Christina (myloveshine) wrote in bloodclaim,

Fic search

I have a really specific scene in my head about a Spander fic, so let me try and describe it.

It's season five, but Spike has managed to woo Xander somehow. They're in his crypt, when Xander goes off to the corner because the lube or something rolled off there, and he accidentally finds Spike's shrine to Buffy that Spike meant to clear out a long time ago. Xander gets huffy and runs out before Spike has a chance to explain.

Oh, and some other random facts about it:
-Was about thirty chapters
-Seems to me that the title started with an R and it was a one-word title
-Xander might have gotten really, really mad at Spike twice. The second time, I think, was the scene above, but I can't remember what the first time was about--possibly Buffy related.
-Spike was in love with Buffy, but then he somehow ended up falling in love with Xander

I can't seem to remember what fic it was, but I'm suddenly dying to reread it. Any hints? Thanks for anything. :)
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