions.

When the supper trays arrived, she insisted on taking them down.
She did not know what had happened inside cell #3, but her imagination
conjured up the worst. She also did not want Spike feeding the other two
combatants residing in cell#10. She really didn't think he would do
anything stupid, but she did consider he might just spit in their meatloaf
to make a point.

When 10:40pm came around and lock down was complete, Faith
sat down across from him. She could see in his eyes that something
had changed. He had never been secretive with her. They had been
able to talk about anything. She knew he was gay. He knew she
had cheated to pass a college course.
They had talked about things no one else knew.

Now there was an elephant in the room that she refused to continue
stepping around, pretending it wasn't there. Things needed to be said
and they needed to be said before that elephant put on a dress and
danced the tango, something everyone in the institution would notice.

"Look, Spike, I can see you shooting holes in the bottom of your boat and
I just want you to know that no matter how much I like and respect you,
I have no intention of sinking with you. I like this job and it pays a hell
of a weekly check. If you are planning on chucking it out the window for
a piece of ass, let me know now so I can bid to another unit."

Spike was silent as Faith waited for his denial and outrage that she would
even make such an outrageous accusation. Her stomach twisted in a knot
as she realized no denial would be forthcoming.

Spike leaned forward in his chair. He looked into the face of his partner
and he knew he was gazing on honesty, decency, reason and rationality.
All the traits he thought they shared but apparently he was greatly lacking.
He did know one thing for sure, no matter how she felt, nothing he said
to her would leave this room.

"Faith, I don't know what the hell is happening to me. There is just
something about him. He says he's innocent of the crime that sent him
here and for some odd reason I believe him."

"Oh, for pete's sake, Spike......."

"I know, I know, they all say that but this is different. I've spent a lot of
time with him, talking to him, and listening to him. I just don't believe
he has it in him to kill someone. He's warm, honest and real."

"Don't you fucking believe it, Spike. Under the right circumstances, we
ALL have it in us to kill. Besides, guilty or innocent, what the fuck is
the difference? It just can't be, Spike. It CAN'T happen!"

Spike nodded his agreement, casting his eyes downward, his voice was
barely above a whisper.
"I kissed him."

Faith jumped to her feet and kicked her chair to the side. Spike never
moved or flinched.
"FUCK! You fucking WHAT?"

"I kissed him. When I went to his cell. I just.... he was....I don't know.
It just happened. It won't happen again. I promise."
His eyes stared at her imploringly.

Faith grabbed up her belongings and headed for the door. Her fury had
reached the boiling point and she needed out. At the last minute, she
turned and looked him in the face.

"You're right, it won't because as soon as your shift starts tomorrow,
you are going to talk to him or do whatever the fuck you have to do to
end this. It is done, Spike. It's done. When I come back from my days
off I want this fucking insanity all cleared up and I want things back to
normal. You make sure he understands that, Spike, or I will. You got it?"

Spike sat silently and watched her leave. He knew one thing for certain,
no matter how much he wanted it to be done, it wasn't. Things between
him and Inmate Harris were far from over and the knowledge both
thrilled and terrified him.

Angel sat in the front row of the tv section of his dayroom. He had sent
all his inmates down for lock up early because he wanted to watch the
newest episode of Criminal Minds in peace and quiet.

Running the honors dorm had perks out the ass. None of his inmates
would cross, argue or question any of Angel's orders for fear they would
be transferred back to the violence of general population.

Mostly white collar criminals, they were men unaccustomed to the world
that exists behind bars. They had struggled, taken abuse and survived
just for the opportunity to receive a transfer here and were not about
to fuck it up. Besides that, a stint on the honors unit was a sure ticket
to time off for good behavior and an early release.
It was a win/win for staff and inmate alike.

Angel threw his arms over the back of his seat and stretched his legs
out in front comfortably. His whole life had become a pretty sweet deal.
Not only did he have the cushiest job in the institution, he was about to
become engaged to Buffy Summers, millionaire stepdaughter of the
warden himself.

He would have money, power, position and all the pussy that went with
that sort of lifestyle. It was just too fucking good to believe. Sometimes
when he thought about it all, he got a raging fucking hard on.

Angel rubbed the front of his uniform pants. Right now was apparently
one of those times. Glancing up at the clock he calculated he had about 15
minutes before the next shift would show up. More than enough time to
duck into the communal bathroom and tug one off.

After that, the future Mrs. O'Connor will pick him up in the parking
lot and he can go back to her place and count his blessings again.
Maybe a couple times if she wore that pink thong he liked so much.

Yep, a pretty sweet deal.
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