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When Realities Collide 2/?

Author: Midori
Title: When Realities Collide
Distracting Diversions
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC-17
Concrit: in comments
I don’t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter. Please don‘t sue me for I have nothing that you would want to gain.
Warnings/Squicks: Mentions of Xander/Cordelia, Angel/Buffy, Oz/Willow, and Spike/Dru.
Summary: Weird things start to happen in Sunnydale. Demons begin to disappear, vampires start to become smart, and weres are able to control their beast to a certain point. Just a normal day in the life of a certain Zeppo.
Previous chapters: When Realities Collide 1/?

Chapter 2: Distracting Diversions

Later that night as Buffy, Willow, Xander, and Oz set out to slay the latest big bad, Xander begins to feel a slightly better. The only thing on his mind right now is the fact that he still hasn’t got up the guts to dump Cordy.

The group approaches one of the small playgrounds in what they would call a subtle manner. Meaning stomping on twigs and leaves while the girls gossip away with each other. Xander ends up in the back of the group with Oz at his side.

Xander strives not to glancing at Oz out of the corner of his right eye, however, the more he tries the harder it becomes. Oz, as if knowing what Xander is doing, has a sort of mysterious smile on his face. Xander feels shivers shoot down his spine.

“There’s something different about you,” Oz says unhurriedly as he twists his head to look directly at Xander.

“No there’s not,” Xander immediately denies before he picks up his pace to catch up with the girls. Oz snatches his arm preventing him from running away. Xander gulps nervously.

“There has to be if you’re trying to run away,” Oz says with that peculiar smile still on his face. Xander struggles to yank his arm back but that only makes Oz grip it tighter. At the time Xander didn’t seem to notice that Oz seems to have gained new found strength. Never has Oz been able to have the benefit of the wolf when in human form before. Something eerie is happening in Sunnydale. Just one of the many things that Xander can count on.

“I swear Oz. I’m just normal old Xander. Nothing different at all. Nope, nothing.” Xander babbles away while trying to yank his arm out of Oz’s grasp. After a moment of Oz staring at Xander he lets go of Xander’s arm and lets him flee swiftly and strangely lithe away.

The unusual experience makes a nauseously nervous feeling well up in Xander’s gut. A slight grimace appears on his face as he slows his approach to Willow’s side. Right now all he has to do is distract everyone from noticing that something is wrong. If they notice they will have questions that Xander either doesn’t have the answers to or just is not prepared to tell them.

“Hey Wills,” Xander says in a fake but very convincing cheery voice. Willow smiles at him in her normally happy Willow type way. The brightness of her orange shirt reflects off of the street lamps making Xander wince slightly at the pain it causes his eyes.

‘Never noticed before how bright colors hurt my eyes,’ Xander glances down only to see his lime green flowered Hawaiian top shine up at him in a self satisfied fashion. ‘Even my shirts hurt my eyes. I’ll have to find something subdued to wear tomorrow. And to think that I usually don’t care what I wear. Cordelia is really getting to me’

“Hi Xander, how was school today. Not to hard I hope!” Willow smiles optimistically. Xander’s smile changes from fake to sincere, it seems as though Willow’s smiles are as contagious as yawns.

“It was ordinary Wills. I ended up flunking my chemistry test, all those equations are hard to remember.” Xander says, ‘Not only that but I had other things on my mind at the time.’ The thought came unwanted into Xander’s mind. Xander quickly shoves the thought into a box in a deep pit of his mind.

“You’ll do better next time Xander. We’ll study together until the only thing you can think of is chemical formulas.” Xander winces slightly but gladly unnoticeable at the girl, he just didn’t understand how Willow can like school so much. It just seems so unnatural how into is she is. High school years are supposed to be the years teenagers hate school the most, Xander wonders why he loves Willow so much that he would do anything for her especially with the fact that they are so different.

“But I thought you said that you are going to help me study for my French until I could only think of things in French,” Buffy pouts as she enters the duos conversation. Xander almost laughs at how weird she looks when her face scrunches up almost as if trying to turn into a vampire’s game face.

“Go ahead Willow, I’ll help Xander with his science. You did make your promise with Buffy first.” Xander almost cries when he hears this. Why did Oz finally decide that they needed some manly bonding now of all times. Hell, Xander wasn’t even sure if he is completely male anymore to even have any manly bounding time. His life is just so screwed.

“Great idea Oz! You’re the best.” Willow’s eyes are slightly glazed as she stares at Oz with an awed expression.

“Don’t worry about it. No amount of help will help me get a better grade in science. I just don’t work well with numbers without a calculator. With a calculator I simply have to type the numbers in, it does all the work. So easy a monkey can do it” Xander goes on trying to get out of having to hang out with Oz and his freaky smile of catastrophe. How is it the Xander ends up friends with all the weird people.

“Don’t worry Xander, you can use the calculator when I help you. It does make it a lot faster and easier” Oz smiles softly at Xander trying to calm him down. Xander sends a wobbly smile back, his heart beat speeding up at the thought that Oz is concerned enough to make sure he’s all right. Buffy and Willow, who are ignorant to this little scene, walk away while it happens.

“W-well I’ve go to go home now but how bout I meet you after school tomorrow in the library and we can go figure out things from there” Xander stutters at the kindness stuck on Oz’s face as he gazes at Xander.

“See you then” Oz whispers as he slowly follows after the two chattering girls. Xander watches him leave before quietly rushing home hoping to not get caught by any stray demons.

The next morning at school Xander corners the first person he sees from the swim team. Unfortunately it is one of he ones that he doesn’t remember the guys name.

“Hey ex-teammate-o-mine!” Xander yells as he jogs over to the random swimmer. The expression on the other guys face is priceless and it nearly makes Xander laugh at how ridicules it looks.

“Well I just want to get strait to the point, no dilly-dolling here, no sire. So the point is…well it’s really embarrassing and extremely weird but, I’m kind of nervous to ask this but-” Xander stutters in a rant until he’s cut off with a fist to his face.

“Look Harris I don’t know what your problem is but if you are asking me out my answer is HELL NO! I was already freaked out enough when that ugly nurse from last night started hitting on me, I don’t need you added to the mix also.” With that the angry teenager stomps away leaving a shocked Xander slumped against a locker that he was pushed against.

“That can’t be right. He must be lying. Just to embarrassed to tell the truth.” Xander mumbles to himself as he gradually gets up and follows after the other boy. After a while Xander learns that the nurse not only hit on the boy that he didn’t remember the name to but also all of his ex-team mates.

‘This is not my day’ Xander bangs his head against the nearest locker while trying not to faint in fear or shock. Weird things just seem to follow Xander around. It’s like the hellmouth is out to get him.

“Hey Xander,” a muffled voice comes from somewhere from behind Xander. The pounding headache Xander developed from hitting his head against the locker seems to get worse with the quiet words. ‘Note to self, don’t bang your head against the locker for it hurts,’ Xander judges before turning around.

“Jono, what’s up?” Xander asks in surprise. Jonathan has a slight blush on his face and he stares at his shoes not looking a Xander. Xander is slightly annoyed about that given that Jonathan and he could talk freely with each other since they found out the other also liked comics.

“I just wanted to say that I like your hair” Jonathan mumbles before rushing away.

“My hair, but I haven’t done anything to my hair” Xander says before reaching up and running a hand through it only to find that it is a lot longer than it was earlier this morning. The revelation makes Xander ignore the warning bell for second period as he sprints to the nearest bathroom.

“Jesus,” Xander whispers as he gawks at himself in the only non-broken mirror in the bathroom. His hair which was previously only around two inches long now touches his shoulder blades.

“It seems that I’m growing new things everyday. Maybe I caught some weird disease and it slowly aging my body till it kills me. It doesn’t seem to illogical considering I do live on a living Hellmouth” Xander gaps at his reflection. “What else can go wrong?!”

Xander feels like slapping himself for his idiotism. Now things will get really interesting around Sunnydale.

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