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lost link

Anyone have the links for the Willow bashing Spander fic Even the Losers & Not The Only One? One story is about Xander running to LA with an injured Spike, becoming a warlock & training w/Ethan for a spell to stabilize Slayers sanity. The other has Xander going to New Orleans after being seduced & brutely dumped by Giles. Sike shows up & keeps Xan from going darkside from magic abuse. Oz & Wes show up and become a couple. All four go to Sunnydale to deal w/a demon Willow called.

Or for Better Living Thru Chemistry? Wilow & Buffy bashing as Willow turns Xander into a Bahvca demon...

Just got a new laptop Christmas (thanks Mom!) and am trying to bookmark my favorite stories.

Thanks in advance for the help!


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