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Hard Time

Author: BmblBee
Paring: Spander (of course)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bad language and explicit sexual m/m activity.
Summary: Xander is wrongly convicted of murder and sent
to Riverview Correctional Institution where Spike is a guard.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named in
this story and sadly, make no profit.
AS 4

Thanks to the amazing Petxnd for the banner.

Giles paced around his office waiting. The front desk receptionist had
called up and announced that Buffy was on her way up to see him. His
step-daughter. His lovely, simpleminded, nearly 21year old bank roll.

No, that wasn't fair. He really did care about her, but things were so
much easier when she was younger. She was more dependant, more
trusting. More content to allow him free reign with her trust fund.

He had married her mother when Buffy was 12. It was a tenuous time
for all of them. Giles had known Joyce had cancer when he married her,
but he didn't care. He just wanted to be there. He wanted to take care
of her, and her 5 million dollar fortune.

When he had been introduced to Joyce at the Governor's party he was
intrigued. When he learned about her father leaving his fortune, amassed
in the steel industry, to her, he was hooked. When he learned of her
terminal illness, they were married.

Now, however, he could see it teetering dangerously on the edge of a
cliff and that plebeian Liam O'Connor was about to shove it over. If he
were allowed to marry Buffy, he would want to take charge of her and
her money. The trust fund had dictated it.

In her final days they had discussed the terms of Buffy's trust. Joyce had
wanted to have control of it turned over to her daughter at age 21. Giles
had successfully argued that Buffy would be too irresponsible. They should
add a clause stating she would gain control of it only when she reached the
age of 21 AND were married.

Giles was certain that would allow him veto power of any man who tried
to impose himself into their lives.
He hadn't counted on Buffy's obsession with, of all things, a prison guard.

It was a thought that left Giles shuddering. He was used to the good life.
The mansion he had grown very comfortable in, belonged to the Summer's
family and the happy couple would, no doubt, want to live there alone.

He would be out. Out of the mansion, out of the money he spent so
freely, out of the BMW he drove, out of his position in the upper crust
of society. He would be forced to live on the paycheck of a government

It was all so fucking unfair. After all he had done for the family, to be cast
aside like an old shoe. Well, he was not having it.
He had given the situation a lot of thought and come to a decision.

He knew what the had to do. Simply telling her she was not allowed
to see O'Connor would not work. Not at her age. No, this had to be
dealt with delicately. This was a problem that needed a unique solution.

And in the long run, Buffy would appreciate what he was about to do.
She would come to see the error of her judgement in selecting O'Connor
as husband material and things could go back to the way they always were.
It really was all for the best.

"Morning Rupert."
Buffy breezed in and dropped her expensive hand bag down on the chair
across from him. She then danced around and hugged him, planting a
lipstick kiss on his cheek.

"Hey, what's with the big frowny face?"

"Buffy, dear, this is a very serious job. I am responsible for the health
and well being of several hundred inmates as well as all of the employees
who work here. This is not the place for frivolity."

"Blah, blah, blah."
Buffy rolled her eyes, then instantly her face returned to it's bubbly grin.
"Well, I've got some great news, Mr. Grouchy Pants. It's something that
will make your whole day just peachy keen!"

"Oh, please, do tell, My Dear. I haven't experienced a moment of
'peachy keen' for longer than I can recall."

Buffy wrinkled her nose.
"You know I hate it when you talk all smart like that. But, that's
o.k. cause nothing you can say can poop me out today."

Giles stood in front of the huge office window that flooded the room with
light while overlooking the massive prison compound that he loved so much.
He removed and polished the lens of his glasses and he waited patiently
for her to tell him about some 'really scrumptious heels' or a 'totally
yummy pair of capris'. She would ask for the money to run out and buy
whatever it is that has caught her eye, and after a lecture on frugality,
he would gererously agree.

"Well. Mr. Smarty pants, you know that darn piece of paper you gave
me? The one you said Angel had to sign before we get married? What
did you call it? A preemie? A preamble? A..."

"A prenuptual agreement, Buffy. A prenup."
Giles sniffed as though a skunk had just let loose in the room. Discussions
of money were so undignified. Inwardly, however, he smirked with pride.
The idea of the prenup had been a stroke of genius.

Rupert Giles was of the conviction that Liam O'Connor was a golddigger.
The lowest of the low. The type of person who married for money, for
selfish personal gain, not for the love and devotion of a good woman.

Therefore, it was up to him to protect Buffy's fragile emotional state and
financial wellbeing. To those ends, he had his attorney draw up one of the
strictest, most limiting prenups he could imagine.

Liam got nothing. Less than nothing. If they ever divorced, despite her
millions, O'Connor would pay HER alimony. It was brilliant.
It was, Rupert hoped, enough to scare him off.

Buffy slapped the paper down on his huge desk.

"Angel said, "no sweat." He said it was all cool cause we are in this for the
long haul. Angel says you did him a favor cause he took it to his lawyer and
now he knows exactly where we all stand. Angel says as soon as we are
good and married he is going to thank you properly. Angel says....."

"Yes, Buffy, I get the point."
Giles picked up the signed, witnessed and notorized stack of papers. He
was disappointed but not totally shocked. He had thrown down the gauntlet
and O'Connor had not flinched.
It was, apparently, game on.

"So, now with all that silly man stuff out of the way, I HAVE A WEDDING

Buffy let out a squee of excitement that pierced the air, but Rupert Giles
never heard. He had turned away from her, clasped his hands behind his
back and looked out his window where Liam O'Connor walked in the
exercise yard with the convicts of his housing unit.

Giles watched the C.O. strut like the cock of the walk and he thought.
'Fine, Liam, you had your chance. Now we go to plan 'B'.

Bee note: LJ has announced that it will be shut down for several hours on
Tuesday morning. Because of that, the Bee has planned to post chapter 20
late on Monday evening. Chapter 21 will then be posted on Wednesday
morning and we will be back on our regular schedule.
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