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Fic search from a couple days ago...

I had thought the fic found was the right fic but it wasn't. I posted this a few days ago...I'm looking for Spander, all I can remember is it's one of those where Spike get's shrunk down really little and Xander makes him a doll house to live in until they figure out how to fix it. I may be mixing two fics. I do know that at the beginning of the one I am looking for Spike is hiding from everyone and Xander leaves him gifts on the table or something and Spike finally goes in the house. I now remember that it starts out with Spike already shrunk down (I think) and no one has seen him until he starts leaving things on the window sill for Xander in payment for things that Xander leaves for him.... The fic that was found is Three Inches by Druffine and while an excellent fic it was not the one I was looking for. So if anyone has anymore ideas I would be greatful. Now off to read Three Inches (again *eg*)

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