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FIC: Four Seasons 7/?

Title: Four Seasons
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: R, only for swearing at the moment
Disclaimer: Not mine, all Joss’s.
Summary: Looking back, Spike had never worked out just how he and Harris got to where they did that summer; he couldn’t quite work out exactly where that was either.
Beta thanks to laazikaat 
Other chaps here

A/N: Bearing in mind that I am completely spoiler-free writer-person, this is just a heads up for those who are picky about their Spander and like a nice smooth run to a happy ending. This fic may not be going exactly where you're expecting, or rather it will be taking a circuitous route to get there. So just in case you are averse to a good bit of angst, you may want to abandon ship after the next half dozen or so chapters. Or now, or not. After the tone of the comments, I just thought I'd better say something sooner rather than later so you guys are aware that rocky roads are ahead. I hope you stick around, I like this fic a bit.

Chapter 7


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