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Plot Bunny

I've had this bunny in my heard for a while. I see it as being a longer fic, which I just can't start right now, so I'm throwing it out to you all and hoping someone catches it. This is also posted at  bunny_grabber.

The idea is that Spike and Xander are together, have been since Spike moved into Xander's basement. They fall in deeply in love, everyone is accepting of it in varying degrees. Then Xander dies out on patrol while saving the slayers life, jumped in front of a flying dagger or something. Spike is distraught and immidiently leaves Sunnydale and gets some big city doctors to remove his chip. He comes back to Sunnydale on the anniversary of Xander's death and slaughters the rest of the clan of the demon responsible for killing Xander. Then he shows up at a scooby meeting and they talk about Xander. He makes a vow in Xander's honor and memory that every year on the anniversary of Xander's death he will protect the slayer that day. The rest of the years he does whatever, writers choice, but every year he goes back. Even when Buffy dies and a new slayer is called (ignoring season seven and the mass slayer calling) he finds them and protects them for that day and he tells theem about Xander.
I would like the ending to be happy, with them reunited somehow. PTB, reincarnation, just somehow.
Hope someone likes and picks it up and cuddles it. I want my bunny to go to a good home!
Please let me know if you choose to write it :)
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