huro (huro) wrote in bloodclaim,

Hi. fic help please.

Hello I was reading a fic. The only thing I remember is that Xander is the one that got the amulet instead of Angel. The reason I know that is because I only got to read the summery and the first three lines of the fic before my cat decided it was time to knock my computer off its table and well, let's just say she is lucky I love her so much or she would be living next door with the lady with all the cats. In the lines I did read there was Xander a padded envelope and a miny black tornado? I am having one of those days were I can only remember my name if I look in my wallet at my ID. A search of my History was futile because of my mental state. Please for give the ramble, I am trying to stay mad at my cat but she keeps giving me 'cuteface' and headbutting me. *sigh* damn her.
Thanks for any help. Off to see if the resume doc I was updating is okay now that the important things are taken care of.
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