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Drabbles: Uncut Wood, First Snow, and Mystical Enchantment

AN for all drabbles: Since Mys’ muses were being evil and generally cantankerous she didn’t want to sully the Xandry One’s good name by making her beta these, therefore, all mistakes and horriblenesses (yes, Mys knows that’s not a word) are Mys’ and Mys’ alone.

Author: Cobalt Mystic
Title(s): Uncut Wood, First Snow, Mystical Enchantment
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: PG, but once again only because it’s boys playing with boys
Feedback: Mys has decided that she actually likes FB, so… constructive crit is fine, just be prepared for Mys to defend/explain her choices, and try not to do any permanent damage, k.
Disclaimer: Just playing with the pretty kittens. Unfortunately, they are not mine, but I will gladly groom and bathe them before sending them back home to Daddy (aka Joss/Mutant Enemy/et al).
-random acts of Taoist philosophy
-atrocious acts of alliteration
-random use of schmoop and exploitation of adjectives
Summary: written for fall_for_sx
-Do drabbles really have to have summaries? It’s Mys writing Spike and quoting the Tao Te Ching, how much more of a summary can you give, lol?
-Xander, snow, and life after the Hellmouth
-Just a bit of sillyness- honestly Mys has no clue what she was thinking.

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