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Hard Time

Author: BmblBee
Paring: Spander (of course)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bad language and explicit sexual m/m activity.
Summary: Xander is wrongly convicted of murder and sent
to Riverview Correctional Institution where Spike is a guard.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named in
this story and sadly, make no profit.
Story is based on an idea by Ladyvirgo.

Thanks to the amazing Petxnd for the banner.

As he left the area of the Riverview Correctional Institution that contained
the housing units, Warden Rupert Giles tried not to think too deeply about
what he had just done, or worst, what he was about to do.

He told himself that it was all necessary for the preservation of his life as
he had come to expect it. Anyone else would do the same.

But more than that, it was for dear Buffy's protection. A union with
someone as unworthy and probably dangerous as Liam O'Connor was
simply unthinkable. This was no different than the time he had bribed the
school board to put Buffy on the cheerleading squad despite her failing
grades, or the hefty donation he had made to Sunnydale Community
College to insure her acceptance.

He knew she would probably drop out before the end of the first semester,
but that wasn't the issue. In fact she had surprised him by lasting out the
entire first year. In the end, she had suffered a severe broken nail incident
that caused her to miss too many classes and she had to quit. Giles didn't
mind. It was only about her happiness.
It was always about Buffy's happiness.

No, O'Connor was not the man for her. His threats of financial scrutiny
over her trust fund accounts was the perfect tell of where is love truly lie.
It wasn't for Buffy and the wife she would become, no his interest was
in the money and trying to prove that her loving step-father had mishandled
and possibly even embezzled assets that were not his to use.

He wasn't heartless, Giles told himself. He really did regret what he knew
must be done, but in time, Buffy would recover and she would find
someone much more appropriate.

All of this was what was on Giles mind as he walked down the main hallway
toward the offices of Administrative Services. At the last turn, before
approaching his office, he veered off and entered the steel door marked
"RESTRICTED AREA" then proceeded to the seldom used stairway that
led up to the gun towers.

During the early 1990's when funding was plentiful, the towers contained
specially trained officers that manned the small observation areas 24/7.
As the years and the State money passed by, the towers were all but
abandoned, used now only during the few hours a day when the inmates
were out in the exercise yard.

At that time, one guard, young and untrained was stationed with a loaded,
high powered rifle and scope and told to watch the yard. Their orders were
to observe the compound. If any of the guards hit one of the alarms that
set off the sirens, the tower guard was to continue watching, jacking a shell
into the chamber, just in case.

If a full, all out riot occurred, which it never did, then two warning shots
were to be fired into the ground, preferably in an open area where the odds
of actually hitting someone was slim. The inmates were all instructed that if
that ever happens, their best bet is to lay down. Fast.

It was a boring job. Most officers brought reading material.

Giles checked his watch. 15 minutes had passed.
Pushing open the door to the gun tower, he stepped inside just as the
startled guard dropped his Newsweek to the floor and jumped to his feet.

"Warden Giles! Good afternoon Sir. I was, is there something
I can do for you, Sir?"

Giles smiled. The guards incompetence and noted dereliction of duty would
just be another piece that would fit nicely into his report.

"Yes, as you are aware, the audit is next week and every section of our
building will be under examination by the State Accreditation Committee.
One of the areas of additional funding that we are requesting is for training
and manning of the tower post. Therefore, I felt it important that I spend a
few minutes up here and get a better idea of what is now being done and
what updates and changes we need to make."

To the C.O. on duty, it all made perfect sense, although he cursed his luck
at being the one stuck on duty with the snoopy old fucker.

"Certainly, Sir, glad to help. As you can see, "D" unit has just entered
the yard and all seems to be well."

Giles looked out of the tower opening and down on the staff and inmates
that milled around. He immediately located the players in this little
production of his and he blocked out everyone else.

C.O. O'Connor was standing by the picnic table talking to a white inmate
while his back up, Officer Jackson, was over by the basketball court.
McDaniel and Brown leaned back against the far wall. Everything was
in motion. He told himself it couldn't be stopped now if he tried.
It was out of his hands.

Just when everything seemed to be perfectly on track, Giles saw the
doorway swing open and another group of inmates file out. He was furious,
but tried to maintain his composure.

"What the hell is this? There should never be more than one housing
unit out at a time. Who authorized this breach of security?"

C.O. Lineman shuddered.
"Sir? I'm sorry sir, but it is done all the time. If one of the units needs
additional assistance in the yard or if a unit misses their scheduled time,
they double up."

Giles slapped his hands on the open frame and leaned out. He knew
even if he ran down it was too late to stop it. All he could do was hope
the idiots would not do anything now. It was just too risky.
He stared into the yard with an intensity that sent a wave of fear through
the confused guard.

'Fuck! Wouldn't you know that fucking Pratt would be the fucking fly
in my ointment.'
Giles brain continued to curse as his blood boiled and he vowed to
fire the man as soon as this fiasco was over.

Then, something else caught his eye and sparked his interest.
He watched as his puppets strolled over and spoke with two thugs
from Pratt's unit.
"What the fuck?"
He murmured quietly, cursing that there was no sound to accompany
this picture he watched on this wide screen.

His two hired hands appeared calm, smug and confident. Giles allowed
himself to relax but only marginally.
Lineman looked out and tried to see what the Warden found so interesting
but there was nothing extrodinary. Just the same old same old.

His last thought before it all went to hell was,

"Why doesn't he go back to his fucking office and sit his fat ass down?"

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