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Hard Time

Author: BmblBee
Paring: Spander (of course)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bad language and explicit sexual m/m activity.
Summary: Xander is wrongly convicted of murder and sent
to Riverview Correctional Institution where Spike is a guard.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named in
this story and sadly, make no profit.
Hard Time is based on a story idea from Ladyvirgo.

Thanks to the amazing Petxnd for the banner.

"FUCK! Oh my God, Sir! What have you done?"

Giles whole body flushed cold as though ice water had been shot, like one
of his bullets, through his veins and he knew he was probably in shock.
His face was white as a sheet and his hands shook uncontrollably.

His brain constantly repeated a litany of "I did it. I did it. Fuck, I actually
did it!"

Staggering backward, he turned his horror into fury and directed it towards
the only other person in the room, slamming the weapon painfully against
Lineman's chest and into the guards hands.

"I did what the fuck you should have done. And now your fucking incompetence
just cost three men their lives and I hope you know you will pay for this."

Using the last ounce of strength left in his legs, Giles marched from the gun
tower, running on fear and adrenalin he headed toward the killing field.

Spike had turned all his attention toward the inmates who were taking
advantage of the out of control situation to vent their frustrations and anger
on any guard they could reach, which at the moment, was him. It was
their chance to exact revenge for any perceived injustice or disrespect
they had ever suffered in their miserable, fucked up lives.

As he battled for control and for his and Xander's lives, he neither heard
or saw the shots that rained down from the gun tower overhead. He did,
however know something had changed when suddenly the convicts began
to drop like flies to the ground, lying spread eagle on their stomachs and
no longer combative.

When he looked up, Spike saw the small army of armed guards rushing
toward him and he could have easily kissed each one till he remembered
the other inmate still standing. Xander had fought like a champ and still
stood, fists raised and ready to take on all comers.
"Get down!"

Spike shoved Xander, telling him again to hit the dirt for his own safety.
He knew the padded, weapon wielding guards would swing first and ask
questions later. When he saw his lover frozen on the spot with fear, Spike
spun a round house kick taking Xander's feet out from under him just seconds
before the first swinging blackjack whizzed mere inches above the back
of his skull.

The riot squad was well organized and practiced. They had hit the
recreation yard like storm troopers and quickly spread out, each with a
designated task. The majority of them rounded up and marched the
cooperative inmates inside for immediate lock down before returning to the
yard to deal with the few hardcores that refused to concede defeat.

The C.O. back ups located the original officers in the compound and
went to them to assure their safety and assistance. The triage officers
searched for the injured and directed medical to the most urgent cases,
all the while the ear splitting siren continued to wail.

Jerking his small portable radio off his belt clip, Giles shouted to the
communications officer as he rushed out to the recreation yard.

"Shut down that FUCKING racket!"

In mid blast, the siren stopped.

The sudden silence that blanketed the yard caught everyone off balance.
It cleared their heads and gave them a sense of renewed cognitive
control that strengthened as the ringing in their eardrums slowly faded.


C.O. Riley's voice cracked across every inch of the institution, through
every radio and speaker attached to the Urgent Response System.
Quickly and efficiently, the remaining inmates, like cattle, were rounded
up and hustled back to a lockdown of undetermined duration.

As he took off across the distance of the yard, Spike glanced back just
once to see one of the guards snatch Xander to his feet and rush him away
with the others. Assuring himself that his lover was safe, Spike now turned
all his attention to the scene of the carnage.

Spike was more than aware that his body was flooded with adrenalin
which, for now, was covering the pain of an arm he knew was broken and
a few ribs he prayed were only bruised. None of that mattered. He
was alive and so was Xander, but from the amount of blood he could
see up ahead, someone wasn't.

What terrified him now was the thought that one of his fellow officers
had fallen in the line of duty. Shoving his way through the circle of
uniforms that surrounded the bodies, Spike looked down into the face
of the man he had stood side by side with for the last five years.

Often a jerk, sometime a pain in the ass, but always a brother.


Before he could say more, Dr. Robert Walker, head of the institution's
medical department shoved through and dropped to his knees, Julie, his
assistant was at his side and Warden Giles was attached to his heels.
Walker's competent, take charge attitude was exactly what the situation

"Get that one out of here. There is nothing we can do for him."
He pointed to MoMac and the fact that the entire back of his head was
missing confirmed the expert diagnosis.

Giles stood trembling. His head pounded and he was certain that at
any time now his bladder would let loose and his legs would give out.
He tried to slow his breathing and wondered if the guilt showed on his face.
'One down' he thought. 'Pronounce the other two dead and I'm home free.'

Dr. Walker never glanced up.
"Is the compound secured?"
Riley looked all around the area before answering the doctors question.

"Yes Sir. All inmates are out of the yard."
"Good. Get the emergency gates opened. I have two ambulances on the
way. As soon as they arrive, get them over here. We have two alive.
One guard with a collapsed lung and an inmate with, what appears to
be a gun shot through his spine."

The limited good news sent a wave of tense jubilance through the crowd
and they flew into action. The call was sent to communications to release
the locks on the double gates as several guards ran to await the
ambulances they could already hear rapidly approaching.

Doctor Walker knelt beside Angel, ignoring the pool of blood and MoMac's
brain matter that was soaking into the knees of his crisp linen trousers. He
packed gauze pads firmly around the shank that was still embedded in
the guard's left lung. They all tried to block out the sound of his gasping,
wet wheezes as he tried to breath.

It was an unspoken blessing that he was not conscious.

Leroy was not so lucky. As Nurse Page rolled him over onto his
stomach, he quickly came back to himself an immediately he began
squirming and screaming. He thrashed his head from side to side
and clutched handfulls of grass, ripping it from the ground.

They were all aware, including Leroy himself, that nothing below his
waist moved.

Giles took a step back. All the frantic activity around him seemed surreal.
He felt as though he had floated out of his body and he were watching from
a distance, uninvolved and unattached. All the voices seemed to be
hollering into a deep tunnel and his vision was centered and weak.

Rupert Giles now realized plan "B" had flaws.
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