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Hard Time

Author: BmblBee
Paring: Spander (of course)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bad language and explicit sexual m/m activity.
Summary: Xander is wrongly convicted of murder and sent
to Riverview Correctional Institution where Spike is a guard.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named in
this story and sadly, make no profit.

Bee note: Just a reminder to all those who are reading and enjoying this story,
although the words are mine, the initial plot bunny came from the lovely
Ladyvirgo. It was a wonderful bunny! It made itself at home in the Bee hive.
The ideas fit like an expensive shoe. Thanks Ladyvirgo!

Thanks to the amazing Petxnd for the banner.

Spike rushed back through the institution toward his housing unit. His
feet barely touched the ground as his heart and soul soared free, over
top the razor wire and past the green fields beyond.

He felt as though he had been the one locked up. Confined for years,
bound in chains and dragging a heavy steel ball around his ankles. Now,
suddenly, he was free because Xander was nearly free.

They would....what? Run through fields of clover, singing songs from
The Sound Of Music and holding hands? Spike blushed at the cheesiness
of it all, then with his hand on the keys that would open the steel door to
his unit, he laughed and shouted.

"Hell, YES!"
before checking his expression and darting in. He was relieved to see
the unit still on lock down.

C.O. Conway was even more relieved to see officer Pratt return. He had
been terrified of having to let the inmates out of their cells and take them
on the outside movement alone.

"Oh, hey, you're back. I was just getting ready to line them up for rec.
I could have done it by myself. You didn't need to hurry back just for that.
I called "D" unit and O'Connor said that was good with him. He said he
had a couple assholes and the extra staff in the yard was a good idea anyway."

Spike nodded and immediately went about the business if prepping the move
by hitting the intercom button with his pat announcement.

"Let's go ladies. Get on your cell doors. Two minutes to outside movement.
You miss your door, you don't go. Check your hands, tuck in your shirts,
no sagging pants and I want a silent movement."

It was a speech Spike gave so often that he no longer even thought about
the words as he said them. He just wanted to see Xander. He needed
to fill him in, but caution him against too much hope. Wesley had been
absolutely right. This had to be handled carefully.

They couldn't risk Jesse knowing they were on to him. There was proof
to collect. Pictures, fingerprints, DNA, things that would conclusively
prove a positive identification. Then it had to be presented to the court
in a manner that judge and prosecution would be receptive to.

It was no sure thing.
Innocence may prove lack of guilt but it didn't guarantee freedom.

Quickly and efficiently, the convicts were brought from their cells and
lined up. Xander craned his neck around the bigger mountains of flesh
that stood in front of him and he searched out Spike's eyes.
When he found them, there was nothing there to read.

Spike's face was blank. He was all about the business of an outside
movement into the recreation yard. Xander was crushed.

Down the hallways and out into the compound, Spike was surprised
to see Angel's group already out. After taking a last minute head
count he tipped his head for Xander to start on the walking track
and Spike strolled casually toward where Angel stood with two of his
butt kissers.

"Hey, thanks for the rec combo. We were running late and missed our
own time. Just one of those crazy days."

Angel watched his group carefully. Something didn't feel right. The
tension bubbled in the air like tar in LeBrea.
"No problem. I could use a couple extra sets of eyes. Those two
you sent me have been nothing but trouble."

"Roy and MoMac?"
"Yep, those are the ones."
"Listen, Angel, I didn't have anything to do with them being sent to your
unit. I know they don't belong there and I was just as surprised as you

Angel knew the three other inmates that were sitting next to him on
the picnic table had their ears wide open so he chuckled casually.
"Yeah, it was a surprise, but don't worry about it. The Warden assures
me that they will be moved soon."

MoMac and Roy leaned against the hot brick of the side of the building
and watched. The 'G' man hadn't said anything about there being this
many staff out in the yard. It changed the whole feel of the job.

"What do you think? Is it a go?"

MoMac considered Roy's question and he looked all around. The
exercise yard was huge. There were four staff members and 97
convicts. Good odds. Still, an insurance policy wouldn't hurt.

"Yeah, we burn his ass today. Later. Come on, I got a idea."
MoMac started to move toward where two of the inmates from "I"
were attempting to conceal a game of dice. When they stopped,
the two stood. Steele and Barnhart knew a business deal when he saw one.

"What the fuck you want?"

MoMac took the greeting by substance and not word and he smiled.
"My boy and I need a favor."
"I don't do favors. What else you got?"
"I got a nickle bag and a half page of Revelations. You interested?"

Steele's eyes lit up. If anyone else had suggested ownership of a small
quantity of pot and a page torn from a bible for rolling paper, he would
have slapped them for being a liar. But this was a well respected member
of the underground.

"I'm interested. Who you want dented?"

MoMac shook his head.
"No, nothing like that. All you got to do is stage a little scuffle. Wait till
Blondie..." MoMac's eyes snapped toward Spike then back again
" over here with that pussy sidekick of his. When they come over
to break it up, you keep them busy for a few. I just need some quality,
alone time with my boy over there."

This time all eyes turned toward Angel.

Steele and Rug looked at each other knowingly. The criminality of their brains
weighed the pros and cons of the situation and the chances of them being
found guilty of any conspiracy. Both quickly came down on the side of
'nothing to lose and everything to gain'.

"No sweat. You will get your privacy. In exchange, you got one week,
taking in account cell restriction time, to hand over the goods. At the end
of one week the interest will start to accumulate."

MoMac held out his fist. Steele did the same and they tapped knuckles.
Deal struck, arrangement made and about to be executed.
With nothing else to say, MoMac and Roy turned and strolled back
toward the basketball area of the compound.

Angel breathed a sigh of relief. He had been watching the four and
hoped they weren't going to start buddying up together. That was
like pouring gasoline on fire.

He glanced over to where Spike had joined an inmate on the walking path
and his back-up, Conway was over near the fence. Angel's exterior
hearing vaguely picked up Inmate Long who was sitting next to him and
yammering on about his gym shorts needing replaced. Uninteresting.

Angel tipped his head up and closed his eyes.
It really was a magnificent, warm, California day.
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