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Hard Time

Author: BmblBee
Paring: Spander (of course)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bad language and explicit sexual m/m activity.
Summary: Xander is wrongly convicted of murder and sent
to Riverview Correctional Institution where Spike is a guard.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named in
this story and sadly, make no profit.
AS 4

Thanks to the amazing Petxnd for the banner.

With impersonal efficiency, each man hustled around erasing all traces
of their coupling. Xander ducked into the small water closet and grabbed
a handful of toilet paper, using it to wipe up every drop of spilled passion
from the floor where he had stood.

Spike took his used condom, along with the wrapper and flushed them
down the toilet, then flushed twice more to assure himself that nothing
would float back. They took a moment to check each other over and
after Spike smoothed Xander's hair and Xander straightened Spike's
collar, they each gave their stamp of approval.

Spike then took a minute to jot down some observations that he could
expound into a lengthy, detailed report later and they prepared to leave.
Neither spoke because, what could they say?
"I don't want to go?" "Let's stay forever?" "That was wonderful?"

Neither man was a fool. They knew the first two were impossible and
they could easily read the third in both their faces. Then, at the last second
before opening the door, Spike turned and clamped his hand firmly around
the back of Xander's neck, pulling his face forward and planting a hard,
possessive kiss of passion and ownership on the surprised lips.

Then, with no further delay, they stepped out into the hallway. Even knowing
that there were no cameras watching, this was too open an area to be
careless. Xander immediately fell a step behind, clasp he hands at his back
and dropped his head.

They proceeded toward the steel doorway silently. Then, just before
slipping his key in the lock, Spike whispered.
"I want you to stop sleeping with Oz."

Xander was totally taken aback. Of all the things he expected Spike to
say, that was not one of them.
"We aren't having sex. Oz is straight as an arrow."

Spike piercing blue eyes searched Xander's for the truth.
"Nothing? Not even...."
"No! Nothing. It's just that neither one of us likes to sleep alone.
We talk. That's all."

Spike was fairly satisfied that Xander was telling the truth, still, he didn't
like Oz getting the warmth and affection that should only belong to him.
Xander's heart fluttered with happiness.

Finally, with one last longing look between them, they stepped back into
the scrutiny and heavily occupied area of the institution as though nothing
had happened.

When they returned to the housing unit, Spike could hear the ruckus before
the steel door was even opened. When he stepped in, he was stunned to see
the chaos. Inmates were in the front of the television area physically
tussling over the remote, four quickly ducked out of sight into the communal
bathroom and the card tables were loud with challenges and bets tossed about.

Inmates Steele and Barnhart had Geek and Catfish cornered, forcing them
to toss a pair of contraband dice and cheering when, no matter what numbers
came up, they lost.

And in the center of it all stood C.O. Conway, shrieking at the top of his
lungs for everyone to sit down and shut up.

Spike just groaned and shook his head. He then slammed the heavy
door behind him and, with his hands on his hip, shouted

Like a snapshot, all action froze, everyone locked into place and all eyes
turned in his direction. In an instant, the only sound was the laughter and
cheering on the television as the audience of the forbidden Jerry Springer
show roared.

Xander slid around his lover and had a seat, watching quietly as Spike
efficiently went around dealing with all the pockets of negative activity
that had cropped up so quickly.

He flushed the shadow boxers and blow job wannabes from the bathroom,
he shut off the television and he collected the playing cards. He then sent
Rug and Steele to their cell, sanctioning them for attempted strong arm.
When order was restored, he announced that the dayroom would be on a
30 minute quiet time before program would resume.

No one complained. The entire housing unit knew they had gotten off easy.

Last, but not least, he told Conway to go to the office. When he closed
the door behind them he took a deep breath before starting.
"What happened? Why didn't you call me?"

Conway did his best not to cry.
"I don't know. It just all happened so fast. One minute I was walking
through the dayroom and the next minute it was like you saw. Fuck!
I must be the worst C.O. in the world. Look, I need to go take a break.
I'll be back later. I'm sorry, I...."

Spike just laughed and sat down.
"Well, first, you aren't going anywhere. If you leave now, they will read
it as a sign of running away. Second, you need to plaster a grin on your
face and sit. The most important thing to remember is Do Not Show
Fear or Weakness."

With shaky legs threatening to give out anyway, Conway did as he was

"I don't think I can do this, Spike."
"Sure you can. What just happened to you has happened to all of us
at one time or another. What counts is how you handle it. Next time
it starts to get out of hand, just run a total lock down and tell them they
can come back out when things calm down. After two or three times
of that, they will learn."

Conway's face lit up.
"It's that simple? The solution is that easy?"

Spike laughed.
"No. Problems aren't solved that easily, but you can't let things overwhelm
you. You can't let it get out of hand like that. You have to stay in
control at all times."
Even as he said it, Spike knew what a hypocrite he was.

The rest of the day went quickly. The residual negativity from earlier keep
Spike busy and both the outside rec movement and the supper chow line
were wired and uneasy.

At bedtime, Spike made officer Conway run the showers, although as back
up, he did walk the hallway, stopping by the shower area just as cell# 3
stepped out. Xander carefully dried himself, never looking at the guards,
but allowing his towel to drop to the floor before wrapping it slowly around
himself. Oz snorted in disgust.

Lock down was complete. Lights were off and the cells finally quiet,
Conway nearly sobbed with relief.
"Now can I go smoke a cigarette?"

Spike chuckled.
"I didn't know you smoked."
"Fuck, Up till now, I didn't"

When his partner was gone, Spike crept down the hall for one last look.
Stopping at #3, he aimed his light beam in. Brown eyes, shining on the
bottom bunk looked back at him and both men longed for things to be
Silently, he walked away.

When the clock finally struck 11:00, he left the building, taking a minute
to let the cool, damp air seep into his skin. He knew he should be kicking
himself in the arse but he just couldn't. That one brief, quick encounter
left him feeling more satisfied and complete than all his week-ends of
marathon anonymous sex put together.

Flipping the collar of his wind breaker up, he took one step toward his car
before the jangle of his cell phone startled him.

"William? Hello, it's Wesley."

Spike was slightly taken aback by the excited, almost giddy tone in
Wes's voice. Wesley Wyndham-Pryce had never, in his life, been giddy.

"Wes? You o.k?"
"Yes, yes, quite. I am down here in the sleazy, disgusting town of
Naco, Arizona and I do believe I have a lead on Warren."

"What? Shit, Wes, that's great. Have you seen him? What does
he say? Did he admit to writing the letter?"

"Well, now let's not get ahead of ourselves. My sources tell me he will be
in town tomorrow and I will be ready. The reason I called is because I
don't want to spook him. I have my cell. When I spot him, I will take a
picture and e-mail it to you. If you can, show it to Mr. Harris and see if
he know's who this Warren is. I will not let him out of my sight and when
we have confirmation, I will confront him."

"Jesus, Wes, you are a natural! That is amazing. It's really more than
I hoped for. I mean, it's more than Mr. Harris......."

"Yes, well, we will discuss that later. I'll be in touch."

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