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Hard Time

Author: BmblBee
Paring: Spander (of course)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bad language and explicit sexual m/m activity.
Summary: Xander is wrongly convicted of murder and sent
to Riverview Correctional Institution where Spike is a guard.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named in
this story and sadly, make no profit.
Hard Time is based on a story idea from Ladyvirgo.

The Bee bubbles over in gratitude!

Thanks to the amazing Petxnd for the banner.

Wesley leaned forward.
"Who is Warren? What's his last name? Where can we find him?

Jesse shook his head.
"All I know is, 'Warren' is what he called his 'white' name. It was a joke
to him. A game. He used to say that he was all things to all people. When
he dealt with Hispanics he was 'Carlos'. When he sold to corporate types,
he answered his phone saying, "Mr. M. here. How may I help you?"
Then he would laugh like hell. I once heard one of his boys call him Mo.
That's all I know."

"Well, then we will have to skip the moniker and go for other identifying


"What doe he look like? Describe him. Tell me as much about him as you
know. Do you mind if I take notes?"

Wesley had already pulled out his notepad and the officialness of it gave Jesse
the willies, but he knew it was too late to back out now, so he sighed and

"Well, he is big. Maybe 6' 2". He's black. Really black. You know dark
skinned. He shaves his head and has little ears. He's not so much with the
bling like the lackey's that serve him and he always has at least four with
him, but I don't think it's really a gang. Like Bloods and Crypts type shit.
I think he is more an independent player."

Most of that, Wesley had been able to sift through and translate, except..

"Yeah, you know, jewelry, rings, chains, gold flash, gold teeth."

Wesley resolved to take a course in street lingo before embarking on
his newly chosen profession.
"Certainly. Bling. Anything else?"

Jesse tried to think, but came up empty.
"No, whenever I did see him, I was usually scared shitless. The only other
thing I know for sure is that his fists feel like hamhocks when they smack
you in the nose."

Wesley laid down his pen. It really wasn't anything to go on. Nothing
they could take to the authorities and seek an arrest warrant.

"Would you know him if you saw him again?"

A huge wave of fear rolled through Jesse's body and he shuddered.
"Fuck, yeah. I see that ugly fucking face every night in my dreams."

Wesley knew this would not be easy, but he also knew something had to
be done.

"Jesse, you know I can't just walk away from this. Even if Alexander were
not my client, as a representative of the court, I am sworn to uphold the law.
I simply can't let this injustice continue."

Jesse's eyes opened wide before filling with tears.
"So that's it? You force me to go back and toss me to the wolves? Xander
goes free and I'm a dead man?"

"Absolutely not. I promise to track down this Warren character and bring
him to justice. I will see to it that it is safe for your return to California.
I am a bit of a rogue bounty hunter."

Jesse nodded. He wasn't sure exactly what a rogue bounty was, but
Wesley had found him easy enough so the man must be good. Besides
what choice did he have?

Finishing his tea, Wesley wondered one other thing.
"Why here, Jesse? How did you end up in a God forsaken place like
Naco, Arizona?"

For the first time since Wesley had met him, he saw a smile small cross Jesse's
lips. It was a good look for the young man and Wesley felt something stir
inside him. Something he immediately stomped down as Jesse began his story.

"When I was younger, 13, I was just starting to really know there was
something different about me, but I wasn't sure what. The other guys were
starting to talk about tits and pussies and things that didn't interest me. I just
didn't get what the fascination was. So, anyway, my parents sent me to
Oxnard for a week in the summer while they went on vacation. I stayed
with an aunt and uncle and my cousin, Neil."

Wesley smiled and nodded. On the surface, the story seemed at best dull,
mundane and every day, but Wes could see in Jesse's eyes that this had
been a turning point for him and Wes was fascinated.

"And what happened to you that summer?"

Jessie blushed slightly, stammering before he continued.
"Um, well, apparently Neil could see what I couldn't. He was older. Only
16, but to me that seemed almost grown. Anyway, we shared a bedroom
and one night he asked me if I liked to read. So, I said yeah, and he gives
me this small paperback book. It was called "Deadwood Dick." It was
a western and I loved cowboys and Indians. Only it wasn't just that.
Seems Deadwood and his sidekick were more than just friends."

Wesley chuckled.
"Oh? And just what did your cowboys get up too?"

Jesse grinned.
"Pretty much each other."

Both men laughed easily and realized that beyond the oddities of their
meeting and all the obstacles, they really enjoyed each other's company.
Wesley wasn't ready to discuss his own proclivity towards his same sex,
but he wanted Jessie to be comfortable discussing his.

"So you discovered your joy of....reading?"

Jessie actually barked out a laugh.
"Yeah, there were, I think, six books in the series and I read them all.
By the time I got home, my reading aptitude had greatly improved along side
my personal acceptance and understanding. I was gay. I knew it as sure
as I sit here. Gay, gay, gay. So, to answer your question, when all this
happened, I looked on the map and tried to find a place that would seem
like the old west. A town I could play cowboys in and hide out till I
found an answer to this crazy problem."

Wesley relaxed and pushed aside his empty cup. All the time Jesse had
been talking, Wes had been thinking. This would be tricky, but he was
sure they could find a solution. Together. He knew within a very short
time, if he played this right, Harris would be free, Warren would be behind
bars, and Jesse could go on with his life.

"Jesse, I need you to come back to my room with me. I'm going to ask
you to give me your fingerprints, a DNA swab, and a statement of the facts
of the case. I will present it, in a highly confidential manner to the court
along with the filing for an overturned verdict. I think we can keep you
safe till we find Warren. Will you do that? I know I'm asking a lot and I
know you are scared but....."

"I'll do it. To be honest, I'm tired of being scared. Let me go back to the
ranch and tell them I'm leaving. I will meet you back at your room in two
hours. Then, we can do what ever you think is best. If this ends with him
breaking my neck or putting a cap in my ass, at least I won't be scared

Wesley frowned. Was Warren gay also? What exactly was a "cap"
and how would he put it in one's arse?
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