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fic search: BtVS, a TV Show

Ok, I give up.

Sorry people, but I'm going to annoy you with another fic search ^^;;;

I've been searching for this particular fic for days now, and I still can't remember where I first found it >_<

Anyway, here is the deal: it was a spander fic (no kidding XD), where the scoobies became actor and accepted Joss Whedon's offer of doing a TV Show based on their years at Sunnydale as Vampire/Demon Hunters.
I remember that at some point, Willow had refused that Joss hired an actor to play Tara so the writers had decided that in this case, they didn't need a Tara. Still, they wanted a gay relationship, and asked Spike and Xander if they would accept to play the part.

If it rings any bell, let me know, please! ^__^
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