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BEWARE! New member posting!

Hi, so like the title says: new kid on the block here. I've only recently gotten into the whole Spander business, but my muse will do exactly as she pleases and I'm three chapters into what seems to be a very Spander-like thing. ;D

Anyway, I'm not sure I should keep writing, cause I'm not sure whether it's crap or not, so I figured I'd post it here to get an opinion from the specialists. So here goes.

Fandom: BtVS
Pairing: Spander
Rating: NC-17 eventually
Summary: Spike and Xander go patrolling...
Disclaimer: Don't own a thing. Sad but true.

Chapter one behind the cut.

The vampire watched as his companion went through the motions. He hated going patrolling with Builder Boy. Not only was he slow, he had no sense of humor whatsoever and, bloody hell, if he said the word “Buffy” one more time, he would personally put his head through a concrete wall.


Xander grunted as he got slammed into a wall by the attacking demon. “Can’t do a single bloody thing himself,” Spike muttered.


The peroxide vampire picked up the stake his partner had so easily let go of during the fight and plunged it into the vamp that had Xander firmly planted against the wall. He then fluidly caught the brown-haired man as he fell forward through the ashes. “Really, what do those Slayers train you for?” He groaned as he picked up Xander’s dead weight. “You’re as useless as a tambourine in a cheerleading squad.”


Xander’s basement was a dump. Spike couldn’t believe he was still living here after all this time. And he couldn’t believe he didn’t yell at that damned human more for not cleaning up after himself. A vampire could only do so much to keep the place homely, you know.


He removed the magazines from the bed before dumping Xander’s unconscious body onto it. Xander groaned loudly, reaching for his side. It was only then that Spike noticed his shirt was drenched in blood. “What the…”


He quickly tore the shirt from Xander’s body, making sure not to disturb the wound too much. “Oh nice. Fuckin’ hell.” A huge gash ran from Xander’s side to his shoulder blade. “Bloody nice.” Spike fought the Thirst as his game face slid off his face.


Looking for bandages and hot water, he stumbled over various pizza boxes and beer bottles spread across the room. He cursed as he caught his foot behind a chair and slammed into the wardrobe. He cursed even more when the magazines on top of it hit him in the head on their way down.


“What the bloody hell…” Goth magazines on vampires, gay porn, internet printouts on vampirism and being a human partner to a vamp, … Spike stared at the bundle in confusion before turning his gaze to the man lying on the bed. Were these Xander’s? What the hell was going on?


Thinking it better to heal the man before killing him, Spike continued his search, eventually ripping up some of Xander’s shirts for dressings and heating some water in the kitchen after checking carefully that Ms. Harris was out.


The wound wasn’t deep, but it looked like the demon had hit an artery somewhere and Spike was careful to clean it without making the damage any worse. He called Willow, saying her friend needed help. Then, he put a chair next to Xander’s bed and plunked into it, resolved to watch the man until Willow could free herself from her tasks to come look after him.


He watched Xander carefully, studying his features as he slept. He didn’t look all that bad when he wasn’t stuffing his face or screaming at Spike for no reason whatsoever. His face was rough, but delicate. Spike knew that underneath those closed eyelids hid the darkest brown eyes he ever witnessed. He loved the depth in them. Hang on, when did he start noticing the depth in Xander’s eyes? When did he start noticing anything about that dumb ass prick? He shook his head and focused on Xander’s heartbeat. It was quiet, but strong and the vampire was sure he would be okay. Xander’s naked torso moved slowly, shivers running up and down it sometimes, the wound obviously causing him some pain.


Spike continued to observe the dark-haired man, amazed to see his strong muscular build. It should have been easy enough to see, he worked in construction after all. But it wasn’t until now that Spike had realized what had been hidden under those wide shirts Xander wore every day. He felt his desire rise as he pondered the things he could do to his self proclaimed nemesis as he slept.


“Spike?” The vampire practically jumped from his chair as he noticed the red-haired witch standing in the door. He quickly cleared his head and grinned. “Djeez girl, somebody ought to tie some bells to your neck. Scare a dead man right back into his grave.”


She blushed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” She moved towards the bed. “How is he?”


“Pretty much ‘what you see, is what you get’, luv. I don’t know how he got that wound, he didn’t even squeak until I got him here.”


Willow took some herbs from her bag, together with clean bandages and some disinfectant. Xander hissed when she applied it to his wound, grabbing the first thing around to support himself as he came out of his slumber. Spike was startled at the killer grip Xander put onto his leg. He’d come closer to the bed to help, not to be man-handled.


He growled, but calmed down again when he saw Xander’s obviously delirious eyes staring up at him. “‘s alright mate. You just rest, she’ll fix you up fine.” He murmured more niceties into Xander’s ear as he kept his hand in his, making small circular motions on the back of it. Xander visibly relaxed under Spike’s gentle touch and the vampire surprised himself again, liking the soft look on the dark-hair’s face.


His reverie broke as Willow moved to bandage Xander up again. The smell of the herbs was something atrocious and Spike wasted no time telling her so as she used his body to put Xander up against while bandaging him. “Don’t be such a wimp, Spike. It’ll fix Xander up quicker than any doctor ever could.” He huffed, but held onto Xander anyway. Was he supposed to notice this magnificent scent?


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