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Hard Time

Author: BmblBee
Paring: Spander (of course)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bad language and explicit sexual m/m activity.
Summary: Xander is wrongly convicted of murder and sent
to Riverview Correctional Institution where Spike is a guard.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named in
this story and sadly, make no profit.
AS 4

Thanks to the amazing Petxnd for the banner.

Angel was restless. He was anxious and irritable. He had paced around
so long that he was nearly late for role call, but now that he was here and
had made his mind up, he couldn't wait for it to be over.

Any warnings, information and mundane schedules the shift commander
rambled on about in his boring, monotone voice, sailed right over Angel's
head and off into the stratosphere.

He also had no interest in the fact that Spike Pratt was visually twitching
in his chair, eager to get out of the room and on to his housing unit. He had
often thought Pratt was a tad on the hyperactive side.
No doubt the reason he was thin.

Angel shifted his weight to his other butt cheek and he continued to wait.
It was the longest 15 minutes of his life.

As soon as he heard the words,
"That's it, People. Let's get to work."
Angel jumped up and ran to the telephone that hung on the wall. He
tapped his foot impatiently as he waited for an answer, and nearly
jumped out of his skin when it happened.

"Warden Giles office. How may I help you?"
"Hi, Tara, this is Officer O'Connor. May I speak to the Warden please?"

Angel prided himself on the cool, collected tone of his voice when, what
he really want to do was scream.
"Put the fucking, arrogant, prick on the Goddamn, fucking phone!!"

"Yes? Warden Rupert Giles here. What do you need Mr. O'Connor?"
Giles voice was bored, slightly irritated and totally annoyed with the
interruption to his day.

The tiny Rupert in his brain, however, was squealing like a little girl
in frilly panties and running in circles clapping her hands.
He knew EXACTLY what the pain-in-the-ass man wanted. He was
just slightly surprised and maybe a bit impressed that it had taken him
this long to call.

"I want you to make good on your fucking promise! You stuck these
trouble makers on my housing unit days ago and it has been nothing
less than a catastrophic nightmare! You have put my inmates at risk and
you promised you would move them as soon as possible. Don't think I
don't know what this is all about, Rupert. You think you are going to
make my life miserable and I will break off my engagement with Buffy.
Well, forget it! You can NOT get rid of me that easily!"

Giles paused, then he came back, his voice apologetic and contrite.
"Oh, my goodness, Mr.O'Connor, I genuinely apologize. I have been so
busy with this upcoming audit that it just slipped my mind. I would never
mix our personal lives with the business of running this institution and,
frankly, I am surprised that you would accuse me of such an impropriety."

Angel was startled. It was not the answer he had expected. Maybe
he had been wrong. He did tend to be a little on the paranoid side.
"Oh, well, no, of course I didn't, are you saying you will
move them off?"

Giles nearly purred, his voice silky and smooth as hot butter poured on a
Slip and Slide.
"Of course I will. I shall check our stats on the other housing units, do the
transfer paper work and push it through personally. Now, you realize that
it will probably not occur today, but I do promise that first thing tomorrow
morning, the day shift will make the move. Is that acceptable to you?"

Angel felt ashamed. He wondered if he had misread the man, not only
professionally, but personally too.
"Yeah, sure. I can deal with them for one more day. Look, Rup...
Mr. Giles, I think I owe you an apology too. Thanks."

"Certainly. Saaaay, I'll tell you what. Why don't I come down there and
speak to the inmates myself. Give them a bit of the old rancid and let
them know we will not tolerate their negativity. Would that help?"

Angel was stunned. The king would walk among the peasants.
"Wow! Yeah, that would be great. Thanks."
"Of course, Liam. I shall be right down. Good day, Mr. O'Connor."

Angel collected his belongings and headed out of the roll call room. His
temper had been deflated so rapidly it made him light headed and confused
and he wondered if somehow he had wandered in to Superman's bizarro world.

As soon as he entered the housing unit, Officer Cathy Peters jumped to her
feet, her hair was wild and mussed from her fingers being repeatedly run
through it, and her face was showing a new crop of wrinkles from the stress.

"Where the fuck were you? Roll call was over 5 minutes ago and I just
want the fuck out of here."

"Now now, let's not be in a hurry. By the way, where are our little trouble
Angel had an unnerving grin on his face as his eyes scanned the dayroom.
The tension in the air around the other inmates was thick enough to cut
with a knife.

"I locked them down an hour ago. Every time I walked by them, one of them
would sniff and the other would meow. I couldn't take it anymore, and
DON"T you dare let them back out. Not until my car is out of the parking lot
and I am at least 5 miles down the road."

Angel patted her on the shoulder while making sympathetic tsking sounds
with his tongue.
"Not to worry. Your old pal Angel has handled this nasty glitch to our happy
little world."

Cathy's haggard face lit up.
"Yeah? Really? Don't you fucking play with me, Angel."

Angel leaned against the door frame and snooted.
"No playing. I just called Jesus Christ, otherwise known as Warden Giles,
and I laid it on the line. I told him we weren't having this shit another day.
I told him to get his stuck up, self righteous ass down here and fix this
fucking mess."

"FUCK! And he didn't fire you? Damn, Angel, what did he say?"

"The man crawled and apologized like a little bitch. No offense. Then
he said he would move them both tomorrow, said he was sorry and that
he would personally come down here and threaten them to behave till the
transfer tomorrow morning."

C.O. Peters was speechless. When she finally could respond, the four words
that came off her tongue were ones she would have bet her life savings against
ever hearing herself say.

"You... are a god!"

Angel dropped down into his chair, locked his fingers behind his head and
propped his feet up on his desk.
"Yeah, I know."

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