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Hard Time

Author: BmblBee
Paring: Spander (of course)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bad language and explicit sexual m/m activity.
Summary: Xander is wrongly convicted of murder and sent
to Riverview Correctional Institution where Spike is a guard.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named in
this story and sadly, make no profit.
Hard Time is based on a story idea from Ladyvirgo.

Thanks to the amazing Petxnd for the banner.

Wesley paced the small room restlessly. At some time during the morning,
when he was out, Rosie had slipped in and made his bed. She had dusted
the perpetual layer of film that settled on everything and she had placed
a new bar of soap on the side of the sink.

Wesley cared about none of it.
His understanding of human nature had him less concerned with Jesse's
promised return than it did with his lack of responding communications
with his cousin.

He had, over the course of the last two hours, left at least a half a dozen
voice mails and had no indication that any of them had been received.
He knew Spike was still at work, but surely, over that length of time,
considering the urgency in his voice earlier, he would have found the
time to call back.

Picking up his phone, Wesley prepared to dial again when a small, quick
knock on his door caught his attention. He jerked it open and was very
relieved to find his young, handsome fugitive waiting, a khaki, stuffed duffel
bag at this feet and a nervous smile on his face.

"Jesse, good, good. Do come in."

Wesley stood aside while Jesse slung his bag over the threshold. As
soon as he entered the room, Wesley threw the chain and the deadbolt locks
securing the door.

Jess grinned comfortably.
"So, what's the plan, Sherlock?"

Wesley smiled. If circumstances were different, he might happily consider
Jesse for the part of Watson in this little play called Wesley's life. Quickly,
though he remembered the seriousness of the situation. He had, in effect,
taken Jesse's safety into his own hands and he did not want to make a mistake.

"Well, I have been giving this a great deal of thought and I believe our best
course of action would be to travel to Phoenix under cover of night. I
personally know an agent of the F.B.I. who is stationed there and I think
we need to sit down with him. After a full disclosure of the facts, I believe
he could be persuaded to not only build a case against this 'Warren' but
also, in exchange for your testimony, enter you into witness protection.
Most importantly, your positive identification and sworn statement would
assure Alexander's freedom."

Jesse frowned.
"Just disappear? They give me a new name and I just go away? So then
I would never see you....I mean, any of my friends again?"

"Sadly, yes, that is the way it works. At least for the time being. At some
point, when an arrest is made and the problem resolved......"

"Oh, well, yeah, sure, we want to do the right thing. Speaking of which,
you must do this a lot. You know, hunt people down, cause you are
really good at it."

Wesley puffed up at the praise.
"I do find my work as a rogue bounty hunter rewarding."

"Yeah, you sure had no problem finding me. Unfortunately, thanks to
you, I am out of a job now. You think you might need an assistant? I
could work for you and you could protect me."

Wesley smiled. He would like that very much. Perhaps a bit TOO much.
However, reality and practicality had a way of muscling happiness to the side.

"Sadly, no. I'm a lone wolf, Jesse. That and the fact that you will be living
incommunicado makes such a coupling neigh to impossible."

Jesse's nose wrinkled and he scratched his head.
"Fuck, do you even speak English? See, you need me to translate 'stuffy
Brit' into 'American street' and back again."

Refusing to admit that was probably very true, Wesley decided a change
of subject may be the best idea and he pointed to a small wooden chair
in the corner of the room.

"SIT Jesse. This is not an issue open for discussion. I'm going to try again
to phone my connection in California."

Jesse sighed and did as told.
"Mind if I turn on the tv?"

Wes waved his hand as a go ahead and Jesse began flipping through the
channels till he landed on FSTV where Max, the newscaster caught both
the men's attention.

"We interrupt the regularly scheduled programming for this update on
the riot that took place this afternoon in the exercise yard at the Riverview
Correctional Institution in California."

Wesley snapped his phone shut, snatched the remote from Jesse's hand and
turned up the volume as he sat down on the end of the neatly made bed.

"Sources inside the prison advise us that the entire institution is on a full inmate
lockdown. It is reported that the incident began when two housing units were
outside in the compound when apparently some sort of altercation erupted
between two convicts of the Intake unit. It is suspected that this was a
planned incident. At that time several more skirmishes broke out. The four
Corrections Officers in the yard were all assaulted in their attempt to control
the violent outbreak and in the scuffle. One officer was allegedly stabbed with
a makeshift weapon."

Jesse and Wesley both sat silently waiting to hear the worst and praying
for the best as the newsman continued his report.

"We have it on reliable authority that when all efforts to control the situation
failed and when it became apparent that one guard had been stabbed, shots
were fired from the gun tower. We have been advised that the situation is
under control and a prison spokesman tells us the condition of the persons
injured is as follows...."

There was a slight pause in the news report while four pictures were
flashed on the screen. They were shown along with their present condition
in the hospital.

C.O. William Pratt - fair condition with a broken arm and ribs.
C.O. Liam, "Angel" O'Connor - critical condition with a punctured lung
and internal injuries.
Inmate Leroy Brown - Paralyzed with a gun shot severing his spine.
Inmate Maurice McDaniels - Dead. Gunshot to the head.

Wesley and Jesse both leapt to their feet and pointed to the screen.

"Good Lord! Spike!"
"Holy Fuck! That's Warren!"
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