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Hard Time

Author: BmblBee
Paring: Spander (of course)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bad language and explicit sexual m/m activity.
Summary: Xander is wrongly convicted of murder and sent
to Riverview Correctional Institution where Spike is a guard.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named in
this story and sadly, make no profit.
AS 4

Thanks to the amazing Petxnd for the banner.

Spike had been jumpy and edgy all morning. He awoke early and had no
interest in breakfast. His hands shook as he fumbled with the buttons on
his uniform shirt and despite his hot shower, every inch of his skin felt cold
and clammy.

He had been too nervous and preoccupied to jack off.

He had made a decision and he had formed a plan. Sort of. It was the
stupidest and most dangerous thing he had ever considered in his life.
It went far beyond the stupidity of the time he and Wesley decided to
try bungy jumping.

At least then, they had, at the last minute, come to their senses and
backed out. And that was what kept running though his mind now. It still
wasn't too late to back out, to change his mind and act as though such an
ignorant thing would never have entered his brain.

The thoughts spun through him as he ran his weekly errands, stopping
first at the post office to buy a money order, scribble a short note and
drop it in the post addressed to the Riverview Correctional Institution.

By the time he reported to roll call, he had decided to let the flow of the
powers of the universe decide for him. If they blocked the opportunity,
or if they sent signs that he would be caught, he would know it wasn't the
right time.
He would metaphorically flip a coin, hoping chance would make the call.

The butterflies in his stomach felt as though they had grown fangs, turned
to vampire bats and were attempting to chomp their way out.

"Shut the fuck up, people. Let's get this roll call moving."

Spike sat back quietly and waited as the shift supervisor continued.
He gave the floater Officers their days assignments and Conway was
assigned to second on Spikes unit.

'One point on the yes side.' Spike thought.

"Listen up people, it's that time of year again for the State audit and the
bigwigs are gonna be here next month to evaluate us and give us our
yearly accreditation."

A giant, collective groan filled the room as every officer rolled their eyes
and threw up their hands. They all knew what a pain in the ass the entire
process could become. Every department was scrutinized, assessed,
and usually on the first round, found wanting. It meant twice the work
and three times the chaos.

'One point on the no side.' Spike frowned.

"Knock off the fucking bitching you fucking bunch of little girls. Oh, sorry.
No offense to you women officers."

Cathy and Janet glanced across the table to each other and shared a
'He is such a fucking chauvinist pig' look before silently turning back
as the supervisor continued.

"So, here's the breakdown. Honors unit just got two new inmates and
are having some problems with them so we are going to try to do some shuffling
around and get them moved today. Therefore, Honors and "E" units have
a pass. The fuckin' psychos on "N" were up all night howling at the moon
so they need both C.O.'s. "B" unit, I want you to take one of your thugs
to the dietary area and strip and buff the floors. "I", take one of the
newbys down into the old education area. I want a full report on the
condition of the place and what it's going to take to bring it up to snuff.
Oh, and take someone you can trust and a radio cause that's in the old
shut down area that doesn't have cameras installed."

Spike was stunned. The scales that had been evenly balanced, now tipped
so far over they rolled off the table and under the desk. It was a sign
from Apollo himself that the Gods had made a decision. Who was he
to defy the Gods?

Quietly, he leaned over to Conway.
"Tell you what, I'll get the unit settled in for the afternoon then I'll do the detail.
Gives you a chance to run the show by yourself for a while. You want to
give it a try?"

Conway's eyes lit up and he bounced in his chair.
"Hell, yes! You'll see. I can do it! Thanks!"

Spike just nodded, his brain screaming,
'Thank you!'

The whole trip to the housing unit had Spike jumpy as a frog on fire.
His skin twitched and his cock threatened to spring to life as he did his
best to give an appearance of normalcy and boredom.

When they settled in, Spike yawned and went about the tasks that would
ensure the dayroom ran on autopilot for the next hour or so. When
he was confident that all the inmates were reasonably content, he
returned to the small glass enclosure.

"O.k. Everything is smooth. Now why don't you pick out someone
for me to take down to do the inspection. Your choice."

C.O. Conway grinned as though he had been given the medal of honor.
He stood in the office and surveyed his kingdom.

Spike wrinkled his nose.
"Nay, the boy has an odor about him and supper is only two hours away."

Conway snickered,
"Too lazy. I don't want to be down there all day."
"Talks to much. Fucking drives me crazy."
"Hmmm. Yeah, I guess I could deal with Harris. Good call, Conway."

The young officer sparkled with pride and frankly couldn't wait to get
rid of the seasoned officer and prove, mostly to himself, that he had what
it took to run a housing unit.

With no further delay, Conway banged on the glass window to get the
dayrooms attention, pointed at Harris and wagged his finger, indicating
the inmate was wanted. Spike felt a shudder run through his body as he
watched the man rise from the card table and walk toward him.
'Fucking sexy as hell.'

"Yes, sir?"
Xander kept his attention on the new officer, ignoring the man who had
not spoken to him in two days.

"Tuck your shirt in and check your hands. You are going to go on a
work detail with Officer Pratt. Go wait by the door."

Spike nodded his approval and Conway beamed with pride.
Spike felt as though he were standing on the platform looking down.
The bungy cord had been strapped around him and the harness
was securely in place. This was it. The moment of decision. Does he
jump or does he, like the time with Wes, chuckle nervously, climb
back down the ladder and go get drunk?

It was a hell of a choice that Spike knew he had already made.
His knees were weak, and his breath burned in his lungs.
His heart pounded so loudly he was surprised no one could hear.

Finally, he stood and walked out of the office, looking back just once.
"Stay calm and they will be calm. They read their mood from you.
If it even looks like you are about to have a problem, call me on the
radio and I will be right back."

Conway shooed the senior officer with his hands and grinned.
"Go! Go! I got this."

Spike looked at the waiting convict and wondered if he wished
Conway would ask him to stay.
Xander's brow wrinkled in a frown as he waited in confusion.
Oz dealt another hand of cards and shook his head.

Xander stood complacent and quiet. His shirt was tucked in and his
hands clasp behind his back assuring he was presentable for an off
unit movement.

He watched out the corner of his eye as Spike walked past him, unlocked
the unit door and indicated he was to follow. Spike spoke casually to
other officers he passed in the hallway and, for all intent and purpose,
one would have thought he had all but forgotten about the inmate trailing

Xander listened to them bitch about something called an audit and wondered
what it was and if it had anything to do with this little stroll through the
park that they seemed to be taking.

When they turned a corner and walked through the dietary area to a
doorway in the rear, Xander's interest was peeked. He had never been
in this part of the institution and had often wondered what lay beyond.
Oz had given him the old adage about curiosity and dead cats.

Without pause, Spike unlocked the door and they passed on through.
Finally, Xander couldn't stay silent any longer.
"Where are we going?"
"Shhh. Not yet."

Hitting a breaker switch, Xander could see that they were in a long
hallway. There were doors on either side and the entire area looked
like it hadn't been used in years. A Bic lighter of hope flicked on and
a small flame started to warm inside him.

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