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Chapter six! And the fic's got a name!

Hi again. First off, I'm sad -and surprised, mostly- to announce that this is the last chapter. My muse decided it so. I've reached my destination and so, it ends. I hope you enjoyed the story. I've officially dubbed it  "Almost like home". It'll become clear to you why.

Anyway, on with it then.

Title: Almost like home
Fandom: BtVS
Pairing: Spander
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Spike and Xander go patrolling...
Disclaimer: Don't own a thing. Sad but true.

Previous chapters here.


To say that Xander was uncomfortable around Spike the following days would be an understatement. In fact, Builder Boy seemed to do everything he could to not be around the vampire at all. Sure, he helped Spike feed, bringing his food to the bed and helped him to the bathroom, should the need occur. But the rest of the time he’d be out ‘working’, or upstairs to, in his words, ‘spend some quality time with mum’. Bloody bull.


Spike stared at the TV screen, happy he could at least use both his eyes for that now. His left leg still had him limping a bit, but he could get around. Xander was out at work -for real for once- and Spike had quite a few hours to kill before he would come back. He zapped away from Jeopardy, ‘cause, let’s face it, the show was a bore and ended up at Jerry Springer. Who was having a serious discussion about vampire lovers. Spike moved his thumb away from the remote, fascinated suddenly. He listened to the statements of the different so called ‘Vampire Consorts’ with their fake vampire masters sitting beside them. They talked about different things, like loving the bite, loving the feeling of submission to a more powerful being and the idea of eternal life. “Hmpf. Bull.”


But he kept watching, wondering what had drawn Xander to this kink. What had drawn Xander to him? He just couldn’t wrap his head around it. It seemed so foolish of the young man. If anyone knew what a real vamp was like, it’d be him. He’d fought side by side with the Slayer herself, seen the demon in human flesh. Hell, he’d seen Spike drain several people he knew. Hurt several people he loved. He sighed and shut off the TV. Maybe he would go for a walk down the sewers. That always seemed to put things in perspective.


Spike strolled down the sewers he’d called home for so long now. He’d seen every inch of them and he was able to walk around on auto-pilot while reminiscing on his time spent here with the Slayer and her Scoobies. One of them being the amazingly obnoxious Xander. The young man would do absolutely everything for those women. Buffy, Willow, Dawn, Tara. They were lucky to have him. Someone had to be the dumb force, right? And even though Xander possessed none of the force, he insisted on doing the dumb. Spike had to admit he did it heroically, but it was dumb none the less. He did Buffy the ultimate favor by taking Spike in after he had been ‘neutered’. He’d even bothered to talk to Spike sometimes when things were looking particularly grim in the soul department.


He’d become his friend, against his own wishes. And Spike had to admit ‘Builder Boy’ held a soft spot in his un-beating heart, too. Strange how it takes something like a good beating to make you realize that, he pondered. But how far was he willing to let this soft spot take him? He sensed the darkness setting in upstairs and climbed to the surface. He noticed he didn’t really need the cane Xander had given him, but he held on to it anyway, remembering the sentimental value it had to the brown-haired man. He walked to his old crypt, sitting down on his old, dusty bed and pondered all things Xander.


Xander came home to find the basement empty. He was surprised that Spike had gotten that much of his mobility back already. Of course, he was a vampire after all and it had been over a week, so even a fracture would heal up relatively quickly. The limp probably wasn’t gone yet, because his grandfather’s cane –which Spike had taken to with his injury-, was gone, too. For a moment Xander considered going out to look for him, to make sure he was alright, but in the end he decided he was too tired and there was little chance of finding the demon, even in a small city like Sunnyhell. He threw off his dirty working clothes and walked into his bathroom. An empty basement has some perks after all, he thought. Like walking around naked like in the old days.


He stepped into the shower and allowed the scorching water to burn the dirt off of him as it relaxed the tension built up in his muscles from another day’s labor. The more he relaxed, the more the image of Spike flashed before his eyes. How he had gently removed the vampire’s clothes to get to the wounds, observing his milk white skin, stretched over tightly strung muscles. Battered and bruised, but still so strong. He sank against the wall, the water cascading down his chest and over his growing arousal. He moaned, trying to release some of the tension he had been building up living with the handsome vampire. Spike’s voice whispered into his ears sometimes, though he was sure it was an illusion. “Like that, don’t ya?,” it would say. At the same time he would feel the cool touch of some sort of gel on his body, combined with those wonderfully powerful hands on his chest. “Oh god, Spike,” he groaned, and then came. He let the emotions wash over himself before shaking his head over his own foolishness. He stepped out of the shower and reached for a towel. It was only then that he noticed Spike standing in the doorway, leaning only lightly on his cane, watching him, an evil smirk on his face. “How… How long have you been standing there?”


Spike cocked an eyebrow. “Long enough, pet,” he rumbled huskily. “Having interesting thoughts about a certain vampire, are we?” Xander felt himself shiver in desire as Spike stared at him. There was a minor fear of being rejected. Of Spike getting angry and walking away. But then Spike closed the distance between them and his lips were bruised, taken swiftly by the vampire’s. He moaned into Spike’s mouth, savoring his taste. His lips were raw, but soft, gentle, but demanding, and if it hadn’t been for Spike’s hand in his back, Xander was sure his knees would have buckled under the intensity of the kiss.


Spike drew him in closer, begging to be let into his mouth with his tongue. His hands roamed over Xander’s body, his jeans rubbing against Xander’s naked arousal. Xander moaned and squeaked as Spike pinned him against the wall of the shower. He casually turned the knob of the shower, making it run hot water again. That he was still fully clothed didn’t seem to bother the vampire one bit. It bothered Xander, though, and he started grabbing his shirt, trying desperately to get it off his body.


Spike froze suddenly, as if realizing what he was doing and pulled back. He turned off the tap. Xander opened his eyes finally –he didn’t even know he’d closed them- and looked questioningly at the demon before him. “Are you sure?” Spike said. Xander frowned. “Am I sure?” “I found all those rubbish articles on your wardrobe,” the vampire explained. Xander paled visibly. “That erm…,” he blushed. “That was a long time ago,” he said softly. “And only half of it made sense to me, anyway,” he added. “What half then, pet,” Spike said, suddenly cupping Xander’s face to make him look into his eyes. His eyes burned into the young man, as naked in his emotions as Xander was in physical form. He had to know once and for all.


Xander tried to look into his eyes, but stared into nothingness when he answered, “the part where I could have you for a lover.” Spike had to lean in closer to hear it. He smiled gently, his second hand placed into Xander’s neck. “That seems to be my favorite part, too,” he said. The vampire kept their eyes locked, hoping for Xander to see the truth in them. Xander stared back, fear and loving flashing through his eyes. Please don’t let this be a game, he prayed silently. Spike pulled him out of his fear. “Now come here,” he breathed harshly, pulling Xander in for another kiss. This time he didn’t turn the water on, but guided his lover to the bed, throwing him on it as he straddled Xander. The brown-haired man tried to get out from underneath him. “That’s co-old!,” he yelped. “Well you better help me get warm then, ‘ey, Builder Boy,” Spike taunted. Xander reached up for Spike’s shirt and pulled him down to his lips. “Don’t mind if I do,” he said into the kiss.


It took some struggling -Spike was far stronger than Xander, even if he was only playing- but Xander finally got the gorgeous vampire naked. He sat down on top of him, smiling about the turning of tables. “That’s warm,” Spike growled. Xander shivered, his erection growing just by the sound of Spike’s voice. The obvious desire hidden in those words just… He attacked his lover, licking and biting his chest, exploring every inch of that delicious body with his tongue. He heard the vampire moan and grinned, but was then forced to suck in his breath as he felt a firm hand grab his penis. And then he was pushed off the vampire, Spike taking control as he pulled Xander down, his own erection standing proudly. “Now then,” he grinned lustfully, “let me show you what it’s like to have a vampire as a lover.”


Xander woke up in a tangle of limbs. If it hadn’t been for Spike’s distinctive white skin tone, he probably wouldn’t have guessed which parts were his. He felt sore, but completely and utterly relaxed. He turned to find a very satisfied vampire sleeping soundly beside him. Spike looked so harmless as he lay there. Hard to believe this creature was once a menace to mankind. He sighed happily and sank back into his position, Spike’s one arm under his neck, the other on his abdomen. He felt warm and safe here. Almost like home.



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