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Hard Time

Author: BmblBee
Paring: Spander (of course)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bad language and explicit sexual m/m activity.
Summary: Xander is wrongly convicted of murder and sent
to Riverview Correctional Institution where Spike is a guard.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named in
this story and sadly, make no profit.
AS 4

Thanks to the amazing Petxnd for the banner.

The next few days were odd. When he returned from the visitation area,
Xander was floating several inches above the floor. His brain raced with
thoughts of freedom.

He could easily picture that murderer, Warren, on trial. He could see
himself on the witness stand. He would leap to his feet pointing an accusing
finger in the direction of the defendants table and he would shout.

"That's him. That's the dirty rat fink that got my Jesse hooked on drugs
then offed him when he couldn't pay. HANG THE BASTARD!!"

But that was his brain. His heart was travelling down a different road.
Spike believed him! When no one else did, when the rest of the world
turned their backs on him, Spike stepped up to stand at his side and fight
with him. It was an incredible rush.

Xander was stunned. He had no idea how much a top notch lawyer
like Windym-Price cost but, even with the cousinly discount, it had to
be plenty. Xander vowed that when he got out, he would repay every
single penny Spike had put up for him.

'When I get out.'
It was a thought that plastered a permanent smile on his lips and a
bounce in his step. It was hope. It was a hope so deep that none of
Oz's warnings to not count on things too much could dampen.
It was a hope that felt right.

Then there was Spike.
After their short conversation , Xander allowed his imagination to run wild.
He saw them now as a couple. They had come to an understanding and
were together, if not in body, at least in soul. More than once, Xander
had to chuckle that perhaps Oz was right. Maybe he was a bit of a girl,
but he didn't care.

He was in
He wouldn't say it. He wouldn't even think it. Not until he was free.

Not until they could move in together. Not until he woke up in the
morning, snuggled next to the short, muscular, sexy as fuck, blond.
Not until he cooked him breakfast, sewed on his popped buttons, and
anointed his feet on oil.

And he assumed Spike felt the same way.

When he returned to the housing unit, Xander rushed back to the card table.
He couldn't wait to tell Oz the amazing news. When asked who financed
this new legal endeavor, Xander stuttered, finally claiming an Uncle Bill,
a favored relative on his mother's side had taken pity on his situation
and put up the money.

The brief flash of intuitive understanding in Oz's eyes was gone as quickly
as it appeared, but Xander saw and knew. Right now, however, Oz's
approval or condemnation was at the bottom of Xander's list of things to
care about.
His whole world had shifted and he could almost hear the keys turning
in the locks of the front gates.

When he did allow himself to look over at Spike, he was slightly disappointed
to see nothing in the beautiful blue eyes except professional observation.
Spike was working the housing unit dayroom as though nothing had happened.
As if Xander had never made the request that they consummate their
relationship. As if the earth hadn't aquired a second sun that was now
blasting the world in brightness.

But, he mentally asked himself, what else did he expect?

Did he think they would boot the innercity contingency from the front
of the television and snuggle up with popcorn and watch a Lifetime movie?
No, secretive was not something Xander was used to, but he knew it was
the only way. Spike had put up a ton of money for him and he cared too
much for the man to do anything to jeopardize his job.

Xander would play it cool. Uninterested. Bored. At least until he
got desperate.

And desperate was what he was beginning to feel when, two days later,
nothing had been said, no indication from Spike that anything had ever been
discussed or occurred between them.

Xander was becoming confused and frustrated. Had he imagined the whole
thing? Was he starting to lose his marbles? Did some fancy lawyer with
a corporate name, a snotty accent and a thousand dollar suit even come
to see him, or had he made all that up in his wonky little brain too?

By three o'clock on the third day, his mood had soured considerably.
"I thought you said you had five books? You only made three and we
are going to lose this fucking game again."
Xander slapped the rest of his cards down on the table and glared at
Oz across from him. Oz just shrugged.
"Yeah, well if you hadn't cut out that jack, I woulda."

Xander grudgingly knew Oz was right. He had fucked up. Again.
Fucking story of his life.
As his grumbling and fussing continued, Xander never noticed the steel door
open or the two afternoon corrections officers that headed into the glass
enclosed office.

Officer Conway dropped his bag on the floor under the desk, his grin and
youthful exuberance filled the small space with energy as C.O. Riley just
rolled his eyes, gave a quick report and headed for home.

Spike let his eyes scan the dayroom till he found what he was looking for,
then did his best to suppress the smile that tried to wiggle up the corners
of his mouth. He had been as low key and discreet as possible till Faith's
days off had finally rolled around.

They had talked in length and come to an uncomfortable understanding.
Faith had been furious when she saw Xander had not been transferred,
but her alliance and connection to her partner made her reluctant to
leave him. Besides, bidding to another unit was not as easy as it seemed.

The only openings were on the worst spots in the institution. They were
the ones given to the new officers, and the good positions were taken by
C.O.s with seniority.
No, leaving was not an option. Job protection, however, was.

Faith had been more than clear that if Spike made any improper move,
gesture, hint, or action toward Inmate Harris while she was on duty, she
would run so fast to Warden Giles, that the soles of her ugly black work
boots would leave skid marks in the buffed and polished hallways.

She loved her partner and couldn't believe this was happening.
In her heart, Faith was certain that if she just stayed away from this situation
and gave him some time, Spike would come to his senses and realize what
a mistake he was making. She also knew that anything that blazed this hot
and fast would more than likely burn itself out quickly.

If her foolish partner could just keep his heart and dick under the radar
and out of the range of the dozens of surveillance cameras within the
penitentiary till all this ran it's course, they just might survive.

Faith kept her fingers crossed.
Before going on her two days off, she gave one last admonition.

"Please, Spike, keep it together. Keep your hands to yourself, your lips
on your coffee cup and your dick secured in your polyester uniform pants."

Spike laughed and assured her that she had nothing to worry about.
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